Why You’re Still Not Losing Fat at 1500 Calories Per Day

One of our specialties here at FVT is helping people blast past a fat loss plateau. If you feel like you’re putting in a solid effort, but you still look the same now as you did 90 days ago, here are a few reasons why it might be happening:

1 – You’re not eating enough.

This seems like a weird thing to say, but a lot of people think about weight loss, and the first thing they do is cut their intake down as low as possible. I recently talked to a reasonably active guy who was in reasonably good shape. He had a base of muscle and fitness and strength, but had around around 15-20 pounds to lose at a current weight of 210. And he was trying to diet at 1500 calories per day.

First off, this kind of deficit is tough and painful to maintain, so you either can’t stick to it, or you have extra snacks / binge in the evenings / go crazy on the weekends. Second, you end up losing muscle, which sucks. Third, even if you can stick to it, your metabolism slows down, the results stop after a few weeks, and you have no where to go.

2 – Your portions are off.

Sometimes in converstations with people stuck at a fat loss plateau, I realize they have no idea what 3 oz of chicken looks like, or 1 cup of rice, or 1/4 cup of nuts. This might seem insignificant, but it really adds up.

A week or two of measuring everything you eat and drink is INVALUABLE for long-term education and results.

3 – You are drinking your calories.

#1 culprit here is alcohol. Trust me, I love drinking as much (or most likely, more) than you. But recently I’ve come to realize that it’s REALLY hard to lose fat if you’re drinking more than occasionally. Not drinking at all is ideal if you’re serious about fat loss. But a couple / few per week is probably the realistic upper limit for most if you’re going to reach your fat loss goals.

I hope the tips in this article helps you with breaking your fat loss plateau. Not eating enough, portions being off, and drinking too many calories are simple things, but they can make ALL the difference.

-Forest Vance and the FVT Team at ForestVanceTraining.com

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