Kettlebell “Filthy 50” Workout

In the CrossFit world, there is a workout type called a “chipper”.

These are typically some kind of monumental, grinder of a session where a series of movements are all linked together, one after another. The idea is to push the metabolic condition and mental limits, all in one session. It’s one of those workouts that you love to hate. You get to do a bunch of stuff, burn a ton of fat, and test your limits all in one session. What more could you ask for? 🙂

The Filthy 50 is a prime example – and I’ve modified it slightly so that you can do it with just a kettlebell or two and your own bodyweight. Check out this “kettlebell version” of the original Filthy 50:

*You must complete all listed reps of one exercise before moving on to the next – hence the name, you are “chipping away” at the total rep count. Do the entire sequence of moves as fast as possible:

— 50 box jumps or NON repeating squat jumps (do single reps and go for explosiveness and quality)
— 50 jumping pull ups OR recline rows
— 50 two-hand kettlebell swings
— 50 walking lunges
— 50 hanging leg raises OR floor leg raises
— 50 1 arm KB push press (25 per side)
— 50 superman raises
— 50 KB goblet squats
— 50 burpees
— 50 jumping jacks


As you can see, this is a monumental workout.

I would recommend doing it as an occasional challenge, NOT as an every day sort of thing.

That’s how we are going to have things set up for our upcoming 28-day KB Challenge.

You’ll do epic “chipper” workouts like this once or twice per week, then other HIIT and strength – based sessions on the other days to create a total, balanced program for burning fat, adding lean muscle, and getting you into phenomenal condition (at any age).

Stay tuned, registration opens tomorrow!

– Forest Vance

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