New Video – the Kettlebell Plank Drag

New Video – the Kettlebell Plank Drag ->

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The Kettlebell Plank Drag targets your abs, obliques, lats, and arms—but it’s crucial to do it right to reap all the benefits. Here are two essential tips to perfect your form:

1️⃣ Strong Plank Foundation: Begin in a solid plank with your body firm, hands directly under shoulders, and feet spaced between hip and shoulder width.

2️⃣ Control Rotation: This move is all about anti-rotation. Avoid letting your hips sway. Maintain a stable core, shoulders, and lower body throughout the movement to maximize effectiveness.

Add these techniques to your next kettlebell session to enhance your kettlebell plank drag form!

👌 🏋️‍♂️ Forest Vance, MS in Human Movement, Kettlebell Specialist, Over 40 Training Expert

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(video) Pull Up Form Tip – Eye Position

Pull ups are one of the best all-around moves for increasing your upper body strength, and overall fitness level.

They are a natural movement pattern of human beings!, not to mention basic and old-school.

When it comes to cranking out more, small form tips like the one we cover in today’s video can make a huge difference.

Today’s tip is about your eyes – that is, where you are looking during the exercise – and how that impacts the position of the rest of your body during the movement, the muscles you end up activating, and the “rhythm” you get into during your set.

Watch the video, try the tip in your next pull up workout, and let me know how it helps!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

PS – If you’re stuck and can’t seem to make progress towards your pull-up goals, odds are you’re 
performing exercises that will NOT improve your ability to perform more pull-ups.

Exercises such as:

– Lat Pull Downs
– Band-Assisted Pull-Ups
– Machine-Assisted “Gravitron” Pull-Ups
– Bodyweight Rows

Do NOT have much, if ANY, carry-over to actually helping you to do more pull-ups.

(Don’t get me wrong – these are fine exercises in their own right, and I use them regularly in my programs!… it’s just 
important to know they they are not necessarily going to help you do more pull-ups, if that is your goal.)

If you want to improve your pull-ups, here’s what I recommend you try instead:

-> the “Physique Zero” Pull Up Progression Method

It’s called the “Physique Zero” Pull Up Progression Method, and it’s actually a free BONUS program you get when
you pick up a copy of the Physique Zero course.

Here’s how it’s set up:

1 – You “test out” at the beginning of the program. This helps you set a starting point, as well as a goal for 
the end of the routine.

2 – You pick the “phase” to start at, depending on if you are just getting started, more intermediate, 
or even more advanced. There are 10 levels total to progress through.

I followed a very similar routine, that used basically identical principles, to take my pull up total from 6
to 13 in about 10 weeks, leading up to the last Tactical Strength Challenge I competed in.

If you are looking to do more pull ups, this is a great resource I recommend you check out…
plus, you get a full at-home bodyweight strength program to go with it!

Details and order now at the link below:

-> “Physique Zero” Pull Up Progression Method + Full 12-week Bodyweight Strength plan

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Over 40 Training Specialist

(new video) Kettlebell 5×5 Challenge – Week 4 / Workout 3


People can’t get enough of the 5×5 Kettlebell Challenge.

It’s the best-selling course we’ve put on sale for quite a while!

Check it out below:

5×5 Kettlebell Challenge -> January 2024 Flash Sale

Then go try another sample workout from the program:


(new video) Kettlebell 5×5 Challenge – Week 4 / Workout 3

Do the following circuit four times as fast as possible:

10 single arm KB swings per side

15 push ups

10 side to side lunges per side – add weight

20 KB towel curls

20 squat jumps

15 alternating hip touches per side

10 sldl’s per side – add weight

:20 side plank hold per side

50 jumping jacks

Watch the video here ->×5-challenge-week-4-workout-3/

Get the full 28-day training plan here — 5×5 Kettlebell Challenge -> January 2024 Flash Sale

-Forest and the Team at

3 Minute Kettlebell Mobility Exercise

-> 28-day Flexibility Challenge – Special Offer Here

Mobility work is so important in our training, especially as we get past the age of 40. It’s the key to executing kettlebell exercises with proper form, as well as preventing injury. Problem is, we don’t always have time to do it. Today, I am going to share a kettlebell mobility “combo” exercise with you will only take three minutes – so no excuses! Use this as a warm up for your next kettlebell session, or any time:

-> 3-minute KB Mobility Exercise Video

3-Minute Kettlebell Mobility Exercise

PART 1 – Do a goblet squat

PART 2 – Do a kettlebell halo Set your timer for three minutes.

Start with six or eight reps of this goblet squat plus halo combo, alternating back and forth between the exercises without putting the kettlebell down.

Rest for 20 or 30 seconds.

Pick the KB back up and continue with six or eight more reps of your goblet squat + halo combo.

Do this until your three minute timer runs out!

-> 28-day Flexibility Challenge – Special Offer Here

1000-Calorie “Drop a Size” Kettlebell Circuit Workout

Check out this sample workout from our last 28-day Kettlebell Drop a Size Challenge!

In this workout, we are going to burn over 1000 calories (depending on your weight / body comp / fitness level / other individual factors, of course).

If you’re looking to drop a clothes size over the next 28 days, that kind of calorie burn adds up quick!

Here’s the workout:

75 seconds of work — 15 seconds of rest — 60 seconds rest between rounds — 4 rounds total:

– Double KB Squat Clean

– Mountain Climber

– 2 Hand KB Swings

– Cross-Body Mountain Climbers

– 1-Arm KB Swings

– Spider Climb with Push Up

– KB High Pull OR Snatch

– Side Plank Reach-Through

Full details and sign up for my upcoming 28-day KB Drop-a-Size Challenge here –

– Forest and the Team at +

VIDEO – 10-min Beginner KB Circuit

Have you given this beginner KB circuit a try? Check out the 10-minute video where I walk you through it. This is a perfect introduction to kettlebells if you’re just starting out. Even if you’ve been training with them for a while, there are still plenty of technique tips and tricks that you can benefit from. Trainers and fitness professionals, I highly recommend watching this video too, as there are some great tips that you can use with your clients. Follow the link below to watch:

-> VIDEO – 10-min Beginner KB Circuit

And don’t forget to sign up for our upcoming 28-day KB Challenge! It’s a complete program designed to take your strength and lean muscle to the next level:

-> 28-day KB/BW Hybrid Strength Training Challenge 3.0

-Forest Vance
Kettlebell Expert
Over 40 Specialist

VIDEO – 300 Kettlebell Challenge by Forest Vance – Sample Workout

“300” Kettlebell Challenge Workouts Halloween Flash Sale – Click Here to Get It Now

300 Kettlebell Challenge – Sample Workout

Complete the sequence of exercises below as fast as possible:

  • Kettlebell Swings, Any Style! – 60 reps (suggested weight = 24k men / 16k women)
  • Push Ups, Any Style! – 60 reps
  • Kettlebell Goblet Lunges, Any Style! – 60 reps (30 per leg) (suggested weight = 16k men / 8k women)
  • 1 Arm Kettlebell Rows – 60 reps (30 per side) (suggested weight = 20k men / 12k women)
  • Jumping Jacks – 60 reps Start with one round for time; intermediate / advanced trainees can complete two or three!

– Forest and the Team at +

“300” Kettlebell Challenge Workouts Halloween Flash Sale – Click Here to Get It Now

NEW VIDEO – Kettlebell “Training Camp” Challenge Workout

Ready to beat boring cardio and kick your fat loss into overdrive?

Try this 28 KB “Training Camp” Challenge workout, then go sign up for the 28-day Extreme KB Cardio Conditioning Challenge at the link below:

–>> Extreme KB Cardio Conditioning

Kettlebell “Training Camp” Challenge Workout

Set up two cones about 40 yards apart. Start at one of the cones and perform the first exercise. Immediately following the swings, run / sprint to the other cone and perform the second exercise. Continue to run / sprint back and forth between the cones, performing the next exercise on the list at each one. Rest approx two minutes and repeat two more times for a total of three rounds:

  • 10 KB high pulls per side
  • 10 push ups with a shoulder tap (alternate sides each rep)
  • 10 single arm KB rows per side – feet together
  • 10 bodyweight split squats per side
  • 5 burpees

– Forest and the Team at +


Sign up for the full 28-day Extreme KB Cardio Conditioning Challenge at the link below:

–>> Extreme KB Cardio Conditioning

–>> CLICK HERE to watch the video breakdown that shows you how to do today’s workout

1 Tip to Fix Your KB Cleans

Are your wrists getting banged up when you’re doing kettlebell cleans? Here’s a quick tip that might help:

Instead of casting the kettlebell too far out from your body, try facing towards a wall and getting as close as possible.

This will keep the arc of the clean tighter to your body, resulting in a smoother movement and less impact on your wrists.

Check out the video below for a breakdown of the drill – and have a great day!

-Forest Vance — head trainer @ KettlebellBasics 1-to-1 Remote KB Coaching for Men and Women Over 40


Kettlebell Isometrics 2.0 question.

Kettlebell Basics reader William asks:

Hello, does the Kettlebell Isometrics 2.0 course that you offer for sale have a follow-along workout video?

The course does not have follow-along videos, BUT it has video breakdowns, like this one:

NEW VIDEO – sample KB Challenge Workout from Forest Vance:


This way, you know exactly how to do each exercise of the workout with perfect form… plus I break down session flow, tips and tricks to get the most out of each segment, and much more!

If you want to gain strength while preserving your joints at the same time, I believe that the combination of Kettlebells and Isometrics is an excellent choice. Learn more and get instant access at the link below:

–>> Kettlebell Isometrics 2.0

-Forest Vance – –