The Kettlebell Overhead Walk

The Problem(s):

  • A weak press
  • Bad snatch form
  • Poor shoulder mobility

The Fix:

The Overhead Kettlebell Walk

I’ve done a lot of bench pressing in my day.  And while I got pretty strong at this specific exercise (I benched 455 for a single at my peak), it left me with some big time upper body imbalances – one being tight a@@ shoulders.

So when I first started training seriously with kettlebells a few years ago – which naturally comes with a lot of overhead work – my weakness was pathetically exposed!  And all of my overhead work/exercises – presses, snatches, etc. – suffered because of it.

The kettlebell overhead walk exercise (combined with a steady diet of TGU’s) was largely responsible for restoring health and natural range of motion to my upper body.  It’s a simple drill I first learned at the Russian Kettlebell Challenge.  And now, I use it almost every day in my own training and with personal training/boot camp clients.  It’s fantastic for improving your pressing/snatching form, teaching you how to ‘suck the shoulder into the socket’, improving shoulder mobility, and a whole lot more.  Check out this video to learn how to do it:

I hope the kettlebell overhead walk is a valuable addition to your training program!


Forest Vance, RKC II

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