Single KB 20 Minute Circuit Workout

I was on a podcast interview yesterday, and one of the questions threw me for a loop.

It was –

“If you could go back and do one thing differently when it comes to your kettlebell training journey, what would it be?”

After an uncomfortably long silence while I thought about the answer … I came up with –

“I would spend more time mastering the basics.”

Simple answer, but quite powerful, if I do say so myself 🙂

See, most people – myself included – get excited and enthused about kettlebell training when they first start getting into it, and want to do the cool-looking, “fancier”, more advanced moves, as soon as possible.

Thing is, a solid foundation in the BASICS is what will help you build a base for the future. You can get in great shape, and get a LOT of milage with just a few basic exercises – like swings, Turkish get ups, and goblet squats.

The key is taking the time to learn these exercises correctly and perfectly BEFORE you progress to the more advanced stuff.

The Kettlebell Evolution system that we’ve been talking about all week, is ALL about mastering the KB basics:

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Here’s a sample workout from the program for you to try – another AWESOME part about this training system is that the workouts can be done in around 20 minutes, and with just a single kettlebell:

Single KB 20 Minute Circuit Workout
from Kettlebell Evolution

1 – Clean, Squat & Press x 10 minutes, Ladders of 1, 2 & 3 reps per side

Protocol – Set a timer for 10 minutes and perform Ladders of 1, 2 & 3 CSPs alternating sides for a total of 10 minutes. Rest for no more than 60s. Perform as many reps as possible within your 10 minute period.

Nuts & Bolts – CSP Left x 1, CSP Right x 1, rest, CSP Left x 2, CSP Right x 2, rest, CSP Left x 3, CSP Right x 3 & repeat

2A – Tactical Lunge x 10 reps, 5 per side superset with
2B – Hardstyle Plank x 15 seconds

Protocol – Set a timer for 10 minutes. Perform a set of 10 Tactical Lunges alternating sides, rest if necessary. Then perform a timed set of a Hardstyle Plank for 15s.

Rest and repeat as many times as possible within the 10 minute period

3 – 1-Arm Kettlebell Swing Finisher – 50 reps per side in as few sets as possible, alternating arms per set

Simple focus on the basics like this will pay BIG TIME dividends down the road.

Now when you grab the full Kettlebell Evolution program before midnight tonight, here’s what you’ll get:

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— The Kettlebell Evolution Video Exercise Library
— The Macro-Rythm Eating Manual
— The Kettlebell Evolution Training and Transformation Journal
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All for MUCH less than the cost of ONE session with a trainer at your local gym.

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If you’re looking for a ROCK solid program to help you master the basics of kettlebell training, check this one out. I highly recommend it!

Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Level 2 Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor

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