Lose 12% in 12 Weeks with Kettlebells – Last Call

This is your last call for my “Lose 12% of your Bodyweight in 12 Weeks with Kettlebells” transformation program.

Check the document linked at the bottom of this email for more info and to sign up.

If you are aged 40 and up.. and if you are looking to rapidly lose body fat and gain new lean muscle using 3-4, 20-30 minute kettlebell workouts from home each week.. this program is designed specifically for you.

In case you missed any of the info I’ve shared on this program over the last couple of days, here is what you get with this program:

1 – The complete nutrition blueprint, customized to you

I have been working on these as they’ve been coming in over the last week. They are a LOT of work because the plans are customized to each person!… but that’s why they work, because I take YOUR specific calorie requirements, macro needs, food preferences, preferred meal timing, and much more, all into consideration.

Here is a sample of what one of these customized meal plans would look like: https://archive.aweber.com/awlist6203988/MFELs

2 – A full 12 weeks of daily kettlebell workouts

When you sign up, I give you a full 12 weeks of the exact kettlebell workouts to do to lose up to 12% of your bodyweight. All you have to do is log into my app, watch the quick video breaking down your workout for the day and/or read over the details, then mark “complete” when you’re done to keep you accountable and on track!

Plus, I’m always there if you need help with exercise subs, form tips, or anything else!

Here is a sample of what a workout in the program might look like: https://archive.aweber.com/awlist6203988/JALns

3 – Access to Saturday Kettlebell Strength Camp series (runs month of June and July 2024, Saturday mornings at 8 am CST) live, real-time kettlebell workouts with Forest and team (live or recorded)

This is a fun way to attend some live workouts with me and/or my team and keep you motivated and working towards your goals! Folks who are signing up for this program individually will be paying $99, you get it FREE as part of your registration.

4 – Physical copy of Forest’s CORE Kettlebell Challenge book shipped to you (free shipping within the continental US)

This is just an extra little freebie bonus as my way of saying thanks – this is a $25++ value when you factor in shipping, I’m picking up the tab for free when you sign up right now today.

Here are the rest of the details and the sign-up link for the Challenge: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14e6d7jog_1zaInM_X3Gt3xnV_Kb41qqr/view?usp=sharing

Questions? Concerns? Reply directly to this email and I’m happy to help.

Look forward to working with you on this!

-Forest @ KettlebellBasics

New Video – the Kettlebell Plank Drag

New Video – the Kettlebell Plank Drag -> https://youtu.be/mfjfTFsD-Mk?si=EngDcetJEbBra-Qv

*If you like this workout, you’ll LOVE my “12 in 12” lose-up-to-12%-of-your-bodyweight-in-12-weeks-challenge… and I’m still looking for a few more people to try 👉 KB 12 IN 12 CHALLENGE

The Kettlebell Plank Drag targets your abs, obliques, lats, and arms—but it’s crucial to do it right to reap all the benefits. Here are two essential tips to perfect your form:

1️⃣ Strong Plank Foundation: Begin in a solid plank with your body firm, hands directly under shoulders, and feet spaced between hip and shoulder width.

2️⃣ Control Rotation: This move is all about anti-rotation. Avoid letting your hips sway. Maintain a stable core, shoulders, and lower body throughout the movement to maximize effectiveness.

Add these techniques to your next kettlebell session to enhance your kettlebell plank drag form!

👌 🏋️‍♂️ Forest Vance, MS in Human Movement, Kettlebell Specialist, Over 40 Training Expert

🔗 KettlebellBasics.net | ForestVanceTraining.com

Corkscrew Kettlebell Snatch Technique? (PIC inside)

The corkscrew snatch is a kettlebell exercise where, during the portion of the movement where the KB rotates flips over, the hand rotates around the handle, resembling a corkscrew. 

This rotation can make the movement gentler on the shoulders and hands for some people.

Some may also prefer it to avoid shoulder strain. 

However, in certain tests like the SFG and RKC snatch tests, it might not be allowed due to specific standards.

Here’s an example of what it looks like on the downswing:

Why does this matter? 

Because subtle adjustments in your form and technique—identifying the right modifications for your individual needs, fitness level, and goals—can dramatically impact your results. 

This could be the key to achieving the fitness results you’ve been working so hard for!

To be sure you’re making the most of these techniques, having a skilled kettlebell coach by your side can be invaluable. 

That’s why I’m inviting you to join:

the KB “12 in 12” – Lose Up to 12% of your Bodyweight in 12 Weeks with Kettlebells Transformation Program


12-week kettlebell coaching program to help you:

1 – Learn the basics of safe and effective kettlebell training
2 – Gain strength and lean muscle
3 – Lose up to 12% of your current bodyweight


People aged 40 and up – anywhere in the world with access an internet connection (and at least a few kettlebells)


1 – Kettlebell-based workouts from Forest for the full 12 weeks
2 – Check ins, feedback, etc on your workouts from Forest
3 – 100% personalized nutrition plan based on YOUR exact goals, needs, and
preferences to help you lose up to 12 percent of your bodyweight in 12 weeks
4 – Access to Saturday Kettlebell Strength Camp series (runs month of June and
July 2024, Saturday mornings at 8am CST) live, real-time kettlebell workouts with Forest and team (live or recorded)
5 – Physical copy of Forest’s CORE Kettlebell Challenge book shipped to you (free shipping within continental US)


Reply directly to this message with the phrase “12 IN 12”, and we’ll send you all the details. 

— Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Owner, FVT Personal Training
Author – the CORE Kettlebell Challenge
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach
Over 40 Specialist

Kettlebell Bootcamp Workout [new video]

I have a special treat for you today!

Last Saturday, I lead a special Kettlebell Bootcamp Workout at our FVT Personal Training – Lee’s Summit location.

I think the routine we went through is a GREAT example of how you can increase strength and achieve optimal functional fitness with kettlebells!

(Same theme as my newest course that’s on sale this week, Kettlebell 5×5)

If you’re over 40, workouts like this will leave you feeling great – you’ll not only build strength, but you’d work your heart, you’ll get some core and flexibility work… and you can crank out workouts like this any time, any place with just a couple of ‘bells!

Watch the video below, then check out my newest training plan here -> 5×5 Program for Strength and Muscle – Kettlebell Edition (on sale this week)

-> Kettlebells for ABS – 45 Min Bootcamp Workout on YouTube

-Forest and the Team at KettlebellBasics.net

7 Kettlebell Swing Variations [video]

If you’re looking to add a little something extra to your kettlebell workouts, then check out these 7 killer variations. And if you want to dive even deeper into it, be sure to sign up for my upcoming Kettlebell Ballistics Workshop here (you can join us in person in Sacramento, CA OR remotely / via Zoom from anywhere in the world!): https://forestvance.lpages.co/kettlebell-ballistics-workshop-with-forest-vance/

7 Kettlebell Swing Variations

1 – HardStyle Kettlebell Swing
2 – Dead Stop Swing
3 – 1 Arm Swing
4 – Hand to Hand Swing
5 – Walking Swing – Side to Side
6 – Walking Swing – Forward
7 – Double Kettlebell Swing

Watch the video that shows each of these kettlebell swing variations in detail HERE.

Hope to see you at my upcoming Kettlebell Ballistics Workshop!

-Forest and the FVT Team at KettlebellBasics.net

3 Kettlebell Swing Mistakes You Might Be Making

The kettlebell swing is a great exercise for improving your strength, power, and conditioning. However, it’s important to do it correctly in order to avoid injury and get the most out of the exercise. 

In this article, I’m going to show you 3 common mistakes people make when performing the kettlebell swing, and how to fix them. Give these tips a try and watch your form and performance improve!

1 – “Squatting the Swing”

You shouldn’t be squatting when you do a kettlebell swing. The kettlebell should swing forwards and backwards from your hips, not just go up and down. If you’re trying to squat and swing at the same time, you’re overusing your arms and relying too much on your back muscles to keep the kettlebell in position in front of you.

2 – Overextending the Hips

At the top of the kettlebell swing, stand tall and drive your head upwards. Leaning back and pushing your hips forwards will result in additional stress to the lower back, so be sure to keep your abs and glutes tight at the top of the swing. Stop in the upright position as if a wall is behind you.

3 – Overusing the Arms

Your arms play a role in the kettlebell swing, but they’re only there to hold the kettlebell. All the power for the swing comes from your hips. If you’re swinging with your arms instead of your hips, focus on the hip drive and relax your arms. Using a heavier kettlebell will force you to generate power from your hips because your arms can’t physically do all the work.

If you’re learning how to swing a kettlebell, you might be making one (or all!) of these common mistakes. incorrect form can lead to injury, so it’s important to learn the right way to swing. If you’re interested in learning more about how to use kettlebells safely and effectively, consider signing up for our “Lose 20 Pounds in 6 Weeks Kettlebell Challenge.” You’ll get lots of video technique training breaking down how to do the movements, live interactive kettlebell workouts over zoom and more! More info and sign up here:

->> 20 in 6 Kettlebell Challenge

– Forest Vance

Snatch Technique for Over 40 + Need Your Help:

NEW VIDEO – If you’re looking for a way to ease up on your body and joints while still being able to perform kettlebell snatches effectively, then today’s tip is for you! Check out the new video breaking down the technique below:

While I got ya, can you also help me with a quick favor?

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I’d love to give you more of exactly what you want over the coming weeks and months – in terms of program and service offerings – and the best way I know how is to simply ask.

So here is the favor I ask of you:

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Thanks so much!!

-Forest Vance
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PS – I even have a little surprise gift that you’ll get when you fill out the survey as my way of saying thanks… but you’ll have to take it to see what it is! 🙂

-> Quick Favor + Free Gift

The One Simple Tip That Will Improve Your Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

Now you can get a week of my “300” Spartan Kettlebell workouts FREE! – limited time only, click here now: https://bit.ly/300kb2free

When you’re doing kettlebell Turkish get-ups, do you make this mistake? Most people just try to grab the kettlebell from a lying position on their back to get it into the starting position. However, this puts the shoulder in a vulnerable position.

Instead, when you pick up the kettlebell to start a Turkish Get Up, roll to your side, use both hands, pull it to your body, roll to your back, and press it up safely to start.

There you have The One Simple Tip That Will Improve Your Kettlebell Turkish Get Up. Now you can get a week of my “300” Spartan Kettlebell workouts FREE! – limited time only, click here now: https://bit.ly/300kb2free

– Forest Vance Master of Science, Human Movement Kettlebell Expert Over 40 Training Specialist KettlebellBasics.net

Hybrid KB Muscle – Free Sample Workout

I just did a 25k trail race in Lawrence, KS this past Saturday and it was a total blast!

It’s safe to say my legs are feeling it today though 🙂

The best part is that with my “Hybrid KB Muscle” workouts, I can stay strong and muscular while STILL being able to do athletic things like run races and play pickup basketball, or whatever else I want to do.

When I used to train more like a bodybuilder, I never felt like those workouts did much for actual performance. I just looked better and got somewhat stronger.

But with Hybrid KB Muscle, I can do both!

And you can too.

The complete six-week program is available here:

-> Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle


This is a sample workout, written in the style of the hybrid KB muscle program:

PART 1 –

— Barbell Front Squats – 5 reps @ 77% 1RM
— no rest
— Single Arm KB Rows – 12 reps per side
— rest for approx 60 seconds and repeat for four rounds total

PART 2 –

— Close / Tricep Push Ups – Max reps / stop 2 or 3 short of failure
— no rest
— KB Tactical Lunges – 8 reps per side
— rest for approx 60 seconds and repeat for four rounds total

PART 3 –

— KB Swings – two hand, one hand, or hand-to-hand, your choice! – 30 seconds on / 30 off / do 6 rounds total


If you enjoyed this sample workout from Hybrid KB Muscle, you’ll love the 6-week training plan. This plan provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to help you successfully combine barbell and kettlebell training so that you can get lean, strong, and athletic, all at the same time. Learn more and order now at the link below:

-> Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle

– Forest Vance, MS
Master Kettlebell Trainer
Certified Barbell Instructor

1 Tip for Reducing Kettlebell Low Back Pain

A common complaint for kettlebell users is back pain

While there are numerous potential causes, one of the most prevalent is incorrect form – in particular, swinging the kettlebell too low to the ground.

To fix this, keep the kettlebell close to your body as it swings back. The movement is similar to hike passing a football. Another great tip is to imagine throwing the KB through your stomach, and then getting the hips out of the way at the last minute. 

Watch the video demonstrating how to do this below:

In addition, be sure to check out my Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness 2.0 course for more instructional videos and a complete kettlebell training plan designed for people aged 50 and up:

Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness 2.0

Finally, if you’re already experiencing back pain, then it’s important to see a doctor or physiotherapist to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. In the meantime, you can try using ice or heat to relieve pain, and avoid any exercises that seem to make your pain worse.

– Forest Vance

Master of Science, Human Movement

Kettlebell Expert