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Watching how-to videos is one of the best ways to learn how to use kettlebells – that’s why I use video as a teaching medium so frequently here at Here’s a complete list for you of all the kettlebell videos we’ve done on this blog:

The Kettlebell Swing

Basic demo of the Kettlebell Swing

How To Do A Turkish Get-Up

Details how to do the Get Up step-by-step

Bodyweight and Kettlebell 300 Workout

You’ll be energized by this cool challenge workout

Overview Of Kettlebell Swing Styles

HardStyle vs. Competition vs. CrossFit/American – which is best for you?

How To Fix The Kettlebell Clean

Three common Kettlebell Clean mistakes and how to fix them

Troubleshooting the Turkish Get-Up

Great video that walks you through this complex exercise step-by-step

The Kettlebell Row

How to perform several variations of the Kettlebell Row

Two Down And Dirty Kettlebell Circuits

Includes a video of how to perform the Kettlebell Thruster

Positives And Negatives Of YouTube For Learning To Train With Kettlebells

YouTube can be great … but be careful 🙂

Kettlebell Swing Styles Part Two

Even more Swing variations

Kettlebell Basics Combo #1

Swing, Thruster, Snatch

Kettlebell Basics Combo #2

Get Up + Snatch

Kettlebell Basics Combo #3

Clean and Press, Snatch, Goblet Squat, Hand to Hand Swing

Kettlebell Basics Combo #4

The ‘Super Full Body Attack’

Teaching The Swing

A great video with Senior RKC David Whitley on the basics of the Kettlebell Swing

New videos – updated 11/19/10:

3 Tips To Improve Your Kettlebell Swing

A video that didn’t quite make it into the Quick Start Video Series – but great tips none the less

Kettlebell Warm Up

How to warm up for your next kettlebell workout in 3 minutes or less

Tips To Improve The Snatch

Two great tips to improve your kettlebell snatch form

Kettlebells For Fat Loss Resources

Great places to look if your goal is to lose fat with kettlebell training

Unique Kettlebell Exericse Videos

Videos of cool new kettlebell exercises you’ve probably never heard of

KB Fat Blast

Quick kettlebell workout to burn some fat fast

Snatch Technique Tip

Here’s a tip to save your wrists during the kettlebell Snatch

The DARC Swing

How to perfect this tricky Swing variation

More New Videos – Updated 1/12/12 The gymboss is a great tool to use for kettlebell and bodyweight workouts, this article provides different workouts to try to find out for yourself! This is a free gift for Christmas to show my appreciation, with three components that will help you learn how to lose fat with with kettlebell training. If you are looking to increase your rep count or weight, your press/re-clean technique could be the key to unlocking extra pressing power. Although Black Friday may have passed, this workout is still a tough one with a mix of body weight and kettlebell exercises! Unable to get out of the house?  This kettlebell workout takes little time, but is still incredibly effective. This workout incorporates heavy training with kettlebells to improve your strength and fitness level. Halloween has passed, but that doesn’t mean candy isn’t still available throughout the year, try this bodyweight/kettlebell workout to burn some of those calories! This is a video meant to aid beginners, those perfecting their form, or coping with an injury that explains two easy modifications to kettlebell workouts. This video helps teach you how to perform a kettlebell overhead lunge, which is similar to the Turkish Get Up. To branch out, this workout has ten exercises utilizing body weight, a stability ball, and kettlebells; this combination is great for losing fat and gaining lean muscle. This video gives you a glimpse of what is inside the Kettlebell Basics Premium Workout Series. This is a tough exercise series that you can use as a finisher to your own workout. This is a strength based workout incorporating conditioning and two kettlebells. Unsure of what size kettlebell to use?  This video provides the paramaters to determine what size would best fit you. The inclusion of strength training in workouts is incredibly crucial and this workout targets that need with the use of a single kettlebell. If you are just beginning to train with kettlebells, this circuit is designed for you, incorporating simple, yet effective kettlebell exercises to get you started. This video provides a workout plan specifically targeted towards those who are 50+ with your specific goals in mind. This video breaks the Turkish get up into steps to make it easier to master. It’s amazing what can be done with kettlebells, including juggling!  Check out these videos to view the mastery of kettlebells these people have grasped. This video, number three in its series, details the upswing of the kettlbell snatch. Number two in the series, this video explains how to master the downswing of the kettlebell snatch. Need to perfect your kettlebell snatching skills?  This video helps to perfect the first step, the lockout of the snatch. This is a great combination video with the Kettlebell Turkish Get Up/Clean and Press/Snatch. This is a sample workout from April’s kettlebell members workout. Part three of the Kettlebell Swing Mistakes and Fixes helps to correct the common range of motion problem in the Swing. This video demonstrates four kettlebell exercises for abs that don’t require you to perform any crunches! Addressing the problem of a Squat and Front Raise Pattern – vs. the correct ‘hip-driven’ Swing where the arms account for maybe 10-20% of the movement and how to properly fix that mistake. Here are steps on how to help save your wrists and forearms in your kettlebell training. The first part in this series helps you learn how to correct for lack of hip extension, which is a common mistake that people make in their kettlebell training. Unsure of how hard you need to train in order to see results with kettlebells?  Read this article to find out! These are the most popular posts of 2010, thanks for all of your support! This provides a dumbbell complex workout that will give you a fast-paced, time efficient, fat burning workout that can be done without a kettlebell if you are on the road or at the gymw Low on time?  Here is a two exercise workout that hits every major muscle group in your body and can be completed in just 10 minutes. This video shows you how to use your own body weight and kettlebells for a quick, intense and effective cardio workout without using any cardio machines.

Whew!  That should be enough video to last you for a while 🙂  Enjoy!

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