Simple Technique Tip for a Better Deadlift

Deadlifts are a PHENOMENAL exercise … but they take a lot of preparation. You must be able to hip hinge properly, and have the proper mobility and stability to be in control of the movement before you load it up and go for it.

A great way to learn how to:

– Actively sit back into a hip hinge
– Brace your core
– Engage your lats
– Load and strengthen your posterior chain

And much more, is with the KETTLEBELL DEADLIFT.

Watch this video, try / practice the progression for yourself, and watch your deadlifts get better in a hurry!


Simple Technique for a Better Deadlift

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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New Video – Best KB Exercise for Great Glutes!

Want a KILLER “glute-enhancer” exercise? The kettlebell single leg deadlift is it.

You’ll also work your balance, core strength, and a bunch of other stuff while you’re at it.

Check it out:


Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlift


A few coaching points on the exercise:

— Start by deadlifting the ‘bell off the ground with BOTH feet, not one (to protect your back)
— Keep the hips square
— Keep the shoulders square
— Start the move by picking up the back leg
— In the bottom of the move, you should be in a straight line from the head, hip, knee, and ankle
— Try to balance and do all your reps on one side continuously without putting the other foot down – but it’s also okay to tap the off foot down for balance if you need to

Work the kettlebell single leg deadlift into your training routine, and start enjoying the benefits right away!

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II


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Killer KB / BW program from my friend Callie Durbrow on sale this week, called Gladiator Fat Loss:

=> Gladiator Fat Loss

I have followed Callie’s stuff online for the last couple of years, she both owns a rockin’ gym and manages a thriving online business , so I’ve been really impressed with all she seems to have going on all the time … and I actually got the chance to meet her in person a couple of months ago.

This new project of hers is awesome, so I just had to share it with you.

According to Callie:

Gladiator Fat Loss is a 12 week training system that utilizes Kettlebell and Body Weight training for an efficient, 22 minute training session each day. It features three specific phases of training:

Phase 1 is the Fat Loss Furnace and prep portion where clients will use full body training sessions to sky rocket their metabolism and improve work capacity and strength
Phase 2 is a Density Training cycle where clients will be challenged to get as much work done as possible in two short portions on each training day. This will elicit the response for lean, sculpted muscle and also continue to improve work capacity.
Phase 3 is Gladiator Muscle and Strength where both men and women can benefit extremely well from this heavier phase of strength work combined with a metabolic push at the end of each session.

The training cycles are also supplemented with a HIIT manual and a nutrition protocol to enhance results.

This is the perfect program for men or women who want to get sculpted, lean and athletic. The workouts are created for gym sessions, basement or garage workouts or even outside. Each session can be advanced by working harder and faster or adding heavier weights, or regressed by performing lighter Kettlebell movements or body weight work. Overall this is for an intermediate to advanced trainee but can be modified for a beginner as long as they have some experience with a kettlebell.

Check it out here:

=> Gladiator Fat Loss (on sale this week)

KB Exercises for Abs – The Kettlebell Windmill (weightless,low,high / standard progression)

I’ll admit it. Until I learned how to do the windmill RIGHT, about three years ago at the first RKC II I attended, I did NOT like the exercise. It felt awkward, I didn’t know if I was doing it correctly, and it just didn’t feel like I was getting much out of it.

Then I learned how to do the exercise PROPERLY — and I quickly realized just how powerful it was for building core strength, shoulder stability and mobility, opening up the thoracic spine, “unlocking” the hips, and a whole lot more …

My goal with today’s video is — especially if you’re in the same boat as I was before the RKC II — to help you learn how to do the windmill properly … and to fully realize all the wonderful benefits it has to offer!

The Kettlebell Windmill (weightless,low,high / standard progression)


After you watch the video, some additional coaching points for you:

Kettlebell Windmill Progression

1 – Weightless Windmill

Start with a ketttlebell at the instep of your foot. Your feet should be pointed to the side at approximately 45 degrees.

Poke your hip out to the side. The movement in this exercise is coming from the hip and not the torso.Let the hand slide down the leg; tap the ‘bell and stand up.

(You’re imagining you have a kettlebell in your top hand throughout the movement here.)

2 – Bottom-Hand Windmill

Same exact movement; now you’re simply picking up the ‘bell with your bottom hand.

3 – Standard Windmill

Same movement — only now the KB is overhead. Arm is locked, shoulder is “packed” — same principles as the Turkish get up. Make sure you tense the glute and engage the core to stand up.


Kettlebell Windmill Workout

Now for a sample workout using the windmill, just so you can see how to use it:

— 12 push ups
— 20 swings
— 5 windmills/side
— 8 lunges/side

Do a set every 60 seconds. Do 5 rounds of the circuit total.


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Thanks, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC II