10 Minute Total Body Workout

If you’re like most folks, time is a major factor when it comes to workout frequency and consistency.

One thing I always tell my training clients … and that I subscribe to myself … is that something is ALWAYS better than nothing. Just because you can’t get in a full- blown 45-60 minute training session, doesn’t mean you can’t workout at all. You can get a lot out of a quick 10-15 minute circuit workout, if you know how to set it up.

Today we have a kettlebell and body weight – based workouts workout for the next time you’re in this exact situation … it’ll hit every major muscle group in your body, gets you some strength and conditioning work at the same time, and can be completed in about ten minutes start to finish.

Let’s get right to it –

10 Minute Total Body KB/BW Workout

(make sure that you do a quick and simple warm up first – something like two rounds, 30 seconds each of high knees in place, inchworms, and walking lunges)

THEN, go right into:

— 7 burpees
— 25 KB swings
— rest ~ 30 seconds, repeat for a total of three sets each

Watch the video below to see how to do the exercises:

So – no excuses for missing a workout. Something is ALWAYS better than nothing … and I KNOW you have an extra 10 or 12 minutes that you can set aside each day for a workout like the one in today’s article.

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Okay, that’s it for now. Train hard, and talk soon –


Exposure Chaos Finisher – Double Kettlebell Complex (video)

Whoa. I cranked this double KB complex at the end of my workout yesterday and was CRUSHED. Holy crap.  One of the toughest finishers I have done in a long time.

If you want to try this one yourself, FIRST please make sure you have your form dialed in on all the exercises.  And also be sure to use a weight that you can handle with perfect form.

Okay, it goes like this:

– 2 double KB snatches
– 4 double KB push press
– 6 double KB front squats
– 8 double KB swings

As many rounds as possible in 12 mins.

I did this “as prescribed” (workout is from UBA 2.0) with double 50’s (actually used double 24k/53# ’cause I don’t have 50 pound KB’s).

This complex would be best done at the END of your regular strength-based session (that’s what I did).

Check out the video below:


Exposure Chaos Finisher – Double Kettlebell Complex (video)


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Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –



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