Kettlebell / Bodyweight Beat Down, Workout A

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The Kettlebell / Bodyweight Beat Down routine is TOUGH …

But these are the type of workouts that can get you SHOCKING fat loss results with about 20 minutes of training time, 3-4x per week.

Let’s do this:


Kettlebell / Bodyweight Beat Down, Workout A

1 – Alternate exercises back and forth and do three sets total of each; rest for about 30 seconds between moves:

– double KB swings – 12 (just use a single KB if you only have one)
– bear crawls forward down, backwards back – 10 yds ea way (use a cone / etc to mark off distance)

2 – Next pair is in a LADDER format … so you’ll do 1 chin up, followed by 4 alternating reverse lunges, 2 chin ups, 6 reverse lunges, etc … once you get to the “top” of the ladder (3 chins and 8 lunges), rest a bit, then go back to the bottom and repeat one more time for a total of two rounds:

– chin ups – 1,2,3
– alternating reverse lunges – 4,6,8 (each leg)

3 – sprints – three rounds:

— run approx 200 yards
— start a new set every 90 seconds
— your rest is the time it takes between when you finish and the next set starts (ex – you run 200 yds in 45 secs; you get 45 secs rest … run it in 60, you get 30 seconds rest; etc)


Hope this helps as you plan your training for 2017 –

– Forest

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BB/KB/BW Football Boot Camp Workout

Today’s workout is a boot-camp style workout for “regular folks”, inspired by my (American) football background.

This is a (shortened) version of what our workouts looked like back in the day.

We’d start with a dynamic warm up … move to some strength work … head outside for conditioning … and finish with some core work / stretching.

Hope this helps as you plan your training for 2017.

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Football Boot Camp Workout

1 – Dynamic Warm – Up:

Lunge With Reach – 10 each leg
Inch Worm – 10 each leg
Sumo Squat to Stand – 10 each leg

Repeat this circuit two times non-stop.

2 – Strength Circuit:

Deadlift – 5 Repetitions
Double KB Push Press – 8 Repetitions

Alternate these exercises for ten minutes, resting as needed. Use around 60-70% of your 1RM on the deadlift, and around 50-60% on the push press.

3 – Conditioning Circuit:

Run ~ 200 yards
20 Jumping Jacks
Run ~ 200 yards
20 Mountain Climbers
Run ~ 200 yards
20 Body Weight Squats
Run ~ 200 yards
10 Squat Jumps

Repeat sequence for ten minutes for as many rounds as possible. This workout is best done on a track where you can simply run half a lap for your 200 yards, or on a football field, where you can run the length of the field and back.

4 – Ab Circuit:

Planks :30 hold
Dead Bug – 10 (per side)

Repeat this sequence three times, resting as needed.

5 – Flexibility:

Pick three tight muscle groups for a static stretch, hold each for 30 seconds.


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Signing off for now –

– Forest Vance