Win A Free Copy Of The 10 x 10 Kettlebell Solution

The 10 x 10 Kettlebell Solution is coming very soon … and you can win a free copy!

** Friday 11/4 contest update: Thanks to everyone who’s entered so far!  Entries will be accepted through 11:59 pm PST tonight … hurry and leave a comment to get entered to win.  We’ll spend a day going through the results and announce our winners on Sunday 11/6**

It’s a complete kettlebell program – workout manual, video series, meal planing guide, and more – to transform your body in 10 weeks, using just 10 kettlebell and body weight exercises and 10 different workouts. And it’ll be officially available in a few short days …

However, as we get the finishing touches of the delivery process ironed out, and as a gesture of appreciation to you, a loyal reader, I’ve decided to give away two free copies of the program before I officially release it.

All you have to do to win your copy is leave a comment on this post detailing your number one fitness goal … and your biggest obstacle/frustration/etc. that’s keeping you from accomplishing it.  I’ll have my assistant go through and pick the best two comments so the contest is as fair as possible.  And all I’ll ask for is a little feedback from the winners after they’ve read through the program, watched the videos and tried the workouts themselves.

Leave a comment below to get entered to win … and keep an eye on your e-mail inbox to get first word of the 10×10 Kettlebell Solution’s official release!

155 thoughts on “Win A Free Copy Of The 10 x 10 Kettlebell Solution

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  2. Eleanor Hester

    Lose weight and then HKC cert. when I’m 60 (or 61). Consistency in managing time constraints and planning my workout is what holds me back.

  3. Matt

    Hi Forest:
    At 48 and back in school pursuing my degree in Physical Therapy I have little time to workout (4 kids too!) however, I use kettlebells just 5 minutes a day (75 two arm swings 53lbs) twice a week and I have continued to lose weight and get stronger. My diet is key though, slow carb 6 days on and one day off.
    I broke 177lbs (down from 190lbs) for the first time in 5 years ( i am 5’10”). Goal weight is 165 lean muscle. I am losing a consistent pound per week and I am only in the gym 20 minutes at a pop. I also do burpes, pushups, pullups and some interval cardio to mix it up after the kettlebell swings.
    The key is that this is sustainable and long-term not crash and burn.
    Thanks for your emails, etc….

    1. admin

      Impressive Matt! You sound like a busy guy … that’s a seriously low volume routine … sounds 4 Hour Body – ish 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by


  4. Kristi S

    Number 1 Fitness Goal – Getting back to a body I love by committing to do the best I can everyday.
    Number 1 Obstacle – Over analyzing to the point of inactivity!!
    “It’s never to late to be what you might have been.”

  5. Marshall S

    As a younger man, I was a World class competitive swimmer. Went to college on a swimming scholarship, traveled all over the world for International competitions, including two Olympics (1964 Tokyo and 1968 Mexico City). When I retired, I was listed in the top 10 in the world in 5 events.
    Like many former jocks, when I stopped swimming, my body and fitness went to hell. Weight ballooned to 280, waist to 44, don’t even know what my body fat % was.
    A little over a year ago, I took the bull by the horns. Working out with a trainer 3 times per week, with horseback riding and Pilates on recovery days.
    Current stats: 183 lbs, waist 34, body fat 14.7%, PB for Deadlift is 310 for 6 reps.
    BUT when I look in the mirror, I still feel fat especially around the midsection. I know the ab muscles are there, just covered by fat.
    I want the Kettlebell workouts to get me the last 5% body fat loss I need to show a 6 pack, and THAT would be pretty cool for a 68 year old man.

    1. admin

      Awesome Marshall. Sounds like you’re training hard, and congrats on your progress. Hope to be of help in you reaching your ultimate goal


  6. Donna S

    My #1 goal right now is to “un-do” the effects of taking care of everyone else first for the last 22+ years — to put my fitness level and health first for the next 22 years. To reach this fitness goal I’ve started with strenght training videos and training for 5k and 10k races and practice yoga 2x a week. I’ve never used a kettle ball, but looks like it could be very effective while increasing my workout variety to avoid monotony!

    1. admin

      That’s great Lord’Steven. Congrats on your progress and keep up the good work … work on really dialing things in to get off those last pounds of body fat.


  7. Lynette Scriver-Colburn

    Hi Forest–

    My number one fitness goal is to continue on the path to a healthy weight. I’ve lost 65 pounds so far and have about another 35 to go. Kettlebells, other types of strength training, and running have been the mainstays in this journey.

    The biggest obstacle for me has been consistency in the nuitrition side of things (sometimes the working out, but mostly the eating healthy part). I realize I need to make some changes, and have done so in small baby steps. I’ve made great strides, but I still have lots of work to do.

    Thanks for all of your training articles and videos, all of which have helped me tremendously. This new program sounds like something I need to reach my health and fitness destination!


    1. admin

      Hi Lynette –

      Congrats on your progress! I agree, the eating part is tough … but keep on working hard and you’ll reach those goals before you know it.


  8. Damian Murphy

    Kettlebell training has helped me improve my strength ,cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. Its unbelievable how much kettlebell training compliments my martial arts training . I enjoy kettlebell training . A lot. It gives me the edge I need so that instead of keeping up with the younger guys ,I hand ’em their asses …..

    My number one fitness goal ? I need to lose weight . Its crept up over the years , and made me join the group of people at risk from diabetes and heart disease . I’ve lost quite a bit so far with exercise and diet but I’ve got a way more to go. So in short my goal is to stay alive 🙂

  9. Nicole

    My number one fitness goal right now is core strength, I have mechanical low back pain so it is necessary. I am a rec b-ball player and I have been told not to play or lift heavy, which is hard because that is what I love to do. I am a 27yr old PT and I feel like that makes it every worse 🙁 I am making gains, but they are slow…

    1. admin

      Thanks for the feedback Nichole. Sounds like you are on the right track … sometimes you just have to do what you can. Stay with it!


  10. My number one goal is to lose weight. I have lost 25 lbs. so far and have 50 more to go. My biggest obstacle I think is time. If I think I will realistically get up at 4 a.m. to workout, I’m setting myself up for failure. I work full time and have to get my son onto his school bus at 6 a.m. I know that adjustments need to be made in my schedule, I’m just struggling with where to fit things in.

    1. admin

      Congrats on your progress Rae –

      I’m personally a big believer in the idea that if you’re not naturally a morning person, you shouldn’t force it – because it’s really hard to be consistent and actually stick with the program for the long term. Which is the whole idea 🙂

      Keep working hard


  11. I began exercising to overcome fear. Kettlebells, yoga and running have been my medium for doing this. I have enjoyed them (especially the kettlebells) greatly.

    Oddly enough the biggest obstacle I face is fear.

    1. admin

      That’s great Shannon … sounds like kettlebells have been a great outlet in helping you move towards your goals.

      Good luck to you with continuing your progress


  12. Gerald Cox

    I have kettlebell ADHD. There are so many different kettlebell programs and workouts i dont know which way to go.I am 5’10” 360lbs+ i carry it well, that is if u can even consider carrying 360lbs good, anyway, of course my main goal is to lose body fat. But i want sfighter. I know it is not going to happen over night. But these are my goals and aspirations. Eventhough i weigh in excess of 360lbs. I do have alot of Muscle mass(alot of fat too but i do carry alot of muscle is ur program geared toward me and if not is there something out there for me?

    1. admin

      Gerald –

      A common problem! The trick is always to stick with a program long enough to see progress, but not so long that you adapt and stop seeing results.

      I think this program would be great for you … just try and temporarily forget everything you’ve learned and do it, and it only, for 10 weeks.

      Good luck!


  13. rich sadowski

    My number one goal in fitness is to get it back. After years of not doing much because of being a dad and husband and taking health for granted, I need to do something to make myself better just to be around for the up andcoming grandkids. Main roadblock to fitness…. can’t lie, it’s laziness combined with living life. Hope to see it become a winner.

  14. Gerald Cox

    In my previous comment a left out that i want to achieve the physique of a light heavy weight or heavy weight MMa fighter. I know its not going tp happen over night and that it is going to be a process i just need a serious starting point.

  15. Will

    My goal is to lower body fat and gain muscular endurance. I am a former college athlete and tore my Achilles three years ago. I have not been able to run for the last three years w/o pain and need to lose weight and gain strength in my legs without the pounding of running while 40 lbs overweight. Someone suggested I give kettlebells a try.

    1. admin

      Will –

      I think kettlebells could be a great solution for you (without knowing the details of your specific situation). Thanks for the comment


  16. andrew paul

    Kettlebells are the most efficient, enjoyable, and challenging workout I’ve encountered. I look forward to working with kettlebells, as opposed to standard weights, which often feel like chores.

  17. My number one goal is to get healthier. For me this means lowering my BMI and losing at least 50#s. The kids are teens and starting to leave the nest and this momma needs to lose some of her fluff. I’ve always had an hour-glass figure, these days my hour-glass just has a lil more sand than it used to. Main obstacle is making time to exercise and planning meals. Both kids are active and we’re always out at tournaments and games. Thankfully the off season provides a little less time in front of the concession stands! I do love my KB swings!

    1. admin

      Very cool, Regina … awesome that KB’s are a tool you can use to get a fast workout and work towards your goals.

      Take care


  18. Eric

    the biggest hinderance i am faced with right now is working around an old knee injury, everytime i push my workouts it is pain meds and ice for the next day. i have been able to work goblin squats w/o issues so they have been my leg go-to exercise. At 49 years old i am realistic as to exactly what my body can take and how far i can push it, the kettlebell workouts seem to be a great equalizer compared to other gym-rats i have to deal with.

    1. admin

      Totally agreed, Eric … kettlebells (done right) are great tools to work around injuries like the one you’re dealing with.



  19. Joy

    I’ve spent so long trying (unsuccessfully) to lose weight that I’ve changed my goal to getting stronger and healthier. Hopefully everything else will fall into place. Like everyone else, I seem to be short on me-time which is what attracted me to kettlebells!

    1. admin

      Joy –

      Kettlebells are an awesome tool to get you where you’re going … don’t forget the importance of that diet! It’s the hardest – and least fun 🙁 – part of the weight loss equation.


  20. freddiemac

    I have three kids, one full-time job, and go to school. I want a program that I can do in 15-20 minutes per workout. I’ve got a 16 kg kettlebell, a set of dumbbell weights and half-a$$ed program that I so, but am somewhat inconsistent. That’s a problem…

    1. admin

      Freddiemac –

      You’re right – consistency is key. Keep working towards those goals … and get dialed in with your training program.


  21. Mark J

    Love the simple and functional exercises done with a kettlebell. I was deployed for several months and we made our own of sandbags, ropes, pvc pipe and of course, duct tape.

  22. Jeff Spengler

    Strength and conditioning for martial arts training are my main goals. Lack of time to workout is my biggest obstacle. With a 60hr work week and four kids I need short, efficient workouts.

  23. Daniel Garcia

    No. 1 goal is to loose weight

    No. 1 obstacle is that working out at the gym takes at least 2 hours (time spent on car + time doing exercise). Kettlebell used to take arround 20 minutes and can be doing at home.

  24. Vickie S.

    My goal is to lose weight and get fit. I’ve been taking care of everyone else…and now it’s my turn! I need a cohesive program to keep me going and show me the correct way to get fit and healthy. Been going to the YMCA, but I need a program I can do consistantly at home.

    Thanks for the emails and positive reinforcement!

  25. Jim

    My number one goal is survival. As a law enforcement officer one faces weekly rotating shifts, limited down time, and extreme mental and emotion stress. This takes a toll on the body and spirit. With the average life expectancy of a law enforcement officer being 56 years of age one must do all that he can to reduce the environmental effects that literally takes years off their life. One such way is through physical fitness. Physical fitness not only improves your ability to do you job but it helps you reduce stress and maintain an emotion lifestyle that literally helps you survive.

  26. Ben H

    My goal is to be able to move my body through a space with fluidity, strength, and power as well as move heavy weights efficiently. Currently my biggest obstacle is an inability to get big strength gains in my legs and my unacceptably weak shoulders. No matter what I do I just cannot seem to gain the shoulder strength I desire.

    1. admin

      Thanks Ben. A kettlebell program – properly programmed of course – can be one of the best things you can do to build up those shoulders.

      Keep training hard


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