Clean-Squat-Press-Snatch KB Complex [new vid]

I think there is a belief that many “experts” hold in the strength and conditioning world, that is incorrect.

The belief is that without barbell training, you can’t get strong.

Now don’t get me wrong – if you want to get as strong as humanly possible, you probably do need to include some barbell work at some point along the way.

BUT … if you want to be strong, but ALSO be able to move well, take a short run or play a game of pick up basketball without feeling like you’re going to keel over, get out of bed in the morning without feeling like you got hit by a truck … then I think that your BETTER choice would be the Kettlebell Challenge Workout approach.

This is where you DO lift “heavy” … using body weight and kettlebell exercises … but you also take a more balanced approach, where not only strength but endurance, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, etc are all addressed and developed at the same time.

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One thing I use quite frequently in this approach is the KB Complex …. so I thought I’d provide you with a quick example of one. This complex can serve as an entire workout by itself – here’s what it looks like:


Clean-Squat-Press-Snatch KB Complex

Be sure to do your tissue quality / mobility + flexibility warm – up … and maybe practice your KB form before you go into the workout full blast … then simply do:

– 1 clean
– 2 squat to overhead presses
– 3 snatches

5-10 times on each arm (depending on your goals and current fitness level)

Take as much rest as needed to use good form.

See the video on how to do this KB complex here:

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As another “real-life” example … we have an advanced kettlebell lifting / strength group that I work with personally at my gym three times per week.

Over the last 18 mos, folks in this group have gotten very strong by most standards … using almost exclusively kettlebells and body weight.

We focus on getting great at the basics – pull ups, push ups and advanced variations, double and single leg squats a variations, handstand progressions, jumping, sprinting, KB swings and snatches, presses, TGUs, complexes of different varieties ….

Here is “S” – one of our long-time FVT Strength Group members – pressing two 20k/45# KBs overhead

Bottom line is, folks in the group have consistently made progress and gotten stronger … and best of all, have stayed healthy, feeling good, and injury – free.

In conclusion, you do NOT have to use barbells to get strong. Most of us want to be strong, but also be able to run without feeling like we’re going to keel over, also not feel like we’ve got hit by a truck when we get out of bed in the morning. And that’s the other big benefit of training with body weight and KB’s – you can do ALL of this and more.

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Keep training hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II
Author, Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts

Burpee/Squat/Swing Kettlebell Ladder Workout

Here’s a quick ‘n’ brutal burpee/squat/swing kettlebell ladder workout for you to try … it’ll take you less than 20 minutes, hit all of your major muscle groups, and the only equipment you’ll need to do it is a single kettlebell.

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Burpee/Squat/Swing Kettlebell Ladder Workout

Here’s what to do:

1 burpee
2 kettlebell squats
3 kettlebell swings
Then, go back to the top and ‘climb the ladder’!

Meaning you’ll do:

2 burpees
4 kettlebell squats
6 kettlebell swings

3 burpees
6 kettlebell squats
9 kettlebell swings

And continue in this fashion until you get to 10 burpees, 20 kettlebell squats, and 30 kettlebell swings. Complete the workout as fast as possible.

Here’s a video that shows you how to do the workout:

Try that workout today, and let me know how you do. And have a great week!!

Forest Vance, RKC II


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FVT Kettlebell Basics Workshop – the Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is the best exercise for fat loss.

It’s a total body move that burns TONS of calories, engages the entire posterior chain (muscles in the back of the body), and will get you into amazing cardio condition, all at the same time.

But most people get it wrong.

At BEST they don’t get all they could out of the move, and at worst they seriously injure themselves.

Thing is, the technique IS tricky … but if you know the proper progressions, you can make the move safe, and INCREDIBLY productive for fat burning, as it should be.

Got a new video that takes you though a simple progression learn the swing (or refine your technique if you’re already doing the exercise).

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Check it out:

As outlined in the video, the swing progression is:

– The KB deadlift – practicing the hip hinge and getting the movement pattern down

– The 1/2 swing, one rep at a time – be sure to “park” the ‘bell between reps, BUT don’t get overextended when you put the KB on the floor

– The full / standard swing – ONLY progress to this AFTER you’ve mastered the previous two drills

This is just a quick example, but the key to safe and effective KB training lies in progressions like this one. That’s why if you’re looking to lose fat with kettlebells and stay injury – free, you should seriously consider investing in my full FVT KB Basics Workshop videos (along with 33 new KB Challenge Workouts)!

Train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, RKC II

33 KB Challenge Workouts

You love new, challenging, different workouts to mix things up and change your routine.

Maybe you’ve hit a training plateau and need something to snap you out of it and take your workouts to the next level.

Or, maybe you’re just simply looking for a reason to get excited about your training again!

But your current workouts aren’t cutting it. You’re bored with doing the same thing. You’re not getting great results. And you need some kind of progressive routine that fits together, makes SENSE, and will drive you towards your goals of fat loss and lean muscle gain.

Well … I just put the finishing touches on my new and improved Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts program … and it’s the perfect solution for you!

In this program, you’ll find TONS (33 to be exact) of new, fun, and exciting kettlebell challenge workouts to add to your current routine.

These 33 new workouts are organized into a progressive, 8 week training plan designed to help you lose fat, gain lean muscle, and get into great overall condition … without ever repeating the same workout twice.

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The Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts program includes workouts like this one (and 32 more):

Workout 12 – Kettlebell and Body Weight Beat Down

Start today with two exercises paired together – the plank and the lunge jump. You’ll do four sets total of each, for as many reps as you can in 25 seconds. Rest for about 15 seconds between exercises.

Second pairing is the standard push up and the KB swing – 12 reps of each, as little rest as possible, as many rounds as you can in five minutes.

Now for a killer finisher. You’ll do seven reps of each exercise without putting the ‘bell down – single arm KB press, KB rack squat, and KB bent row. Then you’ll set the KB down, do seven burpees, and repeat the entire sequence a total of four times (two times on each side).

You may or may not know my personal story (you can see the whole thing HERE), but I lost 64 pounds in 7 months shortly after my pro football career ended – and I’ve managed to keep it off, using a program like this one.

These workouts are designed specifically for YOU if you’re looking to lose fat, gain lean muscle, and stay in great shape – using nothing but a kettlebell and your own body weight, training for about 20 minutes 3-4 times per week.

ALSO … almost forgot 😉 … one of the biggest issues folks have with KB training is safety. They want to make sure they’re doing the exercises correctly, not only to get the most out of them in terms of results, but to stay safe and avoid injury.

So what I’ve done is included TWO great resources to teach you how to use kettlebells safely and effectively.

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1 – The FVT Kettlebell Workshop Videos

We had a professional film crew come in and film the last Kettlebell Basics workshop we did at my studio. It’s literally the closest thing to attending one in-person, without actually being there 😉 These are typically $97-$197 to attend – and we only do them in Sacramento, twice a year.

In these workshop videos, you will get detailed instruction, coaching, cues, technique corrections, drills, and more on ALL the basic kettlebell exercises, including:

— The Deadlift and variations
— The Swing
— The Turkish get up and variations
— The Clean
— The Press and variations
— The squat
— The Snatch and variations

And much more.


2 – The Ultimate Kettlebell Guide

The Ultimate Kettlebell Guide is your fully illustrated guide to 41 different kettlebell exercises.

PLUS, you’ll get muscle group illustrations for each movement. There are a TON of kettlebell moves explained in this resource. It’s the perfect compliment to the

Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts package – it’s like your own personal kettlebell training encyclopedia!


MAN I am excited about this. It’s a complete – no, ULTIMATE 😉 – kettlebell training program for fat loss, lean muscle gain, and overall fitness.

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Have a great day, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

Lake Tahoe Kettlebell Workout

Just got back from a great weekend trip to Lake Tahoe with my wife and nine week old daughter.

It was our first time doing something like this with her … we survived and actually all had a great time! A victory for all!! 😉

We were staying at a resort, and on Sunday morning I wanted to get a quick workout in while everyone was sleeping, so I snuck down to the workout room for a lift.

Now don’t get me wrong – the workout area was SUPER nice, as nice as a lot of small commercial gyms.

They even had a few sets of kettlebells to train with, I was amazed!! 😉

BUT … it also made me SO thankful for the training studio we own, where I do the majority of my own workouts now.

See, I worked in a commercial gym enviornment for years, and tollerated it, but I realize now that it was SO not me.

It was a fine place to start, but NOT inspiring … in fact more like energy SUCKING.

The general vibe and workout intensity was pathetic.

The music was always at a very low level, and was usually soft rock or jazz – good stuff, but doesn’t exactly fire you up to train hard 😉

If you lifted heavy weights or grunted or yelled during a set, people would give you dirty looks.

I’m sure it is a fine and great enviornment for some folks, just not me.

Our current studio is bare bones, but it has everything you need.

A couple of power racks, barbells and weight plates, KBs, DBs, battle ropes, sand bags, a few pull up rigs, suspension trainers, and lots of room for body weight exercise.

(We are actually getting ready to move into a bigger and better studio that’s over twice the size in the very near future, which I’ll have more details about for you very soon … and though we’ll have more workout space, more equipment, more bathrooms and changing rooms etc … it’s still going to have the same vibe, just bigger and better!)

Everyone that trains here is ready to WORK every day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s like one big community and a fantastic supportive environment … but you don’t come here to chat through and during your workout. You come here to train hard and get RESULTS.

And, we can play whatever music we want, pretty much as loud as we want, which honestly priceless.

Moral of the story for YOU?

Find what inspires YOU when it comes to training, and do that.

Find a place, a workout style, and people to train with that get you fired up everyday to get better.

Maybe it’s a commericial gym like the one I talked about earlier. If so, cool! Good for you. Maybe you like Zumba. Or yoga. Or any number of other options.

And that is GOOD.  The key is you have to jive with and vibe with the program you choose to really stick with it for a period of time.

Maybe it’s more the style of our little gym that you like. (If you’re in the Sacramento area, we’d love to have you by for a sample workout – just shoot me a message and we’ll set it up.)

Either way, figure out what inspires YOU to get better and work hard day in and day out … because that’s what you need to stick with any kind of training program for the long term.

– Forest

PS – Here’s the workout I did yesterday in case you are wondering:

(warm up – 2 rounds, 30 secs ea)

bw squat
plank hold
leg swing

(pair 1 – 3 rounds)

8 rev lunge to double KB overhead press
3 pull up

(pair 2 – 3 rounds)

8 double KB deadlift
12 close grip push up

(pair 3 – 3 rounds)

5 hanging knee to elbow
5 sit outs

(quick finish – no rest!)

ez bar curls drop set 3×10

Kettlebell Combos for Fat Loss

For the last few days, we’ve been talking about the concept of alpha and beta receptors, and how they effect fat loss.

In short, alpha-2 receptors can be seen as the bad receptors that hinder fat burning, and the beta-2 receptors are the good receptors that help accelerate fat burning.

The more alpha-2 receptors there are compared to the beta-2 receptors the harder it is to burn fat and vice versa, the greater the number of beta-2 receptors versus alpha-2 receptors the easier it is to burn fat.

So HOW do we inhibit the alpha-2 receptors, and activate the beta-2 receptors?

We start with low insulin. One way to achieve low insulin is by intermittent fasting.

Also, catecholamines are what binds to the receptors on your fat cells. To stimulate your catecholamines you need to perform high intensity exercise. Intermittent fasting will help produce catecholamines as well.

There are of course MANY forms of high intensity exercise. Sue Heintze has a complete plan for you inside her Beta Switch program. Another great form of high – intensity exercise – one of my personal favorites, in fact – is kettlebell complex/combo training.

One of the really cool things about kettlebells is that once you learn the basic moves (swing, TGU, squat, clean, press, and snatch), you can combine these moves together into almost infinite combinations.

Of course there is an ideal way to put these moves together for maximum fat burning and lean muscle building effect (I outline this in my Kettlebell Combos for Fat Loss program – more details on how to get that FREE this week below)

Here’s a quick sample workout to show you what I’m talking about:

Fat Burning KB Complex (combo) Workout

(start on the right side; complete reps as prescribed; then repeat on the left side)

1 KB clean
straight to

5 KB squat to presses
straight to

10 one arm KB swings
Once you finish this sequence on BOTH sides – making sure to rest as little as possible – move directly to –

Pull ups OR body rows – max reps minus one

Repeat this combo five times with about sixty seconds of rest between rounds

THEN finish your workout with ten rounds of 30 seconds on/30 seconds off high intensity cardio (running, biking, etc)

In summary, alpha-2 receptors can be seen as the bad receptors that hinder fat burning, and the beta-2 receptors are the good receptors that help accelerate fat burning. The more alpha-2 receptors there are compared to the beta-2 receptors the harder it is to burn fat and vice versa, the greater the number of beta-2 receptors versus alpha-2 receptors the easier it is to burn fat. To inhibit the alpha-2 receptors and activate the beta-2 receptors, we can 1) practice intermittent fasting and 2) perform high intensity exercises. And kettlebell complexes are a GREAT form of fat – burning high intensity exercise!!

Try today’s workout, and start losing fat in those most troublesome areas of your body!!

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance

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