IMO – why you haven’t gotten results

I talk personally with people every single day who are looking to:

– Start a new fitness program
– Lose fat
– Gain muscle
– Improve overall health

Some are currently doing some kind of workouts, some are just getting back into things …

… but ultimately, one way or the other, they aren’t getting the results they want … otherwise they wouldn’t be seeking my help! 🙂

Now, more than ever, there is an ABUNDANCE of information every topic you can think of readily available. Including health and fitness. So lack of information is NOT the issue.

I think that:

1 – Having a strong reason WHY you want to make changes (a lot of people never really think about it. The questionnaire for the 28 Day Kettlebell Body Revival Challenge we have kicking off Monday, February 5th is intended to make you get really clear on this. I suggest if you are even remotely interested, you take this time to fill it out, even if for this reason alone =>

2 – Having a plan that is SPECIFIC to those goals (with so much information out there, it can be tough to know WHAT to implement, and what not to! – that’s why you need professional advice and help)

3 – Having accountability and a strong social support network to KEEP you on track and to help you KEEP working, ’till you get where you want to go (this is built in to a program like the 28 Day Kettlebell Body Revival Challenge)

IMO, these are the big 3 reasons why people don’t end up getting the results they are looking for.

So advice for today is, if you want to reach your goals, get these three things in order.

This is simple, yet highly powerful.

Put it into action, and I think you will be surprised at the results!

– Forest Vance
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Master of Science, Human Movement

PS – Apply for the upcoming 28 Day Kettlebell Body Revival Challenge here:

PPS – I just got back from a GREAT day at the Perform Better one day event in San Francisco.

We heard from Lee Burton on the importance of client screening for best results … from Charlie Weingroff on some revolutionary concepts in energy system training … from Martin Rooney on how to inspire your clients with both heart AND smarts … and from Todd Durkin CONTAGIASM! …

… maybe I’ll do a future post with some more detailed take-aways from the event.

But I honestly think the biggest take-away was what I touched on in today’s article! – that there are actually MANY valid approaches that work GREAT, but that it’s about having that strong reason why, having an intelligent plan to get there, and having the support to keep going, that gets you results in the end.

Apply for the upcoming 28 Day Kettlebell Body Revival Challenge here:

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