Single / Double KB Workout for GAINZ

I was talking with my wife this last weekend about the summer after our Senior year of High School.

I just had my 20 year reunion a few weeks ago, and hers is coming up in the Fall. That’s how it came up if you are wondering, lol 🙂

Anyway – that particular summer, I remember being mainly focused on training for my first year of college football, and fun.

(I’ll focus on the training for the purposes of today’s post – ha!)

(I also had a summer job at Taco Bell – which I don’t remember being particularly focused on, but that’s a post and lesson for another day as well)

Kettlebells weren’t really a thing in the US in the late 90’s – at least, they were still super “underground” at that point, and hardly anyone here was training with them …

… BUT, my training WAS geared towards gaining strength and muscle, but ALSO staying lean and athletic and moving great, at the same time.

And this type of training and focus – now improved in my opinion, because we can use the greatest portable training tool in history for adding lean, athletic strength and muscle, the kettlebell! – has continued to influence my program design to this day.

Take this Single / Double KB Workout for GAINZ, for example:

1 – Goblet Squat OR Double KB Squat (if access to)

(M suggested single KB weight = 44 to 70 pounds; W =26 to 44 pounds. If double Kbs – 2×35 or 44 for men, 2×18 or 26 for women)

Do 10 squats – every minute, on the minute – for 8 minutes.

Ex – set your timer for 60 second intervals. On the first interval, perform 10 squats. Say these squats take you 20 seconds to complete. Your rest is the remaining time before the next 60 second interval – in this case, 40 seconds. Repeat for a total of 8 rounds.

(goblet squat)
(double KB squat)

2 – Do 3 rounds of the following circuit, resting as little as possible:

– 10 KB snatches per side (M suggested weight 44 to 53 pounds; women suggested weight 26 to 35 pounds)
– 5 pull ups (IF too easy – hang kettlebell from foot for added resistance .. IF too difficult, do 10 inverted rows instead)
– 10×10 shuttle sprint (set up cones / etc 10 yards apart. Sprint back and forth between cones 10 times. CAN sub out 100 jumping jacks, or 60 sec sprint on stationary bike, if you cannot run.)

(KB snatch)
(pull ups)
(inverted rows)


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– Forest Vance

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