Sample Day Of The 28-day Flexibility Challenge

My flexibility routine is an essential part of my day!

Whether I’m looking to improve kinesthetic awareness, reduce muscle soreness, or enhance my performance levels during a workout session, I rely on flexibility movements to get me there.

I’ve made it a habit to practice my stretching series each morning for nearly 10 years now, and I rarely miss it. Because I know that when I do fall off, my results will be affected in more ways than one!…

To give you an idea of what this looks like, here’s the example of a typical 28-day hyperbolic stretching challenge optimization program:

  • Standing straddle with alternating toe reach – 3x:10 per side
  • Lying piriformis stretch – 3x:10 per side
  • Standing forward fold “head to toe” stretch – 3x:20
  • Toe flex – 3x:10 per side
  • “Drop stance” hip flexor stretch – 3x:15 per side
  • Seated straddle split stretch – 3x:15 per side
  • Standing quad stretch – 3x:20 per side
  • Lying abdominal stretch – 3x:15

*Full exercise demos are in the 28-day hyperbolic stretching challenge

If you’re looking to improve your flexibility in just a few minutes a day, the Hyperbolic Stretching 28-day Challenge is a great option. I highly recommend taking this program. Click here to try it now!

Here’s to your success incorporating a daily stretching routine! –

– Forest Vance, certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, Master of Science – Human Movement and Kettlebell Expert

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