30 day flexibility mobility challenge

Hey! –

We are putting on a 30 day flexibility/mobility challenge starting the week of September 28.

Originally we were just going to open this up for our clients here locally in the Sacramento, CA area..

But since we’re doing the whole thing 100% online.. and since we’ve gotten quite a bit of interest from people outside of the area already since we announced it yesterday..

We’re going to open it up for anyone who wants to participate!

Here are the details:

Every day for 30 days starting Monday, September 28 we get on a live Zoom call and take you through a 10 to 15 minute flexibility/mobility session.

Some of these will be a little more energetic workout of stretching and getting a light workout at the same time..

Some of these will be slower with more stretching and more of a recovery focus..

And some of them will be with a focus on building your core strength!

You can hop on and do any of the workouts live in real time with us..

And we will also send out a recording of all the workouts too, so you can do them on your own schedule if that works better.

As a free bonus for anyone who signs up you get a copy of my REGENERATE 2.0 program so you can actually start on that right away (that’s six different 10 to 15 minute flexibility sequence that are similar to what we are doing in the full program)

And – while supplies last – I’m also going to include a physical copy of my CORE Kettlebell Challenge book AND a FVT T-shirt, free with your sign up!

(If you’re here local in Sacramento and can pick those up ,there’s obviously no shipping, but if we have to ship anywhere within the continental US, that will just be an extra $10 charge to ship those items.)

Cost for the full challenge is $99.

If you’re interested fill out the form at the link below. We will get back to you ASAP to make sure it’s a fit, and go from there: https://forestvance.wufoo.com/forms/z1bgxyjt14a0ucx/


Forest in the FVT team

28-day “Fight Gone Bad” Kettlebell Challenge

28-day “Fight Gone Bad” Kettlebell Challenge

With this brand new program, you’re going to train, look, and feel like an MMA fighter – with 20-minute kettlebell workouts you can do any time, any place.

If you are looking for new motivation to get after your home workouts hard again…

If want you train, feel, and look like an MMA fighter, without getting punched in the face…

If you’re looking to shed fat, gain lean muscle, and get into amazing overall physical condition…

Get all the details and sign up to join us at the link below:

28-day “Fight Gone Bad” Kettlebell Challenge

And look forward to working together!

– Forest and the FVT Team

21-min KB/DB “Ladder Density Madness” workout

Yesterday I told you about a new way to do HIIT, that’s an especially great option of you’re over 40.

Today I want to hook you up with a sample workout from the program.

The whole concept is:

– Short, quick-hitting, to-the-point workouts
– Easy on the body and joints
– Jack up your heart rate to burn fat fast
– Strength worked in so you build lean muscle too
– Lots of variety so you never get bored
– Minimal equipment – you just need a KB and/or a pair of DBS (and there are even bodyweight-only options/subs if you’re still working on getting equipment)

Check it out:


21-min KB/DB “Ladder Density Madness” workout

Do the following resting only as needed. In circuit one, you’ll do 1 rep of each exercise. In the next circuit, you’ll do 2 reps of each exercise. Continue in this fashion, adding one more rep with every circuit, until 20 minutes are up. Once you reach 20 minutes, rest 1 minute and move into the finisher:

1A) KB/DB Reverse Lunge (1/side, 2/side, etc., etc.)
1B) KB/DB Press (1, 2, etc., etc.)
1C) KB/DB Row (1/side, 2/side, etc., etc.)


Do the following, resting when needed:

2) Jumping Jacks (100)


No fluff, no frills, just straight to the point, and straight to the results 🙂

Take the next step to getting the best HIIT program for men and women over 40 at the link below:

=> HIIT for men and women over 40

…and here’s to your continued success!

– Forest Vance

the Garage Gym Summit

In these crazy times, working out at home seems to be more popular than ever.

And so I thought it perfect timing to get together a group of the top experts in the area of garage training for a special event:

the Garage Gym Summit

This special event is going down next week, August 17th-23rd.

When you sign up, you’ll get access to interviews with each expert, sample workouts, training tips, and more.

And it’s 100% FREE.

The only catch?

Registration is open THIS WEEKEND ONLY.

So click the link below to reserve your spot now:

the Garage Gym Summit 2020

And we’ll see you on the “inside”!

-Forest Vance, your host, the Garage Gym Summit

High rep/low weight NOT better for fat loss. Here’s what to do instead:

The idea:

High reps and low weight will help you be more “toned” and lose fat. Low reps will help you gain strength and build muscle.

Forest says:


Sorry Charlie.

There’s not a single research study but I am aware of that proves “high reps” (for the purpose of this article, we’ll call that sets of 15 and above) are better for fat loss.

High reps WILL help you with:

  • Muscle endurance – so if your goal is for example to be able to do more push-ups – like going from being able to do do 20 in a row, to 30 in a row – then higher reps are good!
  • Giving you a “burn” – higher rep sets cause a buildup of lactic acid in the muscles, giving you that feeling of your muscles burning, which some to some people feels like has the effect of burning fat (though it doesn’t)

Now your goals MAY include muscle endurance, so I am NOT saying that high reps / low weight is bad.

BUT, for the purposes of this article… if you HAVE been doing high reps / low weight in efforts to burn fat, this is what I recommend you do instead:

1 – Get your diet in check. A short term challenge is for a lot of people a great way to reset some habits and get on the right track. Get started with this 7-day detox plan – it’s NOT all hype and it’s 100% Forest-approved.

2 – Continue to work on building strength. Especially if you are in a calorie deficit (which we’ll get to in a second), we want to do our best to offset any kind of muscle loss, and continuing to lift heavier and keep your strength up will help a lot with that.

3 – Make sure you’re doing enough cardio (but not too much). This is a balance, because if we do too much would you start to dip in and start taking away from some of our strength and muscle gains. But if your goal is fat loss, research says you should probably be doing somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 to 4 times per week for 20-30 minutes.


The sum up, high reps are not better for fat loss. Instead, you want to 1) keep training for strength, 2) focus on your diet, and 3) do just enough cardio.

To your success!!

– Forest and the FVT Team

PS – Supercharge your fat loss results with this 7-day detox plan – it’s NOT all hype, and it’s 100% Forest-approved: http://bit.ly/tt7daydetox

concurrent training

Even thought I KNOW the science says the physiological changes caused by resistance training (like increases in strength, but decreases in mitochondrial density) are in some ways in direct opposition to those caused by aerobic training (like increases in oxidative capacity, but decrease in max power output) …

…I still really LIKE to BOTH “train like an athlete”, feel like I’m in good aerobic shape…

…AND lift some heavy weights too.

I want to be lean AND strong AND jacked, all at the same time!!

Maybe you feel the same way?

So what do we do?!?

Well, actually an analysis of 21 studies on concurrent training conducted in 2012 by Wilson et al. revealed some very interesting data on this subject.

I’ll link it up below, but in a nutshell, it said that concurrent training (doing both strength and cardio/conditioning work in the same training cycle) only creates significant adaptation interference under certain conditions.

And that if you set it up right, you CAN both get strong AND improve cardio condition, all at the same time.

Couple of key points:

  • Running (over lower-impact activities like cycling or rowing) seems to have the most impact on reducing strength and hypertrophy in the lower body when done concurrently with strength training. (Not that it can’t be done at all, but mixing in other aerobic modes of work can be a good idea.)
  • Upper body gains were NOT impacted by concurrent training
  • VOLUME has a lot to do with interference – so if you’re looking to gain muscle and strength, you’ll likely want to limit your cardio to around three or four days per week for around 30 minutes or so, most of the time

I’ve kept all of this in mind with FIRE BREATHER:

=> FIRE BREATHER – 5-week plan to double your cardio and burn twice the calories

Heck, I’ve even included a serious strength program – that can be done with a couple of kettlebells and your own bodyweight, none the less – FREE when you pick up a copy by Sunday night.

But the special launch pricing and the free bonuses go away very soon. So get all the details and order now at the link below:

=> FIRE BREATHER – on sale, this week only

To your continued success!

-Forest Vance

RESEARCH LINK – https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22002517/

Day 1 – Hills (HIIT day)

For the majority of people, hill sprints are actually a better choice than standard sprints on the track.

See, many new sprinters get overzealous and try to push to hard when first trying it out.

On a track, that can lead to trouble (hello pulled hamstring).

But with a hill, physics won’t allow it. You can’t reach full speed on an incline.

Don’t get me wrong – these are HARD.

But if you can get through the pain and stay consistent, you reward will be a great body AND a stronger mind.

Here’s how we do it, FIRE BREATHER style:


Day 1 – Hills (HIIT day)
from FIRE BREATHER – 5-week training plan to double your cardio and burn twice the calories

You have a few different options here.

Option 1 is to go outside and find a hill. This is my personal favorite option. I have a hill that’s about ¼ mile from my house that I can walk to as a warm up … and it takes me around 60 seconds to run up, which is exactly what we’re going for here.

If you’re not a runner, you can also power walk up the hill, or run for maybe ¼ of the way or ½ the way or ¾ of the way, and then walk – whatever you can handle is great.

Option 2 is to do this on a treadmill. In this case, you’d set the treadmill to 5-10% grade for the run up, and then either hop off the tread and let it go – if you feel you can do that safely – or just turn the speed and/or incline down for your recovery times.

Complete the workout below:

  • Power walk / run / sprint up the hill – 60 seconds
  • Recover / walk back down – 120 seconds
  • Repeat for a total of 10 rounds


Imagine taking your cardio conditioning to the next level, and burning a TON of extra calories in the process.

Imagine a complete 5-week program to help you do this, that you can BOLT ON to your existing strength routine.

That’s EXACTLY what the “Fire-Breather” program is all about.

Get it now at the link below:

=> FIRE BREATHER – 5-week training plan to double your cardio and burn twice the calories

To your continued success!

-Forest Vance

KB/BW “Hybrid Strength” – Free 6-Week Training Plan

Most people I find just want to be ready to rock and in good shape, all the time.

They want to be able to lift some decent weight, or play a pick up game of basketball, or go for a run and feel good… and not kill themselves in the process.

I’m guessing this might be along the lines of goals you have for yourself as well?

A big challenge folks seem to have though with this, is with the STRENGTH part. Particularly if they are working out at home, with minimal equipment etc.

They would like to do some traditional barbell-based training for example, but it’s just not feasible. They don’t have the time to drive to the gym and use the set up there, or the space or extra funds to set something up at home.

(Or maybe your gym is even closed due to current restrictions around the pandemic.)

So I’ve come up with this 6-week program designed to help you get STRONG – using nothing but a single KB and your own body weight!

It’s called KB/BW Hybrid Strength.

And you can get it right now 100% FREE, when you pick up up a copy of Fire Breather at the link below:

=> KB/BW “Hybrid Strength” – Free 6-Week Training Plan

You’ll end up with a killer cardio-focused plan you can use to improve your conditioning and burn twice the calories…

…PLUS you’ll have a new 6-week KB/BW training plan that pairs with it perfectly to get STRONG, any time, any place, with just a couple of KBs and your own bodyweight.

Get your free copy now at the link below:

=> KB/BW “Hybrid Strength” – Free 6-Week Training Plan

And here’s to getting in top shape during the lockdown!

-Forest Vance

new 5-week HIIT/conditioning program

Start “breathing fire” with this new 5-week training plan: https://bit.ly/firebreatherz

Designed to be added to your existing strength training routine.

Participants in the “beta group” improved their cardio AND slashed bodyfat, all at the same time.

Special sale price, save 55% this week only. Details and grab your copy now here: https://bit.ly/firebreatherz

…and in five short weeks, you’ll be BREATHING FIRE!


“Fire-Breather” Next-Level Conditioning Workout

Well, here in California, we just got news that we have to shut down our gym, AGAIN.

Good news is, the weather here is pretty good, so we can move a lot of our training outside, and keep things going.

If gyms are closed where you are too… or, if you just like the idea of training outside… thought it would be good timing to share this:

*Sample from my new “Fire-Breather” conditioning program coming out this week, stay tuned:


“Fire-Breather” Next-Level Conditioning Workout

Set your timer for 60 minutes.

You can walk. You can jog. You can run. Do the intensity that is right for YOU.

Important thing here is that we are trying to keep your heart rate between 130-150 beats per minute. Use a heart rate monitor or manually count using the method below (see full course for explaination, stay tuned).

Another thing that you can try, that I have personally had GREAT success with, is the “run-walk-run” method. (Full course will have link to PDF on how to do this properly.)

THEN – every 5 minutes, you are doing to stop and do:

  • :30 high plank hold (on minute 5, 20, 35, 50)
  • 10 burpees (on minute 10, 25, 40, 55)
  • 15 bodyweight squats (on minute 15, 30, 45)


Imagine taking your cardio conditioning to the next level, and burning a TON of extra calories in the process.

Imagine a complete 5-week program to help you do this, that you can BOLT ON to your existing strength routine.

That’s EXACTLY what the “Fire-Breather” program is all about.

Stay tuned, it’s coming out later this week!

To your continued success

-Forest Vance