“Bro Split” vs KB Fit Over 40

If you have experience lifting weights, you’ve probably heard of the famous “bro split”.

For decades, it’s been the “gold standard” for organizing our training. It’s incredibly popular among both bodybuilders and recreational lifters alike.

But is it good, does it work?

More on that in just a sec…

…see, with the Bro Split, the main idea is that you devote each workout to one or two muscle groups. There are a lot of ways you can do this, but it would typically look something like:

Monday = Chest + Tris
Tuesday = Back + Bis
Wednesday = Off
Thursday = Legs
Friday = Shoulders + Abs
Saturday / Sunday = Rest

This is basically how I organized my training for probably the first 10 years or so of my lifting career. I will tell you, it DOES work if your goals are purely asthetic. This, paired with the “Bro Diet” (we’ll save details on that for a later post lol), and you CAN get your big chest, jacked arms, and six-pack abs.

However, if you’re looking for improved functional fitness, more athleticism, better flexibility / mobility, less body pain, that sort of thing… we can do better.

We need to start working your body as a whole. Start focusing on movement patterns instead of muscle groups. Start incorporating more total-body movements with things like kettlebells that are going to help strengthen your core and make you move better and even fix some of your pain issues, all the the same time.

If you have been doing something like the “bro split”, but it no longer works for your current goals…. OR you just need help organizing your training and getting on the right track in general… click the link below to apply for my “KB Fit Over 40” – personalized coaching program:

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-Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Kettlebell Specialist
Over 40 Training Expert

[video] 50 Rep Kettlebell Snatch – Burpee Challenge

Today, I have a 50 Rep Kettlebell Snatch + Burpee Challenge for you to try.

You’ll need one kettlebell for this one. If you want to do the prescribed weight, it’ll be 16k for the ladies, 24k for the guys. However, if you’re just getting into things, or if you don’t have these exact weights available, it’s all good, you’ll still get a great workout.

Also, you want you to make sure you have a solid grasp of kettlebell snatch technique before attempting this one. You’re going to be pushing yourself hard, so your form can get sloppy very fast if you’re not careful.

Here’s how the Challenge works:

– Set your timer to go off every minute, on the minute.

– Get to 50 kettlebell snatches total, any way you can.

– At the top of every minute, stop and do 5 burpees.

That’s it. If you can do this one in five minutes or less, you’re a fire breather!

Enjoy. Let me know how you do.

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[video] Kettlebell Snatch Technique, Part 1

Welcome to part one in a new series where I am going to break down kettlebell snatch technique.

The kettlebell snatch is a great move to improve power, work production, burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time, and more.

However, the technique can be tricky.

I am going to do a three video series, and break down the form into simple steps, so that you can master the move, and start safely and effectively incorporating it into your workouts.

Check out the video below. And if you want more extensive, personalized kettlebell instruction from me, also be sure to check out my “KB Fit Over 40” program. I’ve opened a handful of slots this week, and still have a few more I am still looking to fill -> https://bit.ly/kbfitover40forest

[video] Kettlebell Workouts for People Over 40

Today’s video is specifically for kettlebell fans over the age of 40!

Check it out below:

My “KB Fit Over 40” program could be a PERFECT fit if you are looking to add some structure around your workouts and nutrition, keep stress levels down, and get in shape without getting injured.

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– Forest Vance

Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Over 40 Training Specialist


“KB Fit Over 40” personalized coaching

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– Forest Vance

Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Over 40 Training Specialist


[new video] Ruck with Kettlebell – Cardio Workout

In today’s video, I show you how to cardio with your kettlebell in a way that you probably never thought of!

*The backpack I am using in the video you can get free at this link, just pay shipping -> http://bit.ly/tacbpforest

I got turned on to the rucking thing a couple of years ago, because I was looking for a way to get a similar workout to running, without the impact.

In basic terms, rucking is just where you throw some weight in your backpack, and go for a walk.

Here are a few additional tips:

  • Walk fast and with a purpose. You want to get your heart rate up to around 50-70% of max.
  • Not required, but try to see if you can find some uneven / hilly terrain to ruck.
  • Start with 20 pounds or so, work up to 50+.
  • Start with 30 mins, work up to 60+.

A kettlebell turns out to be a great weight to do this with. As an added bonus, you can take it out at some point during the workout, do some KB moves, do some bodyweight exercises, and then finish off by rucking back to where you started.

The backpack I am using in the video you can get free at this link, you just pay shipping -> http://bit.ly/tacbpforest

I use mine all the time, for KB rucking workouts like the one I break down in today’s video, and much more!

To sum up, if you are looking for an effective and challenging way to crank up your cardio routine, try this kettlebell ruck workout.

-Forest and the FVT Team at KettlebellBasics.net

My Favorite 5-10 Minute Flexibility Routine

Do you ever feel pain or stiffness when you get up in the morning?

Me too!

When I am consistent with my daily flexibility and mobility routine, I usually fell pretty good.

But yesterday, I had a very long work day, plus did a hard workout. Because of an extra crazy schedule, I ended up missing my stretching work. And I will tell you, I can feel the difference BIG time.

Now I have tried a lot of different approaches to the flexibility and mobility work over the years. One mistake I made early on was trying to fit in full 60-90 minute yoga classes a couple of times per week.

For some people, these are great. But the issue I’ve had is that with the rest of the training I am doing, it’s just not really feasible to fit that in consistently, without taking away time that I might be lifting kettlebells or running or something else.

The game changer has been finding a quick, effective flexibility and mobility routine that I can do any time. First thing in the morning, or during a work break in the day, I will usually bust it out.

I have a complete progression I work through, but this is the beginning part of it:

1 – Stand tall. Root into the ground, use great posture.
2 – Fold forward, reach down and touch your toes. Let yourself hang, stretch the hamstrings and back of the body.
3 – Step your feet back, come down to a high plank (top of push up) position. Hold here for 15 seconds or so.
4 – Lower yourself to the ground (drop to the bottom of a push up).
5 – Sit your hips back to your heels (child’s pose). Hold here for 30 seconds or so.
6 – Bring your hips up in the air (down dog). Hold this stretch for 15 seconds or so.
7 – Walk your feet forward.
8 – Stand up tall, bring the hands to the sides, return to starting position.

Try doing this 1-3x and see how great you feel!

Now progression is the name of the game when it comes to any form of training.

This is just as true in flexibility as it is elsewhere.

It tends to be fairly easy to grasp here. Go less deep into a stretch and it’s easier. Go further into a stretch and it’s harder.

Simple, right?

Yep, so let’s not over complicate things!

Of course, just like you can’t always add or subtract weight with every exercise, every stretch isn’t always so simple.

There are some cases where you need to modify how a stretch is done, or even sub out one for another.

My friend Logan Christopher’s new program, 7 Minute Flexibility, is designed around just 12 stretches (with two of them being unilateral so being done to each side, therefore a total of 14 positions):

-> 7 Minute Flexibility

There are 100’s of possible stretches, but he chose these 12 because they cover just about every area of the body.

Sometimes you need to change your position to hit the same area. In other words there are modifications.

Is a gymnast bridge way beyond your ability? Do the cobra instead. It’s not a perfect match up but it certainly focuses on the spinal flexibility needed.

The cool thing about it is all the progressions and regressions from the course.

Just understand that it is always about this…progression.

And with 7 Minute Flexibility it is built around the idea of use it or lose it. The good news is with just a bit more practice you can also improve it.

Check it out here:

-> 7 Minute Flexibility

-Forest and the FVT Team at KettlebellBasics.net

Anti-Aging Kettlebell HIIT Workout (new research inside)

Compelling new research has found that certain types of exercise methods can slow the aging process by preventing celluar aging. 

One of these methods is HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

The study (linked at the bottom of this article) published in the European Heart Journal, researchers examined the cellular effects of different exercise types over a six month period with 124 participants.

One big find was that HIIT training increased what’s called telomerase activity, which is beneficial for cell growth and replication. Telomeres are nucleotide sequences found at the end of chromosomes that protect our genetic information. When they shorten, cellular aging occurs. HIIT was one of the modalities found to increase telomere length, inhibiting cell death, and produce an anti-aging effect.

A nice side benefit is that there is also a lot of research showing HIIT being one of the best methods for reducing body fat!

Plus, HIIT is very time-efficient, taking a lot less time to do then more traditional, endurance-based exercise methods.

Here is a kettlebell – based HIIT workout you can try:


Anti-Aging Kettlebell HIIT Workout

For each exercise, use maximum effort for 40 seconds (goal – get heart rate to 80-95% of max), then rest (goal – heart rate comes down to 40-50% of max) for 20 seconds. Repeat for three (beginner) to four (intermediate/advanced) rounds total:

1 – One Arm Kettlebell Swing (beginner) OR Kettlebell Snatch (intermediate/advanced)) (20 seconds per side)
2 – Plank (beginner) OR Plank with Alternating Shoulder Tap (intermediate/advanced)
3 – Bodyweight Lunge (beginner) OR Kettlebell Tactical Lunge (intermediate/advanced)) (alternate legs each rep)
4 – One Arm Kettlebell Row (20 seconds per side) (beginner) OR Pull Up intermediate/advanced)
5 – Jumping Jacks (beginner) OR Burpees (intermediate/advanced)


If you are looking for a complete program that uses kettlebell HIIT for anti-aging, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better one than my Filthy 50 28-day KB Challenge. But if you want to sign up, you’ll need to do so ASAP – we start today!

-> “Anti-Aging” Kettlebell HIIT 28-day Challenge

Here’s to feeling younger, stronger, and fitter in 2021 –

– Forest and the FVT Team at KettlebellBasics.net

PS – Check out the study on HIIT for anti-aging here: https://academic.oup.com/eurheartj/article/40/1/34/5193508

The missing puzzle piece from your home KB workouts ?

Since the end of 2006, when I started working full time in the fitness industry, I have had conversations clients most every working day who are looking to lose fat.

I can’t tell you how many times people are pretty dialed in with their kettlebell workouts, but they are just not getting the fat loss results, and they can’t figure out why.

Nine times out of ten, it comes down to nutrition. This is the missing puzzle piece from most people’s kettlebell fitness program.

And here’s the thing – the short-term diets DO work to get you quick results.

But you always have to remember – however you GET to your goals, that’s how you have to MAINTAIN them.

That’s why it’s so important to find an approach that is going to be manageable with your lifestyle, and do-able for you for the long term.

Learning how to make a few healthy, tasty recipes that are going to work for you and your family goes a LOT way towards that.

That’s why I love Anabolic Cooking.

It’s a nutrition program that’s based around meals that you’re going to actually like to eat.

No, you’re probably not gonna like every single one of them, but there’s over 200 recipes that you can pick from!…

So what I would do is go through the whole program and find a dozen or two dozen of these recipes that are your go to use.

Like for me:

— Vanilla Cream Oatmeal

— High Protein Pancakes

— Classic Denver Omelette

— Grilled Turkey Club

— Grilled Tex Mex Chicken

— Beef Teriyaki

— 15 Quick n Easy Tuna Recipes

Are some of my go-to choices.

Then what I do is, I have these as my go to meals that I rotate through. I’ll occasionally add other ones to the mix. This way, I’m able to lose fat and also maintain my fitness goals, in a way that is sustainable for my lifestyle.

Check out the program and pick up a copy here -> “Anabolic Cooking”

Especially if you’ve tried all different diets, and nothings really worked, give it a go, I highly recommend it!


– Forest and the FVT Team at KettlebellBasics.net

PART 2 – Kettlebell “Versus” Series: Brad Pitt vs Vin Diesel

In part 1 of this Kettlebell “Versus” Series, I posed this question:

Who would you rather look and/or perform like – Brad Pitt, or Vin Diesel?

And we talked about how, if you want “functional fitness” and lean muscle, you’d want to model your training after someone like Pitt.

Today, we’re going to talk about talk how if you want to get straight up JACKED… if you want brute strength and raw power and an intimidating presence to go with it… how you can train like the Vin Diesel.

For maximum muscle size, there are a few specific things you want to focus on:

1 – Up the Volume

Training VOLUME – total number of reps x total number of sets – is a BIG factor if you want to gain size.

Short, 20-30 minute workouts WILL help you get lean and functional and fit – but they will NOT help you gain max muscle.

Here is an example chest workout I found on the internet, from an interview he did in TRAIN magazine:


Bench Press – 4 sets of 8
Decline Bench Press – 4 sets of 8


Dumbbell Flys – 4 sets of 8
Pushups – 4 sets of 8


Incline DB Press – 4 sets of 8
Low Cable Crossover – 4 sets of 8

2 – Moderate Rep Range

If you’re going for all-out SIZE, you want to stick in what we’d call a “moderate” rep range – 8-12 – most of the time. Substantial evidence argues that this is the best way to build muscle mass. It increases hormone response, spares protein, and provides the necessary time under tension to spark muscle damage. You’re actually going to stay AWAY from low rep / very heavy (5 reps or less), most of the time. Counter-intuitive, I know, but true. Training for strength and training for mass are actually two different things.

3 – Keep Rest Periods Short

When the training goal is muscular hypertrophy, the combination of moderate-intensity sets with short rest intervals of 30-60 seconds might be most effective due to greater acute levels of growth hormone during such workouts.

Again – this is NOT the approach you take when training for maximal strength… but it works for building mass.

See this research paper for more: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19691365


So there you have a few keys to training for maximum strength and size!

Is this a realistic routine for most?

Not really ?

The time and energy and available equipment etc etc this takes can be tough, especially if you’re managing other priorities in your life.

And we didn’t even get into the nutrition side, but that is also a HUGE factor too.

The great news is, if your goals are more along the lines of “functional fitness” and lean muscle, you absolutely CAN reach your goals in just a few 20-30 minute kettlebell-based workouts per week.

Like we do in our upcoming Filthy 50s KB Challenge.

Details on that here:

=>> Filthy 50s KB Challenge (starts Monday)

Hope this “kettlebell versus” serious was both informative, and entertaining ?

If you have ideas for more athlete or celebrity training styles you’d like me to break down, let me know!

And whatever your goals, here’s to your continued success –

-Forest Vance
Kettlebell Expert