Kettlebells + Sprints – Ultimate Conditioning Workout

One thing I LOVE to incorporate at the end of our outdoor boot camp workouts these days is sprints in one form or another.

Now when I say “sprinting”, this can mean different things for different people… and we give each person at a workout regressions or progressions depending on their current fitness level, goals, etc…

…but for example, last week we did:

  • For six minutes, on the minute, do one “1/2 gassers” (run width of football field and back)
  • In the “remaining amount of time” left in that minute (ex – it takes you 25 seconds to run your 1/2 gasser, you have 35 seconds left) alternate KB halos (first / third / fifth rounds) and KB slingshots (second / fourth / sixth rounds)

See, running is an athletic activity I believe a healthy, athletic man or woman should be able to do.

Now I’m not saying you have to go out and sign up for a marathon. Or even a 5k. But running, even a short distance, is part of normal athletic movement.

And sprinting can be a GREAT, and in a lot of cases superior, to just going out for a jog.

1 – Sprinting is WAY more time efficient – we’re talking workouts like the one above that literally only take a few minutes
2 – For guys, there is actually a lot of research behind sprinting boosting test levels – check out this page for more info
3 – I always tell people to find athletes you want to look like, and train like them. Elite endurance runners tend to be skinny, without a lot of muscle. Sprinters tend to be muscular and jacked. Enough said 🙂

As far as a full sprinting program, I recommend Anabolic Running 2.0:

=>> Anabolic Running 2.0

It’s a complete program adjustable for various fitness levels, that can be added right on to your current routine.

And here’s to taking your fitness to the next level!\

-Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer

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