Kettlebell Workout for Over 50 – Free Sample

Kettlebells are often thought of as a tool used mainly by Crossfitters or bodybuilders.

However, as we age, our muscles and bones lose mass and strength, which is where kettlebells can come into play.

In fact, kettlebell training can help fight the effects of aging and even prevent diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease.

Kettlebells are also great for improving balance and coordination.

One KEY though is knowing how to put together a workout specifically for these goals. I do NOT recommend picking a random kettlebell routine off the internet and going for it. You need to have specific parts of your workout designed with things like:

  • Flexiblity / mobility / improved movement
  • Balance
  • Direct core work
  • A balanced strength routine for all muscle groups and movement patterns
  • Modifications ready to account for common injuries or strength deficiencies

This is exactly what we do in Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness, my complete Kettlebell course for people over 50!

Here is a sample workout from the program:


Kettlebell Workout for Over 50 – Free Sample

Warm Up

– Box Squat – 10-15 repetitions
– Hamstring/Hip Flexor Stretch Combo

Perform these two exercises back-to-back without rest; repeat the pair of warm-up movements twice without rest


– swing progression (sumo deadlift – 1/2 swing – full swing)
– 15-20– ‘Active Rest’- :30
– ½ OR foot sweep Turkish get up – 3 reps each side
– ‘Active Rest’- :30

Continue this sequence non-stop for 18 minutes

Cool Down

  • 5 minutes of static stretching – tight muscle groups only


Kettlebells are a great fitness tool for people over 50.

They provide a great workout, and they are not as hard on the joints as traditional weightlifting exercises.

This article provides a sample workout to help you get to get started with kettlebells, and stay fit well into your golden years.

For a complete six week training plan specifically for people over 50, stay tuned for my new-and-updated-for-2022 Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness course, which goes on sale later this week!

-Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Kettlebell Expert

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