The change in her kettlebell routine that shocked us all

A close family member of mine recently decided she needed a big change.

She used to be very active and loved playing sports all her life. However, during the past year, she started moving less, and ending up putting on 15-20 pounds.

She started by eating healthier. She cut out processed carbs, focused on protein and veggies first at every meal, and started moving more by going for a walk or a run for 30-45 minutes almost every day.

This helped her feel better and lose the first 10 pounds!

Then, she decided she was ready for something more challenging. She wanted to become stronger and build lean muscle. Can you guess the program I suggested to her? 🙂

–> the 28-day KB Summer Strength Upgrade Challenge

This program is super simple and very straightforward. It’s all about just a few focused and basic kettlebell exercises, done consistently, with great technique, and made progressively more challenging over the 28 days.

The cool thing is, by doing these few exercises, she will be working out her whole body. Legs, back, core, shoulders, arms – everything! And it will even help her become more flexible!

For someone like her, who doesn’t have a lot of free time, this program is perfect. All she needs is a couple of kettlebells and just 20-30 minutes, three days a week.

I can’t wait to see how much stronger she gets!

Are you interested in trying it too? Check out the details and sign up here:

–> the 28-day KB Summer Strength Upgrade Challenge

Stay strong, Forest and the FVT Team at

28-day KB Strength Challenge – Sample Workout

In our upcoming “Summer Strength Upgrade” Challenge, you will be on track to swing and get up with a heavier kettlebell by the end of 28 days – guaranteed! (details here)

You’ll build power and lean muscle, while protecting your body and joints at the same time.

Let’s swing through a sample workout, shall we? (pun intended)

28-day KB Strength Challenge – Sample Workout

(Week 1 / Day 1 – Swing Focus / Lower Body + Abs)

PART 1 – EMOM – Set your timer for 60 second intervals. Do the prescribed number of reps at the top of the minute. Your rest is the time from when you complete your set until the next minute starts. Repeat for four rounds total:

— Swings – 15 two hand (beginner) OR 8 per side one hand (intermediate / advanced)

— HardStyle plank – :30

PART 2 – FOR TIME – Complete four rounds of the superset below as fast as possible:

— KB Goblet Squats – 12 (beginner) OR KB Rack Squats – 6 per side (intermediate / advanced)

— side plank – :15 per side

PART 3 – TABATA – Do as many reps as you can of exercise one in 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds. Do as many reps as you can of exercise two in 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds. Repeat for four rounds total:

— KB Tactical Lunge

— Spider-Burpees


That’s just a little taste of what you’ll experience in my upcoming “Summer Strength Upgrade” Challenge. With workouts like this just three times per week, you’ll be on the path to swinging and getting up with a heavier KB by the end of 28 days – I guarantee it!

>>> Details on the Challenge here and sign up now <<<

Keep crushing it –

-Forest and the Team at

1-to-1 Remote KB Coaching with Forest – Sample Workout – Troy

As we age, our bodies change and we have to adapt our workout routines accordingly.

What worked when we were in our 20s and 30s isn’t necessarily going to cut it when we’re over 40!

This can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible.

One thing that can help you make the fastest progress in the shortest (and least painful) amount of time is having an expertly designed kettlebell training plan. –
Just think about how much progress you could make if I designed a workout specifically for you, and you started really paying attention to the kind of detail in Troy’s sample workout below:

1-to-1 Remote KB Coaching with Forest – Sample Workout – “Troy”


Troy is 46 years old. His main goal is to lose 23 pounds of fat in the next 90 days. Because of a stubborn shoulder injury, we’re not doing too many exercises that involve lifting over his head.

Troy’s a busy man! He plays basketball twice a week for a couple of hours each time. Plus, he works about 50 hours a week and has two kids in middle and high school. So, he doesn’t have a lot of free time.

Despite his busy schedule, Troy’s committed to doing three full-body workouts with kettlebells each week. We’ve also added two High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions for him.

Troy does his workout exactly as we plan it every day. He keeps track of his progress in my app. I check it regularly and give him feedback. I also make sure he’s doing his workouts as he should be.

We often adjust his workouts and give him pointers to help him reach his goal. We’re guiding Troy every step of the way to make sure he gets the results he wants.


(warm up)
10 KB deadlifts
10 two hand swings
5 one hand swings per side
(main workout)

7 per side, 14 total – on the minute, every minute, for 5 minutes

WEEK 2 – add one rep 1st two sets
WEEK 3 – add one rep to 1st four sets
WEEK 4 – do all sets 8/8


Push ups – :30
Tactical lunges with kettlebell – :60
Do 3 rounds total
Every minute, on the minute, for 6 minutes, do:

(minute 1,3,5)

1 burpee
1 KB clean and squat – right
1 burpee
1 KB clean and squat – left
1 burpee
1 KB clean and squat – right

(minute 2,4,6)

1 burpee
1 KB clean and squat – left
1 burpee
1 KB clean and squat – right
1 burpee
1 KB clean and squat – left

Now that you’ve seen a sample workout, do you want to get one of the available “KB Fit Over 40” spots I have open this week? Click the link, then fill out the short application at the link below:

Train hard, talk soon! –
-Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer
Over 40 Training Specailist

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Free Evatec “Hybrid” Duffel Bag + 1-to-1 Remote KB Coaching

It’s summer time!

You’d things would be slowing down by now, not so much! 😉

It’s a crazy day, but I wanted to take a second this morning to share some two updates:

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Once I have a little more time, I will also share some insights and tips I’ve gained during some travels this summer that will really help with your kettlebell and fitness goals.

Stay tuned, have a great day! –

— Forest Vance – – –

6-Min KB/BW Abs Workout Finisher

Last call for my new 4-week KBs for Abs Plan while it’s on launch (with the Holiday yesterday, we’re doing a one-time extension for your very last chance!)

–>> New 4-week KBs for Abs Plan [last call]

You will get:

— A complete abs-focused kettlebell training plan (can be used stand-alone
OR added on to your current routine)
— In-depth nutrition planning – you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to shred
the fat and get those abs peeking out by the end of 28 days
— Coaching and accountability – you get free admission to my special Kettlebell Abocalypse online event where I’ll take you through a full, real-time KBs for Abs boot camp workout! (also recorded if you can’t make it live)

The sale ends – register now at the link below:

–>> New 4-week KBs for Abs Plan [last call]


6-Min KB/BW Abs Workout Finisher

If you’re looking for an effective and efficient way to work your abs, look no further than this 6-minute kettlebell/bodyweight abs workout finisher. This workout combines core-strengthening exercises with the power of kettlebells and bodyweight movements to create a challenging and highly effective workout!

— 30 sec plank w opposite shoulder touch

— 30 sec 1 arm KB swings

— 30 sec “knee-to-elbow” mountain climbers

— 30 sec 1 arm KB swings (other arm)

Repeat circuit 3x with as little rest as possible between moves.

Check out the demo video here ->

The lie detector determined “Abs are Made in the Kitchen” is a lie: ???

Have you ever heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen”?

I disagree!

Here’s the thing:

If you are 30% body fat, you are NOT going to see your abs, no matter how strong they are.

HOWEVER – it is a LIE that you need to be 7% body fat to see your abs!

Most men can be between 12-14%, and women 18-20%, and can see some decent abs definition. So you DO need to be reasonably lean, and have a solid, clean diet… but you need to ACTUALLY TRAIN your abs!

You need to your abs using real exercises, with progressive resistance, like you do for other body parts.

You might be doing things like:

  • Turkish get ups and variations
  • Leg raises and varations
  • Planking and variations
  • Anti-rotational moves (think renegade rows, one arm swings) and variations

You’d be doing these moves for medium rep ranges (5-12), using reasonably heavy and progressive amounts of resistance.

NOT 10,000 crunches and sit ups.

You wouldn’t do sets of 100 for other body parts; why do people do it for their abs?!?

This is exactly how I structure training plans for my personal clients who want abs, and it’s exactly what what we do in my KETTLEBELL ABOCALYPSE course.

Learn more and order KETTLEBELL ABOCALYPSE at the link below:

–> KETTLEBELL ABOCALYPSE – new KBs for abs training plan

And remember – we determined that the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen” is a lie!

Forest Vance @

“Abdominal Armageddon” Workout + the Top 4 Kettlebell Exercises for Abs

Are you curious about the most effective kettlebell exercises for abs?

A recent study conducted by Bret Contreras has provided some interesting insights.

Over 50 ab exercises were put to the test, and the results demonstrated which ones worked best.

I’ll link out at the bottom of this article where you can read about the full results, but the winners for an all-around program that targets the abs, obliques, and low back where:

  • Turkish Get Ups
  • Chin ups, Hanging Leg Raises, or Swiss Ball Crunches
  • RKC Plank, Ab Wheel Rollout, or Bodysaw
  • Kneeling Cable Lift, Tornado Ball Slam, Landmine, or Reverse Hyper

The trick is, not everyone is able to do these exercises because of equipment limitations etc. So what we do in KETTLEBELL ABOCOLYPSE is take the principles, and adapt them so that you can use KETTLEBELLS!

Take the “Abdominal Armageddon” workout for example:

Do the prescribed number of reps of exercise one. Rest 15 seconds. Do the prescribed number of reps of exercise two. Rest 15 seconds. Continue in the same fashion to complete the full circuit; rest for 30-60 seconds and repeat two more times for a total of three rounds:

— Turkish Get Up – 1 / side

— Lying Kettlebell-Anchored Leg Drops – 10 (min 2-sec negative)

— RKC Plank – :20 hold

— Single-Arm KB Swing – 7 per side

If you liked this workout, sign up for KETTLEBELL ABOCOLYPSE today to gain access to the full 4-week program PLUS our online event where I’ll show you how to execute these moves with perfect form:


Let’s keep pushing towards continued training success!

-Forest and the Team at

PS – See the article referenced in today’s post here ->

“Abocalypse Now” – 18-min Kettlebells for Abs Workout

It’s summer, and it’s time to work on your abs!

Check out this workout called “Abocalypse Now” that only takes 18 minutes using kettlebells.

Get ready to feel the burn… and stay tuned for my upcoming training plan focused on Kettlebells for Abs! It will be available for purchase later this week.

— Forest @


“Abocalypse Now” – 18-min Kettlebells for Abs Workout

PART 1 – Every minute, on the minute, do 6 split squats per side w/ KB in rack position (rack same side as forward foot) – 8k women / 12k men – do 4 rounds total
PART 2 – Complex: do as many reps as you can of each exercise in :45. Flow from one move to the next without rest. Rest for approx :60 between rounds. Do 3 rounds total:

  • KB suitcase reverse lunge (one side for full work period; switch sides after each round) (8k women / 16k men)
  • KB single leg deadlift (one side for full work period; switch sides after each round) (8k women / 16k men)
  • Hand-to-hand KB swings (12k women / 20k men)
  • Push ups (hands elevated, knees, or toes) with plank jack

PART 3 – Do as many reps as you can of each exercise in 30 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds between moves. Repeat for 3 rounds total:

  • Star jump
  • Plank hold

18-minute Single KB Workout for Over 50’s

*Today’s post is sponsored by – Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness 2.0 – Try One Week Free:

?ATTN kettlebell fans aged 50 and up!

This routine will help build strength, increase your energy levels, enhance your self-confidence, and contribute towards long-term health.

And let’s be honest, looking good with your shirt off isn’t a bad perk, either!

18-minute Single KB Workout for Over 50’s

3 rounds, 30 seconds work / 15 seconds of rest / 60 secs between rounds:

?(Tier 1 – Beginners)

– Kettlebell “Goat Bag” Swing –> 2 Hand KB Swing (recommended weight 16k W – 24k M)
– Plank Step-Out
– Bodyweight Squats
– Kettlebell Figure 8 to Hold (recommended weight 8-12k W – 16-20K M)
– Step-Back Squat Thrust

??(Tier 2 – Intermediate / Advanced)

– 2 Hand KB Swing –> 1-Arm KB Swing (recommended weight 8-12k W – 16-20k M)
– Plank Jacks
– KB Goblet Squats
– Kettlebell Figure 8 to Hold (recommended weight 8-12k W – 16-20K M)
– Squat Thrust -> Burpee

Today’s post is sponsored by – Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness 2.0 – Try One Week Free: