Kettlebells For Fat Loss Part 1

Now that we’ve covered how to use kettlebells to build muscle, I’m going to teach you how to use kettlebells for fat loss.

While your ‘prototypical’ circuit-style kettlebell workout is great for fat loss already, we can make some small tweaks to really optimize our fat loss results.

The main focus is going to be on burning as many calories as possible during our workouts.  We’re moving back to a total body routine; no more splitting up body parts. We want to work all of our major muscle groups over the course of a single training session to maximize calorie expenditure.  We’re also going to be focusing on exercises that work lots of muscles at once (which all of the five basic kettlebell exercises do already) and keeping our rest periods to a minimum.

If you’re truly dedicated to fat loss, I believe that you also need to be doing lots of cardio:  Six days per week of cardiovascular activity at a minimum of 30 minutes each day.  Three days of steady-state cardio and three days of interval cardio is a great set up.  Here’s a nice article on my Fitness Monster blog about HIIT cardio if you need some ideas for your interval training:  HIIT Cardio For Fat Loss

Also, keep in mind that fat loss has a lot to do with your diet. Losing fat is, at its most basic level, about burning more calories than you expend. You can have the best designed workout in the world, but if your diet isn’t in check, you’re going to have trouble losing body fat.  If you need some specific guideance with your meal planning, you can check out my own top-rated fat loss diet plan here: The Easiest, Fastest Fat Loss Meal Plan Ever

As I did with the kettlebells to build muscle article series, I’ll give you two different workouts to alternate between here – this is the first one:

Kettlebells For Fat Loss: Workout A

*Do the first exercise in each pairing.  Without rest, move to the next exercise.  Complete the prescribed number of reps in the second exercise, rest :30 seconds, and complete the sequence two more times.  Rest one minute before moving on to the next pairing.

1A: KB Thruster (Squat To Overhead Press) 3 x 15
1B: Body Row 3 x 15

2A. KB Swing 3 x 15
2B. Push Up 3 x 15

3A. KB Crush Curl 3×15
3B. Bar/Ring Dip 3×15

*If you have questions about how to perform any of these exercises, check out this page on the blog: Kettlebell Videos on

I’ll be back soon with a workout B for ‘ya … keep training hard!!

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  3. rf

    So how would I incorporate this into a weekly workout routine, i.e. something for Monday – Friday each day? The explanations and videos are great by the way.

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