Labor Day Weekend Special + Free KB/BW “Flipped” Workout

When this gets posted, I will be in the midst of – if I do say so myself πŸ˜‰ – a well-deserved end-of-summer break!

I shot a couple of videos and wrote up a few workouts for you ahead of time though – so you’d be well taken care of in my absence πŸ™‚

In today’s post, I have news of a Labor Day Weekend Special we’re running, as well as a FREE new KB/BW workout for you to try!


Labor Day Weekend Special

We’re running a special on the FVT Coaching Club – my weekly kettlebell workouts program – for the Labor Day weekend here in the US.

=> Get 12 kettlebell/body weight workouts PLUS No Gym? No Excuse DB Complexes for Fat Loss FREE

In the FVT Coaching Club, you get three new workouts every single week – that’s twelve per month – for less than a dollar per workout.

You’ll get access to some other great bonuses when you sign up, including my exclusive ’13 Kettlebell Training Mistakes and How to Fix Them’ report and video series.

Plus, this weekend ONLY, you get a FREE copy of my No Gym? No Excuse! DB Complexes for Fat Loss Program when you try the FVT Coaching Club for at least one month.

It’s a super cheap deal … but since we’ve been getting such awesome feedback about the kettlebell workouts program, I’m more than happy to let you try it out for a month, and incentivize you a bit to do so πŸ™‚

=> Grab this special offer here


Free KB/BW “Flipped” Workout

(Sample from the FVT Coaching Club/weekly kettlebell workouts program)

This one is called “Flipped” because the first pair of exercises, you start at low reps and work up to high … and for the last pair, you start at high reps and work down to low!

Pair 1 – four sets each; keep the weight the same and do 6 reps on the first set, 8 on the second, 10 on the third, and 12 on the last:

1 arm KB press
single leg squat

Pair 2 – three sets of fifteen reps each

1 arm kettlebell swing (15 reps each arm)
push ups

Pair 3 – four sets of each; keep the weight the same, rest as little as possible between sets, and go 12 reps of each, 10 reps of each, 8, and finish with 6

KB goblet step up
inverted row w/ suspension trainer/etc.


That’s it for today! Keep training hard. And don’t forget – if you liked the workout above, it’s a sample of what you’ll get with my weekly FVT kettlebell workouts program – and it’s on sale this weekend. Click HERE to get all the details.

– Forest Vance

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