Outdoor Kettlebell Conditioning Workout

The weather here in Northern California is perfect this time of year for outdoor kettlebell workouts.

One of my favorite things to do is to bring a KB with me to the park, and do a high intensity workout like this one:


15 swings

10 burpees

5 pull ups

run approx 200 yards

Do 3-5 rounds as fast as possible!


Of course, it depends on your goals, as to how you would incorporate a work out like this into your overall routine.

What I personally do – and if your goals are to emphasize strength, but also stay lean, and in top condition, I recommend you do the same – is to do a kettlebell workout like this one about once a week.

It’s kind of like a ‘variety/conditioning’ day, and I will change it up every week

Then I have two additional, more strength-based, structured, progressive workouts that I do as well. These do not change every week – rather I’m working on getting stronger and better and more efficient at the movements and the poundages and everything else in those workouts.

And then I’ll do two or three more 30 to 45 minute bike rides or hikes.

Crank this work out this weekend if you want to get some extra conditioning work, and get out for some fun in the sun!

Train hard –

– Forest Vance

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Top 6 KB Swing Mistakes – and How to Fix Them!

The kettlebell swing is the foundational HardStyle kettlebell movement.

It’s CRITICAL that you master it before you move on to more advanced ballistic moves like the clean, snatch, etc.

And it’s fantastic for fat loss, building your conditioning levels, and so much more.

Thing is – it can also be a tricky exercise to master. There are a lot of moving parts, and it’s commonly done wrong.

So I thought I would give you a list of the 6 KB swing mistakes we see – and how to fix them! ..

So that YOU can start enjoying the full benefits of the foundational kettlebell training movement, while also ensuring that you are performing them safely and effectively.


Top 6 KB Swing Mistakes – and How to Fix Them!
Mistake 1 – Lazy set up

It’s a common issue that people are lazy when they reach down to grab the kettlebell off the floor and start the movement.

To fix this, get set up, with your abs tight, your body engaged, everything in a nice perfect position – while STANDING .. so that when you reach down to grab the ‘bell and start your first rep, you are good to go.

Mistake 2 – Swinging the KB too low

This one is SUPER common – and is one of the biggest causes of lower back pain.

The simple fix is to make sure that when the handle of the KB swings back, it is above your knees.

Mistake 3 – Rounding the shoulders / upper back

This comes from letting the muscles in the shoulders and upper back relax too much, and letting the KB jerk you around.

You want to have the shoulders pulled back into their sockets, and your upper back tight during the whole movement.

Mistake 4 – Swinging the kettlebell too high

The “American Swing” is a variation of the exercise – I get it. But I’m not a fan. At ALL. It’s way easier to mess up, and encourages too much upper body involvement, amoung other things.

At FVT, we swing the KB to approx chest level, no higher than the eyes.

If you want to “take the kettlebell thru a full range of motion” – just snatch!

Mistake 5 – Pez head

Have you ever eaten Pez candy?

It comes out of a fun – looking dispenser.

And it’s tasty!

But it should NOT be an inspiration for your swing form.

Your neck should be neutral, and in line with your spine at all times.

Mistake 6 – Overextending at the top of the movement

In an effort to use the hips while doing swings, a lot of people overextend at the top, and go too far. This puts stress on the back and robs you of power.

Think about finishing the move in a “standing plank” position – nice and tall, firm, tight, but not overextended.


There you have the top 6 KB swing mistakes, and how to fix them.

I hope this article was helpful for you, and that you can implement some of these tips to start improving your KB swing form!

And if you want a full 8 week kettlebell program that uses the swing as a foundational movement to help you shed fat, build lean muscle, and get into amazing shape, be sure check out my flagship online course, Kettlebell Challenge Workouts.

Train hard, talk soon –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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CORE KB Workshop – Pics, #1 Take-Away

The 1st CORE Kettlebell Workshop is a wrap!

It was SO fun – THANK YOU to the folks who came out – and I can’t wait to see how what we covered will be implemented now across the country, and so many people will benefit and change their lives!

We got some great video footage too, which will be released over the coming weeks and months, stay tuned.

This is the beginning of some BIG things for CORE Kettlebell!

So I have been thinking – what is the BIGGEST take-away that I can share with YOU, a loyal FVT Newsletter subscriber, that can help with your kettlebell practice?

There were SO many … but for now, based on what participants of the workshop shared with me, I’ll say it’s GET FEEDBACK.

All but one of the participants at the workshop were trainers themselves.

And one of the biggest points they had was that they so appreciated my feedback and critique on their exercise form. This is something that interestingly, many events I’ve attended as a fit pro leave out … but it’s probably the most important thing when it comes to getting results!

Because it’s not about adding endless different exercise variations to keep progressing …

Or about doing a different workout every single day …

It’s about doing the fundamentals, over and over, and GETTING REALLY GOOD AT THEM.

Get someone you trust to look at what you are doing, give you feedback, give you small tweaks, etc.

I have a online / distance KB Strong Challenge – opening registration tomorrow – where you can get feedback and coaching and tips from ME over the next few weeks (I’ll have more info coming on that in tomorrow’s message).

But it could be a (knowledgeable) workout partner, or a trainer / coach in your area.

Think about this take-away as you work towards your ultimate fitness goals, and do your very best to make it happen.

Getting feedback and constantly improving on the fundamentals is key to your continued progress and best possible results.

Talk soon, let’s make it a great week! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Lead CORE Kettlebell Instructor

PS – I have a online / distance KB Strong Challenge – opening registration tomorrow – where you can get feedback and coaching and tips from ME over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for details!