4 Things You’re Probably Overlooking When Buying Kettlebells

I recently moved, and I began working out at a new gym close to where we are staying.

This morning I was doing some kettlebell snatches to finish my workout, and I realized that I take for granted the high quality of my Kettlebell Kings ‘bells.

You see, buying kettlebells is not as simple as it may seem. There are a few things that you need to take into account before making your purchase.

Here are four things that you’re probably overlooking when buying kettlebells:

1 – Single Cast

Most kettlebells are made with welded handles, which makes them more prone to breakage. However, those made from a single piece of cast iron are more durable.

2 – Stamped in both pounds and kilograms

You want your kettlebells to be stamped with both kilograms and pounds so you can easily work with weights in either measurement.

3 – Colored bands for easy weight identification

Colored identification bands on the kettlebells are great for easily identifying the weight without having to pick it up or roll it over.

4 – Powder coated grip

Powder coating your kettlebell grip gives you a great grip even when your hands are sweaty. It also holds chalk better than other options like matte or e-coat, so you can keep your grip even during the most intense workouts.

If you’re looking for kettlebells, Kettlebell Kings is a great option. Their kettlebells are made with a powder coated grip, colored bands, and a single cast build. They also have a restock of most every size KB available. You can click this link for special pricing and to order now:

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-Forest Vance

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