Interval Rucking Workout (best cardio for over 40?)

Rucking might be one of the best forms of cardio for those aged 40 and up!

  • It’s lower impact and easier on the body than running, yet it burns almost as many calories
  • It trains your heart, so it’s good for your health
  • It can be done almost anywhere
  • It helps you burn fat and hold on to muscle at the same time

Rucking is simple: start with a weight on your back (10-30 pounds is ideal), and walk.

You can increase the intensity of your workout by walking faster or adding hills or stairs.

Rucking not only builds strength and endurance, but it also has a host of other benefits, including improved circulation, strengthened core muscles, and better posture.

Here’s a more specific Interval Rucking Workout you can try:


Interval Rucking Workout

  • Plan out “high” and “lower intervals for your workout
  • During the “high” intervals, run as fast as you can without running (good target = 15 mins per mile pace)
  • During the “low” intervals, you’ll march at a quick but comfortable speed (about 20 mins per mile pace)

Start with a 1/2 and 1/2 split – 2-3 minutes “high” alternated with 2-3 minutes “low”, alternated for the full 30-60 minutes of your ruck.


Another great thing about rucking is because you’re using your own bodyweight as resistance, there’s no need for expensive equipment.

If you have a sturdy backpack you think will work, you’re all set! If you are looking to purchase one, check out the EVATEC Tactical Backpack linked below first – it’s solid quality (I use it personally!), and for a limited time it’s FREE (you just pay shipping):

-> EVATEC Tactical Backpack – FREE (you pay shipping)

To your rucking success! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Kettlebell Expert
Over 40 Training Specialist

28-day Kettlebell Training Camp Challenge

In a “former life”, I was a three-time All-American football player at the University of California at Davis, and even spent a couple of years in the NFL.

For the last 15 years, I have worked full-time in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, studio owner, and much more – but I still love to use some of the workout methods I originally learned in the pros to get my current personal training clients amazing results.

I’ve also gained extensive training and experience teaching kettlebells in my personal training career, having gone through multiple RKC and StrongFirst certifications, teaching / assisting other trainers at these events, and even teaching workshops independently around the country.

It turns out kettlebells are particularly beneficial because it simultaneously works the muscles and the cardiovascular system, making it a great choice if you’re looking to lose weight or improve your overall fitness level. 

In just 30 minutes, you can achieve results that would take hours at the gym!

Since this weekend marks the 17 year anniversary of my first NFL mini camp in Green Bay, I’ve decided to celebrate by putting on a 28-day Kettlebell Training Camp Challenge.

We’re going to COMBINE the fat-blasting, lean-muscle building power of kettlebells with a few of my “training camp” techniques (adapted for men and women over 40) to get you results like you’ve never seen!!

Details and reserve your spot now at the link below:

-> 28-day Kettlebell Training Camp Challenge

Look forward to working with you! –

-Forest Vance – –

12-Minute Bodyweight Ninja Cardioflow

Check out this bodyweight ninja cardioflow workout in the style of the new Forbidden Fitness – Secrets of a Modern Day Ninja Warrior program!

It blends together high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with calisthenics for a challenging and fun workout that can be done anywhere, with no equipment needed.

The best part is that you can tailor the workout to your own fitness level, making it perfect for beginners or experienced athletes alike.

Give this Cardioflow a try today – your body will thank you:

28 Day “Ninja Cardioflow” bodyweight workout plan


Bodyweight Ninja Cardioflow Workout

12 Minute “Ninja Cardio” Flow Workout

Bucket Drops (30 seconds)
Spinal Rocks (30 seconds)
Mountain Climbers (30 seconds)
Spinal Rocks (30 seconds)
Front Lunge (30 seconds)
Spinal Rocks (30 seconds)

Rest approx 60 seconds; repeat for 3 rounds total.

Check out the full program here for the video that shows you how to do the workout!


This article provides a full bodyweight workout that you can do anywhere, called Ninja Cardioflow. The workout is designed to give you a great cardio workout and to help improve your balance and coordination. To get the full Ninja Cardioflow workout program, visit the link below:


You’ll get:

– the 28 Day Ninja Cardioflow program (check out a sample workout here) – when these neurologically challenging movements are performed circuit-style — as in Ninja Cardio — they’ll give you a hell of a workout and burn a boatload of calories in a very short time
– Fighting Flexibility – video training on how to get your body moving like a Ninja
– Stick Mobility – if you want more flexible wrists, if too much computer time has you seizing up, get yourself a broomstick and try these drills
– Beyond Push Ups – follow the progression as outlined in the video to explore a wide variety of pushup variations
– Beyond Sit Ups – follow the progression as outlined in the video to explore a wide variety of situp variations
– Ankle Strength – 26 minute video tutorial, sets out to restore the full, healthy range of motion of the ankles

I have reviewed the program, it gets my stamp of approval.

Learn more and order now at the link below:

-> 28 Day “Ninja Cardioflow” bodyweight workout plan

To your success! –

– Forest Vance

“Warrior Zero” Bodyweight Challenge Workout

We are in the process of planning a road trip for this summer, and I’ve been thinking about the best way to stay on track with my training.

Bodyweight – based workouts are obviously a perfect fit for this kind of situation, but really they are great ALL the time to help you:

  • Eliminate weakness
  • Build “combat-ready” conditioning
  • Fight fatigue
  • Bounce back from injury

…and so much more!

Try this “Warrior Zero” Bodyweight Challenge Workout from the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge as a start:


2,3,5,8,13,21,13,8 …

You will set your timer for the duration of the Protocol; in this case 15 minutes.

Start with exercise #1 and perform 2 repetitions.

Next, exercise #2 for 2 reps, then exercises #3 for 2 reps.

You will stick with the 2 reps of each exercise until you complete 2 reps of all 8 exercises.

From there, you move on to 3 reps of all 8 exercises.

You will working through the repetitions until time expires (moving up and down the ladder). Perfect Form not Speed is the goal here.


  1. Hip Bridge
  2. Shinbox Switch
  3. Front Squat
  4. Tactical Push Up
  5. Spinal Rock
  6. Sit Thru
  7. Front Lunge
  8. Pull Press

*All exercises demoed, broken down, explained in the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge course, HERE


The “Warrior Zero” Challenge is a bodyweight training program specifically designed for people over 40.

You’ll bounce back from fatigue, injury, and burnout – without killing yourself in the gym!

It’s perfect for your next road trip, or any other time. Learn more and order now at the link below:

-> Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

To your success –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

Evatec Hybrid Duffel Offer – Is It a Scam? (my review)

You may have seen the Evatec Hybrid Duffel Offer and thought, is it a scam?

I don’t blame you, there is a lot of fishy stuff on the internet these days!

Well, from my personal experience, I would say NO, it is not a scam. The offer is legit, and gets my stamp of approval.

I ordered one of these Hybrid Duffel bags myself a year or so ago.

I like it a lot and actually use it every day!

I take it to work with me and it fits all of my gym clothes, an extra pair of shoes (separate compartment for those which is pretty cool), my lunch sack, a large water bottle, pre-workout supplements, and more.

It also converts into a backpack (the whole “hybrid” idea) which is a cool concept, and works great if you’re taking it on a weekend trip or something.


I have also have referred around 200 customers to the offer over the last few months, and so far so good, they are loving the bags too!

Check out the offer and order now at the the link below (be sure to use this link only if you want to get it for free):

-> Evatec Hybrid Duffel Bag – Free + Shipping Offer

Let me know how you like your Hybrid Duffel bag! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

28-Day Kettlebell “Drop-a-Size” Challenge

The 28-day “Drop-a-Size” Kettlebell Challenge is LIVE!

Sign up now, and you will:

— Drop up to one full clothes size in the next 28 days

— Burn up to 1000 calories in a single workout

— Get the full personalized nutrition plan AND the support you need to stay accountable

— Get my full HIIT Extreme program AND 12 full-length follow-along kettlebell workouts from the database previously only available to personal training clients – both 100% FREE as bonuses for signing up today

Details and register now at the link below:

-> 28-day “Drop-a-Size” Kettlebell Challenge

Let’s do this!!!

-Forest Vance, Kettlebell Expert, Over 40 Training Specialist

⬇️ Stress, ⬆️ Kettlebell Recovery 🧘

Reducing stress and improving recovery from your kettlebell workouts are just two benefits of practicing yoga.

And in case you haven’t heard, we are running a special “Sport Yoga” series this spring at FVT!

Please read the rest of today’s message for details, then reply directly to this message with the words SPORT YOGA if you are interested so that we can answer your questions, make sure it’s a fit, and get you signed up.

Classes will be led by yours truly, Certified Sport Yoga Instructor and RYT-200 in training 🙂

Sport Yoga is easier for beginners to perform, based on Hatha yoga, covers traditional sports stretching, and includes dynamic movement sequences for all types of athletes and sports!

We are going to meet once per week, at 530pm PST, for seven weeks. Here are the dates:

  • April 6th
  • April 13th
  • April 20th
  • April 27th
  • May 4th
  • May 11th
  • May 18th

You’ll have the option of attending in-person OR online… so you can join us if you’re here in Sacramento, CA at our physical studio location… OR you can join us from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

You’ll also get the recordings of the classes if you ever end up not being able to make it… plus you’ll have these for life so that you can continue your yoga practice after the series is over!

I’m even throwing in the recordings from the last Sport Yoga series we did in Fall of 2021, so that you’ll have even more yoga classes to practice on your own at any time that fits your schedule.

The cost for the full 7-session live class series PLUS the recordings from this series AND the last one we did is $99.

Reply directly to this message with the words “SPORT YOGA” if you are interested so that we can answer your questions, make sure it’s a fit, and get you signed up!

Thanks –

-Forest Vance, Owner, FVT Personal Trainer

30-Second Squat – Flexibility Test

THE SQUAT is one of the best indicators of flexibility in your hips, knees, and ankles.

If you want a simple test to see how you’re doing in these areas, try the drill described below:

30-Second Squat – Flexibility Test


1 – Start by standing in front of a wall, so that your chest is about 8-12 inches away.

2 – Do five simple body weight only squats.

3 – On the fifth and final rep, hold in the bottom position for a good 10 seconds.

Watch the video that shows you how to do this here –


Go through the checklist below, and see how you did (answer each question yes or no):

Y/N – My weight wanted to shift to my toes as I lowered myself into the squat
Y/N – My body wanted to tip forward and my face felt like it was going to hit the wall
Y/N – My knees caved in
Y/N – My feet rotated out to be able to get the tops of my thighs below parallel
Y/N – I had to get my feet super wide to get the tops of my thighs below parallel
Y/N – I was not able to get the tops of my thighs below parallel

If you answered YES to at least one of the questions below, you need to work on your squat!

If you don’t, in the short term, you’re decreasing your performance, and making your workouts harder than they need to be… and in the long term, you are likely to get injured.

My 30-day Flexibility Challenge is specifically designed to help with this, as well as reducing pain, improving recovery time, and getting you moving better in your body overall. Details and sign up now at the link below:

-> 30-day Flexibility Challenge for Better Squats

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
Certified Sport Yoga Instructor

Forest Vance 30-day Flexibility Challenge – Day 1

Flexibility should be at the TOP of your fitness priority list as you age!

If you are looking for a simple, quick, and effective program to get started, check out my all new 30-day Flexibility Challenge.

Today’s video is a free sample “workout” from the course. In the full program, you’ll get a video like this to follow every day for 30 days, so that you can:

  • Get a generally more youthful appearance
  • Improve your posture and look slimmer
  • Improve overall muscular performance
  • Decrease pain – Improve balance
  • Decrease injury risk
  • Improve performance in your chosen sport and every day activities

Details and order now by clicking the link below:

-> 30-day Flexibility Challenge with Forest Vance

-Forest Vance, Master of Science in Human Movement, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Sport Yoga Instructor

Forward Fold – Flexibility Test [pic]

How are you doing on your stretching routine? Is it something you know you need to work on?

See, reduced flexibility is linked with:

  • Joint pain
  • Increased injury risk
  • Bad posture
  • Sub-optimal results from strength training
  • Sub-optimal results from cardio training

But sometimes people ask me – “Forest, what’s a simple way to see how well my body is moving?”

A simple test – that’s a fairly accurate, reliable, and valid indicator of flexibility I should add! – is the toe touch test!

Give it a try and see how you do:

  • Ideally, warm up for a couple of minutes with some light cardio, OR do the test at the end of a workout
  • Stand upright without shoes on
  • Breath out and reach down, holding the position for a moment
  • Your score is where the index finger (of either hand) reaches lowest
  • Keep knees straight, toes pointing forward, and hands together


If you can touch the floor, you’re doing pretty good – A

If your hands are 2-3 inches off the floor, you cold could use some work on your flexibility – B

If your hands are 4 inches or more off the floor, your flexibility needs work – C

Obviously, there is a lot more to complete flexibility, but this simple toe touch test is a place to start.

If you want help improving your flexibility, stay tuned, I have a new 30 Day Flexibility Challenge program that will be available later this week.

-Forest Vance, Master of Science in Human Movement, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Sport Yoga Instructor