KBs for Abs circuit – “Rippers” (sneak peak)

The workout is from my new “Kettlebells for Abs” course…

…and it’s called “Rippers”, ’cause we’re going to rip up those abs 🙂

We do 3 exercises, :30 each, :15 rest between moves, 3 rounds total:

  • Bear Plank KB Drag-Thru
  • KB Foot Taps
  • Side Plank w/ Hip Dip

Watch the video for a quick breakdown on how to do the moves.

And grab the full 28-day Kettlebells for Abs program at the link below:


Here’s to FINALLY getting that six-pack! –

– Forest and the FVT Team @ KettlebellBasics.net

new training plan – “Kettlebells for Abs”

Okay – this new training plan is live and ready to go!

-> Kettlebells for Abs

With this 28-day workout program, you will discover how to use kettlebells to:

  • Double your core strength
  • Fix your posture
  • FINALLY get that hard and lean midsection you’ve always wanted

Click the link below to learn more and grab your copy now:

-> Kettlebells for Abs

-Forest and the FVT Team @ KettlebellBasics.net

Kettlebells for Abs: Week 1 / Day 3 – “Core + Strength”

Whether your body has changed with age, your eating habits are off track due to stress, or you’re doing hundreds of crunches and sit ups without results, it’s time to blast your belly fat the right way.

Kettlebells are one of the best strengthening tools for abs, because the dynamic nature of kettlebell exercises makes them particularly effective for forcing the core to work hard in a different way.

Check out today’s workout, and stay tuned – my new “Kettlebell Core” program is dropping later this week!


Kettlebells for Abs: Week 1 / Day 3 – “Core + Strength”

*Links to video exercise demos + recommended weights included in the full program!


Complete 3 rounds of the following circuit. Rest as needed between exercises. Rest 60 seconds between rounds.

1 – Turkish Get Up to half rack Carry – 1/ea. Carry 10 yards (30ft) if space available. If not walk out and back before completing the Get Up.
2 – Tall Kneeling Bottoms Up Press – 5/ea
3 – Tactical Lunge – 8/ea
4 – Uneven Push-ups – 5/ea


Complete 3 rounds of the following circuit. Rest as needed between exercises. Rest 60 seconds between rounds.

1 – Bear Plank Drag Through – 7/ea
2 – KB High Knees – 15/ea
3 – Side Plank w/Hip Dip – 7/ea


My Kettlebells for Abs system will put you on the right track to a flatter, stronger midsection in 2021. We’re going to teach you how to intelligently and safely train your abs, using kettlebells. Stay tuned, new program drops later this week!

-Forest Vance

12 Days of Christmas Kettlebell Workout

Merry Christmas!

Here is a fun kettlebell workout you can do before the big day:

12 Days of Christmas Kettlebell Workout

OPTIONAL – play / sign along to “12 days of Christmas” (Twisted Sister version) while you do the workout

NOTE – Workout is done “accumulation” style:

1 squat jump


1 squat jump
2 push ups


1 squat jump
2 push ups
3 kettlebell lunges


1 squat jump
2 push ups
3 kettlebell lunges
4 side plank lifts (per side)
5 jumping jacks
6 kettlebell swings
7 spider climbs
8 kettlebell side lunges
9 one arm kettlebell rows (per side)
10 high knees
11 kettlebell single leg deadlifts
12 burpees

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

-Forest and the FVT Team

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[video] 6-min Shadow Strength Mobility Routine

Check out this video from my friend Jonathan Haas. He goes through his entire daily mobility routine. This is a daily practice that will only reward you more and more with each passing year. Implement this first thing tomorrow morning, and feel amazing all day long!

And if you like it, be sure to check out Jonathan’s full “Shadow Strength” course.

It is primarily for men and women in their 40s and above who are noticing their strength and flexibility decreasing as they get older. 

The techniques revealed in this program are also designed to help you get stronger without doing exercises that put your body under a lot of stress:

=> “Shadow Strength” – 17 Min Strength / Mobility Workout Program

There is no weight-training involved. 

There’s no cardio or circuit training either.

In other words, it’s perfect if you’re noticing you can no longer recover from intense workouts like you could when you were younger. 

Plus, it’s also a great program for helping to reduce the number of injuries you pick up.

More info at the link below:

=> “Shadow Strength” – 17 Min Strength / Mobility Workout Program

And here’s to your success! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

[new video] “300” Swing – Squat – Press Challenge

Got a new video for you to check out!

Grab your kettlebell(s) and join me in this 300 rep kettlebell swing – squat – press Challenge workout.

And if you love it, you can still join our 28-day “Dirty 30” Kettlebell Challenge – we officially start today.

=> Click here to learn more about the “Dirty 30” 28-day KB Challenge

=> Click here to see the my “300” Swing – Squat – Press Challenge video

To your continued success –

-Forest and the FVT Team, KettlebellBasics.net

“Dirty 30’s” 28-day KB Challenge SNEAK PEAK!

“Dirty 30’s” 28-day KB Challenge SNEAK PEAK!

Details and join us here – and hurry, we start Monday! => https://bit.ly/dirty30sdec2020

“Dirty 30” Strength Chipper

You will perform all the reps of each exercise before moving on to the next exercise. Rest as needed to maintain proper form. Record your time to track your progress. Post your time in the group as well!


1 – KB Rack Squats – 30 (15 each side)

2 – 1-Arm Overhead Press – 30 (15 each)

3 – Bodyweight Split squat – 30 (15 each)

4 – 1-Arm KB Swing – 30 (15 each)

5 – Forward and Back Plank Drag – 15 each side (forward + back = 1 rep)

6 – Hand Release Push-ups – 30

7 – KB 1-Arm Row – 30 (15 each)

8 – Bodyweight Walking Lunges – 30 (15 each)

9 – Burpees – 30 (Modify by elevating your hands)

10 – ½ Turkish Get Up – 30 (15 each)


“Dirty 30’s” 28-day KB Challenge – Details and join us here – and hurry, we start Monday! => https://bit.ly/dirty30sdec2020

get KB STRONG with “Cluster” Training [new video]

A lot of people think kettlebells are just for fat loss and conditioning.

And they are great tools for those goals!

But if you know what you are doing, you can use them to build strength, too.

For example, we use kettlebells to help you both gain strength AND lose fat at the same time in our upcoming “Dirty 30’s” – 28-day KB Challenge.

It’s called “Dirty 30’s” because we have you doing 30-rep “chipper”- style workouts to shred fat and jack up your metabolism for the rest of the day.

But we’re also working things in like the method covered in today’s video to help you gain serious strength, too.

Click here to learn more and join the Dirty 30’s KB Challenge, and then check out the video below:

get KB STRONG with “Cluster” Training [new video]

Cluster training is a great tool for adding strength and muscle. Here’s how it works:

Instead of doing sets of straight reps, you do 1 or 2 or 3 reps at a time, set the weight down, then pick it back up and repeat 1 or 2 or 3 more times.

For example. Let’s say I can do 5 reps with a 53 pound KB. Instead of doing all 5 at once, I do 2 reps at a time, resting 10 seconds between efforts, and do that 4 times – for a total of 8 reps.

So now I can do 8 reps with the 53 pounder, instead of 5.

Over time, that adds up to a lot of extra strength and muscle gains.


– Forest

28-Day “Dirty 30’s” Kettlebell Challenge 2.0

Hey! – we are starting a new 28 day Kettlebells challenge this coming Monday, thought you might be interested in checking it out.

Here is the link: https://bit.ly/dirty30sdec2020

From the sign up page:

“You will shred fat, reset your metabolism, push yourself both mentally and physically… with just a couple of Kettlebells and your own body weight, in 20 or 30 minutes per day, three or four times per week.”

What could be better?!? 🙂

I also have my ‘athletic Gainz’ diet plan included as part of the Challenge, so you can get your diet organized and on the right track..

And you get our 30 day flexibility challenge videos free with registration so that you can work on your movement and mobility too.

Here is the link again: https://bit.ly/dirty30sdec2020

Hope you can join! –


“Dirty 30’s” KB Challenge Workout

One of the first kettlebell workouts I ever did was pretty similar to the one that I’m going to share with you today.

It’s what got me hooked on kettlebells in the first place!

See because, up until that point in time, I had done more traditional type strength training… and then I did separate condition things, like hill sprints or up downs or bear crawls…

But it had never really occurred to me to mix TOGETHER the two different modalities.

What happened was this:

My training partner at the time and I got this little 35 pound kettlebell, and we did a metabolic conditioning-style work out where we mixed together the kettlebell and some bodyweight movements into a giant circuit.

Nothing fancy.

BUT, it was a completely different type of challenge than I had ever experienced before!

I remember being SO SMOKED – in a good way!

That was 12 years ago, but it’s had A big impact and inspiration on how I put together workouts today.

Because I know that people I work with now want workouts are going to help them rapidly build strength, lose fat and improve performance…

…and I know they want to be able to do it at home, with a couple of kettlebells, in 20 to 30 minutes per day.

So check out this “Dirty 30’s” Kettlebell Workout. Hope you like it. And stay tuned, because there’s more where this came from coming your way, all this week.

-Forest Vance


“Dirty 30’s” KB Challenge Workout

Complete the list of exercises below as fast as possible one (beginner) to three (intermediate / advanced) times total. Rest as needed, but you must complete all reps of one exercise before moving on to the next one on the list:

30 two hand KB swings
30 push ups
30 walking lunges (15 per side) – OPTIONAL hold KB in goblet position
30 staggered-stance one arm KB rows (15 per side)
30 jumping jacks
30 one hand KB swings (15 per side)
30 plank shoulder taps (15 per side)
30 side lunges (15 per side) – OPTIONAL pass KB between legs each rep
30 close-stance one arm KB rows (15 per side)
30 high knees