The Power of the Kettlebell Complex (includes sample workout)

Kettlebell complexes are awesome.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that even if you did NOTHING but complexes with kettlebells, it would be well worth the money investment to purchase some KBs, and the time investment to learn how to use them properly.

In today’s article, I’m going to explain to you exactly what a kettlebell complex IS, WHO they are best suited for, and exactly HOW to use them in your workout programming.


What IS a kettlebell complex?

A kettlebell complex is in essence a string of different kettlebell exercises, performed in succession and without rest.

You can do complexes with a variety of different pieces of equipment – or even using just your own body weight, so no equipment at all – but the KB is a great tool to perform them with, because of their compact nature, as well as their offset center of gravity. This allows one to flow from one movement to the next very well.


WHAT are kettlebell complexes best used for?

Kettlebell complexes are so awesome because they can be used for adding muscle, OR gaining strength, OR losing fat, OR improving conditioning – depending on how they are programmed.


HOW do you use them?

Okay, let’s get to how you would use a kettlebell complex in your actual workout. A great way is to program them into your “main” workout (like I do in my new KB / Body Weight Hybrid Strength workout HERE).

You can also use them as a “finisher” sort of thing at the end of a session.

You can even use them as a stand-alone quick workout if you are short on time.


Sample Kettlebell Complex

Here is a sample kettlebell complex from my Kettlebell / Body Weight Hybrid Strength Workout:

Complete all reps on one side without setting the kettlebell down, before moving on to the other side. Push the pace, and get three rounds on each side as fast as possible:

— snatch – 5
— front squat – 5
— one arm swing – 10
— reverse suitcase lunge – 5

Okay! You now know exactly what a kettlebell complex IS, how they are best utilized, and even have a sample complex to try for yourself.

Of course, this is an extremely brief, “30,000 mile high” overview of kettlebell complex training. But hopefully it’s given you a good start.

If you like the idea of the complex and would like to learn more about how to best use it, check out my new kettlebell / body weight hybrid strength workout HERE.

And have a great day!

– Forest Vance, RKC II

PS – Don’t forget – if you are still trying to master the basics of kettlebell training, and learn how to do the kettlebell exercises we talked about in today’s article safely and effectively, a great resource to do that you can find here:

=> 13 Dangerous Kettlebell Training Mistakes (and how to fix them)

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