17-min kettlebell “Fight Gone Bad” workout

“Fight Gone Bad” is a classic workout.

Originally designed for MMA athletes to match the time-domain and metabolic demands of a fight, the workout consisted of five minutes of work, one minute of rest, repeated for three (standard level) to five (championship level) rounds, with a score attached to the number of reps that you get for each exercise.

Whether you are a fighter or not, it is a heck of a workout!

It’s HARD, no doubt about that.

But it burns a TON of fat, cranks up your metabolism for the rest of the day, and is a lot of fun, all at the same time.

Couple big problems though:

1 – The exercise choice on the “original” Fight Gone Bad workout could be improved. I wouldn’t program the majority of the moves at all for 95%+ of the clients I work with.

2 – It requires equipment that a lot of people don’t have access to. You need a barbell, bumper plates, a rowing machine, plyo box(es), medicine ball(s), etc.

But guess what?

Team FVT is to the rescue! 😉

We’re going to do a similar workout, around the same theme, that gets you similar results…

…BUT, we’re going to 1) pick better, safer exercises, and 2) we’re going to make it so that it can be done any time, any place, with just a kettlebell or two and your own bodyweight.

Check it out:

17-min kettlebell “Fight Gone Bad” workout

Do as many reps as you can of each exercise in 60 seconds. You get one point for each rep of each exercise completed. Move directly from one move to the next, without rest. Rest for 60 seconds between rounds. Do three rounds total:

1 – KB snatch (20k-24k men / 12k-16k women) (any order / number of reps per side counts)
2 – push ups (toes men / knees women)
3 – walking bodyweight lunges (each step counts as a rep)
4 – pull ups OR inverted rows OR 1-arm KB rows (20k-24k men / 12k-16k women)
5 – burpees (must touch groud at bottom of each rep and get full body extension / jump at top)


Try that workout, if you want all the fun and benefit of the original “Fight Gone Bad”, without the questionable exercise selection, and garage full of equipment.

And if you liked this workout, stay tuned, because our next 28-day KB Challenge opens for sign ups tomorrow, and “Kettlebell Fight Gone Bad” is the theme.

To your continued success –

-Forest and the FVT Team

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