Double Kettlebell Workouts

As I’ve mentioned several times over the last few weeks, we currently have a mud run event prep program going on at my Sacramento – Land Park kettlebell training studio.  Well,  it’s starting to get really fun, because we’re doing some cool and different stuff  – like unique exercises/workouts designed around getting better at specific obstacles, using new and different training equipment, etc.

The weekly program includes one long run, two interval/hill runs, two total body conditioning days, and one heavy lifting day every week.  And one of the big challenges I had in designing the 12 week program was figuring out the best, most effective, most efficient way for folks doing the program to get in a “heavy day” during the week – without advanced periodization schemes, 90 minute workouts, and just generally making things too complex to follow …

Well, one of the best ways to dynamically load the body and to do it in a maximally time efficient way is with double kettlebell workouts!  This is because, in less than 30 minutes, with a double kettlebell workout you can:

  • Hit every major muscle group
  • Put the muscles under a relatively high load
  • Increase your functional strength at a rapid pace
  • Shoot your total body conditioning levels through the ROOF

So this is what I’m using for the max strength days in our mud run prep program.  And if the goals listed above apply to YOU, double kettlebell workouts are great for your goals as well.  Here are two for you to get started with:

Double Kettlebell Workouts

Double squat/press/swing complex workout

  • 5 double kettlebell press
  • 5 double kettlebell squat
  • 10 double kettlebell swing

Move directly from one exercise to the next without setting the kettlebells down.  Repeat complete circuit five times, resting 60 seconds between rounds.

Renegade row/clean/squat/press/swing complex workout

  • 2 double kettlebell renegade rows (with push up) each side
  • 4 double kettlebell clean, squat, and press
  • 6 double kettlebell swings

Move directly from one exercise to the next without setting the kettlebells down.  Repeat complete circuit five times, resting 60 seconds between rounds.

Oh – and if you need additional coaching/technique tips/a simple demonstration on any of the above kettlebell exercises, check out this video from last week’s double kettlebell exercises post:

In conclusion, if you’re looking to hit every major muscle group, increase your functional strength, and shoot your conditioning levels through the roof, double kettlebell workouts are a great place to start. Incorporate these two into your existing kettlebell workout programming for increased results today!

– Forest Vance, Level II Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor

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