“STX” Training: How to Gain Muscle and Strength Without Going Heavy

If you want to get stronger, but can’t or don’t want to lift “heavy” in the traditional sense because of pain, injuries, etc – I highly recommend that you check this out:

-> “STX” Training: How to Gain Muscle and Strength Without Going Heavy

What makes this program very unique is that it is focused on helping you gain strength and muscle, but you do NOT train heavy in a “traditional” sense – meaning by lifting a high percentage of your max for low rep sets.

If you are dealing with body pain, feel beat up from years of sports or lifting or whatever else, but still want to be able to look and feel your best, this could be just the thing.

You use what Steve Holman (creator of the program) calls “STX sets”, so that you’ll hit muscular failure with much less weight than you normally lift for your heavy working sets.

I can hear it now:

“Forest, don’t I need to lift heavy to get the GAINZ?!?”

Yes and no.

Getting stronger and lifting progressively heavier weight is the basis of progressive overload.

However, you get can to the point where the weights get so heavy that they pose a real risk of serious injury.

Ask any experienced powerlifter, strongman competitor, or weight lifter, and they will tell all about it.

The trick is to find a way to stimulate muscle growth, while staying injury free in the process.

The overarching concept with “STX” training is that you pre-exhaust the slow-twitch muscle fibers first, before getting into working the fast-twitch muscle fibers afterwards.

It ends up creating a lot of muscle stimulation, without having to lift heavy weights.

If this sounds like something that would be interesting to you, learn more at the link below:

-> “STX” Training: How to Gain Muscle and Strength Without Going Heavy

Here’s to injury-free GAINZ in 20201! –

  • Forest Vance

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