[video] Kettlebell Exercises for Abs – the Rack Squat


The Rack Squat is a nice variation on the standard kettlebell squat, and a great way to bring the abs and other core stabilizer muscles into play.

The easiest way to get the KB into starting position is to “cheat” curl it up. Get the weight between the feet, like you are going to deadlift it. Grab the horn of the ‘bell with the hand on the side you’ll be holding the weight during your squat. The other hand goes on top of that hand, and assists to bring it up to the rack.

If you are comfortable and confident with your technique, you can also clean the KB to the shoulder to get to starting position.

In the rack position, make sure you have three points of contact. 1) the forearm 2) the upper arm and 3) the thumb touching the collar bone. (Point #3 is more of a self check – you do not need to have your thumb touching the collar bone the whole time. Watch the video to see what I mean.)

Remember when you are doing this move that the whole point is to STAY SQUARE. Do not let your shoulders rotate, or the KB drop to one side, at any time. This will really activate the abs and all of the other core stabilizer muscles we are trying to bring into play.

When finished with the desired number of reps, return the KB to the ground in the same way you picked it up.


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