No-Equipment Bodyweight Workout

I have a stretch of some travel over these next couple / few months, for both work and fun.

One thing that can be a little tricky while on vacation is figuring out how to stay active and workout.

Bringing kettlebells on an airplane doesn’t sound like the best idea, especially with my wife who always packs way too much stuff and our two little ones in tow!

And sometimes the gyms at hotels or resorts aren’t as great as we hope they’ll be.

So, for the coming weeks and months, I’ll be sure to have some great bodyweight workouts ready. It’s a good change for my body every now and then and it feels really nice on my joints.

There’s this program called the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge that I really like. I’m planning on doing some of their workouts while I’m on the road, like the one below:


No-Equipment Bodyweight Workout from – Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

PROTOCOL: 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 13, 8…

Set your timer for 15 minutes. Begin with 2 reps of exercise #1, then 2 reps of exercise #2, and so on. Gradually increase the reps, moving up and down the ladder. Focus on perfect form, not speed.


  • Hip Bridge
  • Shinbox Switch
  • Front Squat
  • Tactical Push Up
  • Spinal Rock
  • Sit Thru
  • Front Lunge
  • Pull Press

*Detailed demos and explanations for each exercise can be found in the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge course here.

What’s great about this workout is that you don’t need ANY equipment! No lugging around kettlebells or bands or any other gear… and not to mention, it’s totally different and one-of-a-kind.

If you’re interested in checking out the complete Warrior Zero course, you can do so by clicking on THIS LINK.

Have a great day, and talk soon! –

–Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Kettlebell Expert
Over 40 Specialist

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