Can You Build Real Strength and Muscle with KBs?

Can You Build Real Strength and Muscle with KBs?

It’s a question I get asked a lot by my readers.

And my answer is a resounding yes!

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In a nutshell, there are some basic principles that have been backed by research that you need to follow if you want to see results in muscle growth and strength, such as:

  • Make sure you’re doing high-quality reps
  • Pay attention to the tempo of your movements
  • Create the right amount of mechanical tension during your lifts
  • Do the appropriate number of sets per week for each muscle group -(not too few, not too many)
  • Use an effective training split
  • Take proper rest periods

These factors are probably more important than the specific equipment you use – whether it’s barbells, dumbbells, machines, or even just your bodyweight.

Personally though, I have a soft spot for kettlebells, because they offer some unique advantages.

Kettlebells are portable, so you can achieve amazing results from home without needing access to a full gym.

Plus, workouts with kettlebells are incredibly time-efficient. You can get a complete workout done in 30 minutes or less!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to effectively build strength and muscle using kettlebells, check out the 28-day Kettlebell Powerbuilding Challenge:

–>> 28-day KB Powerbuilding Challenge – Starts Monday, Dec 18th

It’s a one-of-a-kind program that I highly recommend!

Come join me on this exciting journey.

–Forest Vance,,

The lie detector determined “Abs are Made in the Kitchen” is a lie: 🤥💡🚫

Have you ever heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen”?

I disagree!

Here’s the thing:

If you are 30% body fat, you are NOT going to see your abs, no matter how strong they are.

HOWEVER – it is a LIE that you need to be 7% body fat to see your abs!

Most men can be between 12-14%, and women 18-20%, and can see some decent abs definition. So you DO need to be reasonably lean, and have a solid, clean diet… but you need to ACTUALLY TRAIN your abs!

You need to your abs using real exercises, with progressive resistance, like you do for other body parts.

You might be doing things like:

  • Turkish get ups and variations
  • Leg raises and varations
  • Planking and variations
  • Anti-rotational moves (think renegade rows, one arm swings) and variations

You’d be doing these moves for medium rep ranges (5-12), using reasonably heavy and progressive amounts of resistance.

NOT 10,000 crunches and sit ups.

You wouldn’t do sets of 100 for other body parts; why do people do it for their abs?!?

This is exactly how I structure training plans for my personal clients who want abs, and it’s exactly what what we do in my KETTLEBELL ABOCALYPSE course.

Learn more and order KETTLEBELL ABOCALYPSE at the link below:

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And remember – we determined that the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen” is a lie!

Forest Vance @

KettlebellBasics WODS – Filthy 50s Edition: Sample Workout

Check out this sample workout from KettlebellBasics WODS – Filthy 50s Edition! Then go grab the full program FREE this week when you pick up a copy of Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness here:

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KettlebellBasics WODS – Filthy 50s Edition:

Sample Workout You will perform all the reps of each exercise before moving on to the next exercise. Rest as needed to maintain proper form. Record your time to track your progress. Post your time in the group as well!

1 – 1-Arm KB Rack Squat – 50 (25/ea side) (Women:16k+, Men: 24k+)

2 – 1-Arm KB Push Press – 50 (25/ea side) (Women:12k+, Men: 20k+)

3 – 1-Arm KB Swing – 50 (25/ea side) (Women:16k+, Men: 24k+)

4 – Bodyweight Walking Lunges -50 (25/ea side)

5 – Side Plank with Hip Dip -50 (25/ea side)

“Filthy Fifties” Finisher – Complete each exercise for 50 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest, 50 seconds rest between rounds. Complete 2 rounds.

1 – Floppy Burpees

2 – Box Jumps OR Total Body Extensions

3 – Bear Crawls

— Try this sample workout from KettlebellBasics WODS – Filthy 50s Edition, then go grab the full program FREE this week when you pick up a copy of Lifetime Kettlebell Fitness here:

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Why HIIT Is Actually Terrible For You (And What To Do Instead)

High Intensity Interval Training, which involves doing fast-paced bursts of all-out cardio mixed with short rest intervals, is all the rage right now!

For SOME people, I think it’s totally fine.

It’s true that it can burn more calories in less time, and that it kicks your metabolism into high gear for the rest of the day.

For other people though – perhaps those already doing hard kettlebell workouts, and/or those who might be over the age of 40, and/or those who might have some injuries or nagging pains – it could actually be a terrible idea!

No matter what, I also think that most ALL people should include some lower-intensity, steady-state type work in their routine too.

When you do steady-state cardio instead, you can move and burn calories while also recovering at the same time. Steady-state cardio is also great for building your aerobic base. Bigger / more toned muscles look good, but your heart is arguably the most important muscle of them all… and training it with moderate and sustained intensity aerobic work is one of the best overall options for most people.

The problem is, it can be tough to get your steady state cardio! Running is tough on the joints. Maybe you don’t have a stationary bike at home. I have a great, low-impact solution:


Rucking is a great way to burn calories while being easier on your body than running. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

If you’re looking for a rucking backpack, I have a great recommendation. This is the one I use. It can easily hold 20 or 30+ pounds, and it’s FREE (you just pay shipping). Check it out at the link below. It’s worked great for me for the last couple of years, and you can’t beat the price:

-> free Evatec rucksack

HIIT cardio is great, but you should also include some lower-intensity steady state cardio. Rucking is a great low-impact solution to add it in, and the free rucksack I linked above is highly recommended.

Here’s to your continued success!

-Forest Vance Master of Science, Human Movement Certified Kettlebell Instructor

PS – Check out yesterday’s blog post HERE for more tips on how to get started with rucking!

Kettlebells for Abs Workout – “Super Solid”

One thing I always like to do is begin my first workout of the week with whatever I am prioritizing.

For example – if I have a training block or period of time where I’m really trying to focus on my abs – right now for example, for this final stretch of summer! – I’ll be sure to include some direct ab work on Mondays.

Below is a new KBs for Abs workout you can try this Monday – tack it on to the end of your current routine, or do it anytime:


Kettlebells for Abs Workout – “Super Solid”

5 rounds of time of:

– 40 jumping jacks OR jump rope skips
– 10 KB rack squat (right side) (24k men / 16k women)
– 10 hanging leg raises OR lying leg raises
– 10 KB rack squat (left side) (24k men / 16k women)


Kettlebells for Abs workouts are so beneficial because they not only work your core, but your whole body. Additionally, you get a little conditioning work too!

The 28-day Kettlebells for Abs program provides you with new workouts to do every day. For more information, click the link below:

-> Kettlebells for Abs – 2022

– Forest Vance

Video – 3 Tips To Improve Your Kettlebell Tactical Lunge

The kettlebell tactical lunge is a great way to build strength and power in the lower body while also improving your balance and coordination. In this video, I share three tips that can help you take your kettlebell tactical lunge to the next level!


I’ve lots more unique kettlebell exercises for you like the tactical lunge in my 12-week total body conditioning program, OCR Domination. You can get your copy free this week when you purchase Bodyweight Beast Building. Click this link for more info and to order now –

Kettlebell Strength Test – 300 rep workout

Kettlebell Strength Test (300 rep workout) –

For those looking to test their strength, kettlebell form, mental capacity, and lungs… I dare them to take this test –

You’ll do a strength (and overall fitness) test at the beginning of the 28 day program – a special 300 rep kettlebell workout.

It gives you a great, measurable starting point. It also helps you set goals for the end.

Then, for the main program program, you do workouts that will help you do better at that original “benchmark” training session – and at the same time, help you with things like:

– Losing fat

– Gaining lean muscle

– Strengthening your core

– Getting more flexible

– Improving overall performance

We even do a different 300 – rep kettlebell workout every week just for fun, and so that you can see your fitness improving along the way – like this:

300 Kettlebell Challenge 2.0 – Week 1 “Benchmark” Sample Workout

*Find the demo vids with full exercise breakdowns in the full program HERE –

Do the sequence of exercise below as fast as possible. Make note of weights used. Time yourself. We’ll repeat this workout again in week 4, so be sure to record your performance so that you can see how you improve!

– 20 two hand KB swings

– 20 regular push ups

– 10 split squats per side

– 10 1 arm KB rows per side

– 20 jumping jacks

– 10 one hand KB swings per side

– 20 close grip push ups

– 10 alternating reverse lunges per side

– 10 palms facing away 1 arm KB rows per side

– 20 X jacks

– 20 hand to hand KB swings (10 per side)

– 20 wide grip push ups

– 10 alternating front lunges per side

– 10 palms facing towards 1 arm KB rows per side

– 20 seal jacks


I dare you to take this test: –

I look forward to hearing about how you do.

To your continued success –

– Forest Vance – Certified Kettlebell Instructor – Master of Science, Human Movement –

5 Minute Kettlebell Mobility / Flexibility Routine

Grab your kettlebell, and follow along with me as we do this 5 Minute Kettlebell Mobility / Flexibility Routine.

You can do this before your workout to get warmed up, or at any time to stretch out and mobilize your entire body.

I learned it at the first RKC certification I attended in 2009 from Pavel, and I’ve used it as as staple of my kettlebell training since.

You’re going to do three exercises (watch the video to see how to do them):

— “Prying” Squats

— “Pumps”

— Kettlebell Halos

If you liked this video, your next step is easy – get started on the full 7-minute Flexibility program at the link below:

-> 7-minute Flexibility

And here’s to your continued success! –

– Forest Vance – Master of Science, Human Movement – Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist –

KBs for Abs workout – “Fancy Pants”

Check out this KBs for Abs workout from a recent 28-day Challenge.

You’ll work core, balance, strength and more… using the power of the kettlebell!

Our next 28-day Kettlebell Challenge starts Monday, Nov 22nd – details and grab your spot at the link below:


KBs for Abs workout – “Fancy Pants”

Complex: do as many reps as you can of each exercise in :40. Flow from one move to the next without rest. Rest for approx. :60 between rounds. Do 4 rounds total:

– KB suitcase reverse lunge (one side for full work period; switch sides after each round) (8k women / 16k men)

– KB single leg deadlift (one side for full work period; switch sides after each round) (8k women / 16k men)

– Hand-to-hand KB swings (12k women / 20k men)

– Push ups (hands elevated, knees, or toes) with plank jack


Our next 28-day Kettlebell Challenge starts Monday, Nov 22nd – details and grab your spot at the link here:

-Forest Vance – Master of Science in Human Movement – Kettlebell Expert – Over 40 Training Specalist –

3-Minute Kettlebell Mobility Exercise

Mobility work is so important in our training, especially as we get past the age of 40. It’s the key to executing kettlebell exercises with proper form, as well as preventing injury. Problem is, we don’t always have time to do it. Today, I am going to share a kettlebell mobility “combo” exercise with you will only take three minutes – so no excuses! Use this as a warm up for your next kettlebell session, or any time:


3-Minute Kettlebell Mobility Exercise

PART 1 – Do a goblet squat

PART 2 – Do a kettlebell halo

Set your timer for three minutes.

Start with six or eight reps of this goblet squat plus halo combo, alternating back and forth between the exercises without putting the kettlebell down.

Rest for 20 or 30 seconds.

Pick the KB back up and continue with six or eight more reps of your goblet squat + halo combo.

Do this until your three minute timer runs out!


Mobility work is key to both prevent injury and get the most out of our workouts. If you know you need to do it but never seem to have the time, give this 3-Minute Kettlebell Mobility Exercise a try before your next KB workout and notice the difference in how you move and feel!

-Forest and the Team at

PS – When you are ready for a complete mobility and flexibility routine to enhance your kettlebell training, I recommend you check this out:

-> 17-minute “Shadow Strength” Mobility + Strength Program