1000 Calorie Kettlebell Challenge

If you’re looking to lose fat quickly, like in our upcoming 20 in 6 Kettlebell Challenge, fundamentally, there are two main things to focus on:

1 – Reduce intake: You need to consume fewer calories overall than you currently do. It’s not just about eating less; we need to choose healthier, nutrient-dense foods and time them around your workouts for optimal fueling. But the bottom line is, we need to lower your calorie intake. We help you do this in a very hands-on way in the 20 in 6.

2 – Increase expenditure: We need to burn more calories than you currently do. This includes doing kettlebell workouts like the one below, adding more cardio sessions each week, and increasing overall activity levels:


Kettlebell 20 in 6 – Sample Workout

Do three rounds of the circuit below, resting approx. 1-2 minutes between rounds:

— 10 single arm KB swings per side, start every :45, for 2 rounds (30 total)
— 10 staggered push ups per side, start every :45, for 2 rounds (30 total)
— 30 alternating reverse KB halo lunges (15 reps per side)
— 15 one arm KB rows per side, on the minute, every minute, for 2 minutes (30 total) – add a pause at the top of each rep
— Plank hold with alternating shoulder taps – :60
— Rotating Squat jumps – 1 set of 35
— Sit-outs – 1 set of 30 (15 per side)
— 40 high knees in place


A good starting point is aiming for an extra 500 calories burned per day compared to your current level, while also consuming 500 calories less per day. This creates a net deficit of 1000 calories daily, which should result in at least two pounds of weight loss per week.

Give that a try, then go sign up for the 20 in 6 Challenge here –>> https://forestvance.lpages.co/20-in-6-challenge-20/

-Forest Vance – ForestVanceTraining.com – KettlebellBasics.net

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