[video] the Kettlebell Press

The kettlebell press.

With regular practice of the move, you’ll increase the strength of your, shoulders, upper back, chest, triceps, abs, and more!

Here’s how to do it right:

– Clean one ‘bell to the rack position at the shoulder

– Press the weight upward with the knees locked

– Lock your elbow and pause with the weight motionless overhead

– Working in the same line of action, actively pull the weight back down to the racked starting position

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Squats are NOT bad for your knees; here’s why…

Myths quickly spread in the gym.

One of those common myths is that squats are bad for your knees.

But some recent research would contradict this idea.

Two large reviews looked at the impact of exercise on knee joints (see link at the bottom of this article).

And the big conclusion was that joint-loading exercises do not harm knee cartilage.

Here are some additional tips to make sure you’re on the right track:

1 – Squatting with good form is very important. A lot of people go wrong here, and blame the exercise… but it’s really because, well, you don’t know how to do it right. Check out the resources below for help.

2 – You have to work up to doing squats with full depth. If you haven’t squatted to full depth for a long time, build slowly and work towards it over the course of weeks and months. It takes a new client many times months at FVT to build up the leg strength, core strength, and flexiblity to be able to squat to full depth. If they have knee issues, sometimes they never squat to parallel. And that’s cool too! Do what’s right for you.

3 – Work up the volume slowly as well. Don’t come in day one and do hundreds of squats, and then complain that your knees hurt the next day, and never do them again. Do a few sets of low reps at first, and slowly build from there.

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[new vid] Kettlebell Swing Variations: the Traveling Swing

If you’ve mastered the kettlebell swing and want to take things to the next level.. if you want a variation to mix up your workouts, but stay true to your programming… the sidestep swing is a great option!

Again – I’m assuming with this one that you have the basic swing down. That’s first.


– “Load up” like you’re getting ready for a standard swing – Hike the ‘bell back, and swing it up

– When the KB is floating in the air, take a quick step to the side first with your trail foot, then with your back foot

– Repeat for desired number of reps.

Nice variation, nice dynamic movement, adds some athleticism to your workout, and it’s harder than a regular swing too.

Keep training hard, and talk soon –

– Forest

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You’ll unleash your inner warrior and build a Spartan body, in about 20 minutes with a single kettlebell.

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(new video) 3 Tips to Properly Rack a Kettlebell

3 Tips to Properly Rack a Kettlebell

When you are training with kettlebells, a lot of the moves require that you start from what we call a rack position.

Here are three tips to make sure you’re doing it right:


Common mistake is to hold the KB with a bent wrist.

It’s weaker and puts added stress.

Keep it straight.


Your hand should be below chin level.

You should also be able to touch your thumb to your collar bone.


The forearm should be straight up and down when the KB is racked.

If I’m going to press the KB or whatever else, this gives me the best leverage and strength to be able to do that.


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-Forest Vance

Master Trainer

Kettlebell Expert


Kettlebell “Dirty 30” 2.0

Check out this sample workout from our upcoming 28-day Kettlebell “Dirty 30’s” Challenge:


Kettlebell “Dirty 30” 2.0

For time:

— 30 KB Snatch (15 per side) (16k women / 24k men)
— 30 Push-Ups
— 30 Walking Lunge (15 per leg)
— 30 Ring Rows
— 30 Burpees
— 30 one arm KB Swings (15 per side) (16k women / 24k men)
— 30 Mountain Climbers
— 30 KB Rack Squats (15 per side) (16k women / 24k men)
— 30 Lying V-Ups
— 30 Lateral Hops (15 per side)


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28-Day “Dirty 30’s” KB Challenge

Okay, we have the 28-day “Dirty 30’s” KB Challenge ready for sign up!

Would you like to join us?

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In this new 28 day program, we help you get into top shape or just a couple of Kettlebells, 20 or 30 minutes, and three or four times per week.

It’s called the Dirty 30’s Challenge, because we’re going to use this unique 30 rep / chipper-style workout format – popularized by CrossFit – for the workouts.

Some benefits of using the chipper method include:

1 – They are an all-in-one workout. So instead of doing your weights for 45 or 60 minutes, then hitting the treadmill or eliptical or stationary bike, you can get all the cardiovascular training AND strength you need, in one highly efficient session.

2 – You end up doing a lot of work. So you typically burn more calories and can get a greater fat-burning benefit from this type of method than a shorter, lower-volume, extreme-minimalist type approach.

3 – They are a lot of fun! Let’s be honest – keeping your workouts interesting can be a great motivator to keep going! And that’s what you’ll get with the Dirty 30’s Kettlebell Challenge.

Plus, we include my Kettltbells for Abs – Advanced Results program, as well as my Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Conditioning course, both free when you sign up.

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1036 Calorie KB/BW/Stretch/Cardio “Metabolic Reset” Workout

Our world has been in turmoil over the last couple of months.

For many of us, both our physical and mental health has taken a hit.

But things are starting to open back up in most parts of the world, and we’re getting messages from men and women everywhere that they are excited to get back to training towards some fitness goals.

— You want to re-spark your motivation
— You want to get and stay fit, lean and agile
— You want to “get better with age”
— You want to do all the things I want to do with out being out of breath or movements

…and that’s why we’re releasing our 14-day Metabolic Reset Challenge.

We are going to kick your a@@ into gear!!!! ☠️🔥

This is a 14-day “kick-start”… focused on nutrition, with the full done-for-you meal plan and lifestyle guide you need to succeed… but also with the workouts where you will burn a MASSIVE amount of calories, to really take your efforts to the next level.

Stay tuned, you can sign up, starting tomorrow.

But for now, here’s a sample workout:

1036 Calorie KB/BW/Stretch/Cardio “Metabolic Reset” Workout

(calorie estimates are for average-sized man)

1 – Do a 15 minute dynamic warm up – joint mobility, self myofascial release, dynamic stretching (90 calories burned)

2 – Do 35 minutes of high-intensity kettlebell/body weight/etc resistance training – something like the workout below (336 kcals burned):

*Warm up – Do five Turkish Get Ups on each side. Start easy – with no weight at all or a light weight – and work up to a heavier weight with each rep. Switch sides after each rep.

*Perform the first exercise in each pairing. Immediately move to the next exercise (or exercises) and complete the prescribed number of reps. Rest :30 and repeat each sequence a total of three times.

1a: 8 reverse lunges
1b: pull ups – one rep short of failure

2a: 6 kettlebell presses
2b: 20 body weight squats (explosive tempo)

3a: 25 kettlebell swings (your choice)
3b: 15 push ups

3 – Run 5k – 3.2 miles – at a medium (6 mph) pace (504 calories burned)

If you are not into running, you could also do about 35 minutes of medium-to-high intensity biking, swimming, rowing, etc.

4 – Finish with 15 minutes of simple yoga poses (106 calories burned)

Now not every single workout is this massive. Nor does it have to be to get results. And we give you modifications and adjustments, so that you can do the workout no matter your current fitness level, injuries, etc.

But the big idea is, get ready! Let’s do this! Because we are ready to start working towards those fitness goals, together!!

-Forest Vance

PS – Stay tuned – the 14-day Metabolic Reset Challenge opens for sign up starting tomorrow!

“Cold Exposure” Hack Burns 15% More Calories [New Research]

I was watching a documentary on Netflix yesterday. It followed top CrossFit athletes as they competed in their big annual competition – “the CrossFit Games” – a few years back.

They do several very intense and totally different workouts each day, for several days on end. One of the things they were doing were ice baths – where you fill up a trash can with water and a couple bags of ice, and sit in it from the waist down for 10 or 15 minutes – to help them recover faster.

It brought me back to my college football days. We used to do this every day during training camp, to help bounce back from the morning practice and get ready to hit it again in the evening.

It actually did help quite a bit!

But little did we know, it could also have been helping us burn more calories!

There was a new study published by the Endocrine Society on April 28, 2020 that showed short-term cold exposure may help people with brown fat burn 15% more calories that those without.

(Unlike white fat, brown fat burns calories through fatty acid oxidation and heat production and is considered a promising target in the fight against the obesity epidemic.)

Now the study said that they have to learn more to figure out the definitive effects of cold exposure on fat loss.

But I like the idea, from both the perspective of this research, and also the fact that we can train our bodies to better cope with physical stress, so that we can be metally ready for whatever life throws at us.

A super easy way to try this out is the contrast shower. You get the water as cold as you can stand for one minute. When the minute is up, you go to hot for the next minute. Alternate for three to five cycles total.

Try this weird cold exposure hack today to start speeding up your metabolism.

Let me know how it goes if you give it a try.

And let’s make it a great week!

-Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

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(video) the Kettlebell Push Press

Use the kettlebell push press to build overhead pressing power and shoulder durability.

Plus, you will develop some serious core strength in the process!

Here’s how to do it:

1 – Slightly bend your knees and drive the kettlebell overhead, extending your elbows until your arms are straight.

2 – Pull down with your lats as your elbow flexes, and lower the weight to the rack position.

3 – Repeat for the desired repetitions.

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-Forest Vance, Master Trainer, Kettlebell Expert

28-Day MRT Kettlebell Challenge

ATTN kettlebell fans!

If you:

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