17 Min Extreme KB Conditioning Circuit

Our KB Boot Camp Workout last night at FVT was a doozey.

Thought I’d share here, so you could try at home:

17 Min Extreme KB Conditioning Workout

Set your timer for 60 second intervals. Start the first exercise when the timer goes off. Do as many reps as you can in the 60 seconds. When the timer goes off on the second minute, rotate to the second exercise in the circuit as fast as you can and get started (your rest is just the time it takes for your transition). You’re working on a running clock with this one – so it’ll take you exactly five minutes to complete the first round. Rest for 60 seconds between rounds, and complete three rounds total:

– KB Swings
– KB Press (beginner / level one option) OR KB Push Press (advanced / level two option) – do 30 seconds per side
– Recline Row (beginner / level one option) OR Pull Up (advanced / level two option)
– Bodyweight Squats
– Box Step Ups (beginner / level one option) OR Box Jumps (advanced / level two option)


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To your continued success –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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