7 Tips For A Better Kettlebell Snatch

The Kettlebell Snatch

Are you having trouble learning the kettlebell Snatch?

Does the ‘bell come around your hand and crash into your wrist, no matter what you do?

Is putting the whole movement together into a smooth, controlled, and efficient movement just seem to be getting the best of you?

Without a doubt, the kettlebell Snatch is a tricky move to master.  So I’m here to help –

Based on what I’ve learned as an RKC and what I’ve seen teaching hundreds of folks how to do the exercise properly, here are 7 tips for a better kettlebell Snatch:

1.  Learn and master the HardStyle kettlebell Swing

Mastery of the HardStyle Swing teaches you how to use your hips properly – and it also forms the foundation of all balistic moves in the HardStyle system.

2.  No cork-screw

The kettlebell should flip over your wrist as it comes over the top, not rotate around it.

3.  Be agressive

The more tentative you are about punching your hand through and finishing at overhead lockout, the harder the ‘bell will hit you in the wrist.  So think about actively getting the hand around the ‘bell instead of letting it passively coming over the top of your hand as it flips over as you complete the kettlebell Snatch.

4.  Keep the ‘bell close to the body

Think kettlebell Clean vs. kettlebell Swing.  We’re trying to project the force up over our head in a Snatch and out in front of us during a Swing.

5.  ‘Throw’ the weight down from the top

Attempt to close the distance from the elbow to the rib cage as fast as possible as the ‘bell comes down in front of you.  This will also help you keep the ‘bell closer to the body.

6.  Energy is driven from the hamstrings and glutes; load those babies up!

A high rep snatch workout should leave your posterior chain (that’s all the muscles in the back of your body) sore for days.

7.  Learn the high pull

Create weightlessness with the hams and glutes.  Then progress to High Pull – Snatch – High Pull – Snatch – etc.  This is a nice progression that helps a lot if you’re having trouble getting the weight to flip over your wrist smoothly.

The Snatch can be one of the trickiest kettlebell exercises to master; put these seven tips to use and you’ll have it down in no time! Keep training hard!


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5 thoughts on “7 Tips For A Better Kettlebell Snatch

  1. Forest, great tips. I’m pretty new to hardstyle form of kettlebell swings and snatches. I believe my style is more GS than anything else, but assume that hardstyle will probably lean more towards power development due to is explosive nature. Will be applyinmg some of these ideas v.soon


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