No Gym? No Excuse! 15-min KB / BW AMRAP Workout

You can get a great workout in any location, with only one kettlebell and your bodyweight!

Try the workout below, then take advantage of the Kettlebell Basics “Whole Enchilada” deal available this week by CLICKING HERE NOW.

-Forest and the FVT Team at

No Gym? No Excuse! 15-min KB / BW AMRAP Workout

Perform as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of the circuit below in 15 minutes:

1 – KB clean and press OR overhead lunge (bodyweight-only option) – 5 per side
2 – “In and Out” Push-ups – 12
3 – split squats – 8 per side
4 – 1 arm KB rows OR dead bug (bodyweight only option) – 12 per side
5 – burpees / modify as needed – 5

*Today’s workout is from this month’s 28-day KB/BW Fusion Challenge, and you can participate FREE when you grab the Kettlebell Basics Whole Enchilada! Click here to get started!

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