Burpee/Squat/Swing Kettlebell Ladder Workout

We did an awesome burpee/squat/swing kettlebell ladder workout for our boot camp challenge this month … so I thought I’d put together a video breaking it down for you:

Video Recap – Burpee/Squat/Swing Kettlebell Ladder Workout

Here’s what to do:

  • 1 burpee
  • 2 kettlebell squats
  • 3 kettlebell swings

Then, go back to the top and ‘climb the ladder’!

Meaning you’ll do:

  • 2 burpees
  • 4 kettlebell squats
  • 6 kettlebell swings


  • 3 burpees
  • 6 kettlebell squats
  • 9 kettlebell swings

And continue in this fashion until you get to 10 burpees, 20 kettlebell squats, and 30 kettlebell swings.  Complete the workout as fast as possible.

Enjoy and talk soon –

Forest Vance, RKC II

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