HardStyle Kettlebell Swing Progression (part 3)

Maybe you’re just getting started with kettlebells, and you simply want to learn how to use them properly to avoid injury.

Maybe you’re sore in places you know you shouldn’t be after a KB workout session.

Maybe you feel like you’re just not getting as much out of your kettlebell training as you know you should or could be.

The solution to these issues – and most that are related to learning the basics – starts with mastering the HardStyle Swing.  It’s the movement that all other movements are based upon in the HardStyle system, and it’s critical that you learn how to do it right from the get-go.

This three step video series will show you a quick, easy, and effective progression to learn the basics of the swing.  Take the time to learn and practice each of these drills, and you’ll be well on your way to safe and effective kettlebell workouts!

Video Recap

  • This is step three in the HardStyle kettlebell swing progression.  By now, you should have i) practiced the imaginary swing and ii) the weighted sumo deadlift.  (If you missed either of the first two videos in the series, make sure to check out the links below.)
  • Now we’re moving on to the full two hand kettlebell swing.
  • Start the move with the weight a couple of feet in front of you.  Do this to pre-load the muscles in the back of the body and start from a solid foundation.
  • Snap the weight back like you’re hike passing a football.
  • Reverse the motion, explosively extend the hips and let the weight fly up to shoulder level.  The lower body is doing about 70-80% of the work; the shoulders are like ropes and are just “along for the ride”.
  • Make sure that you don’t overextend your lower back at the top of the movement.  You want to be nice and tall, like you’re doing a standing plank.
  • Repeat the movement for reps.

If you missed either of the first two videos in this series, see them here:

HardStyle Kettlebell Swing Progression (step 1)

HardStyle Kettlebell Swing Progression (step 2)

This videos series is a crash-course in learning the HardStyle kettlebell swing.  Take the time to study and learn each of the movements in this progression and you’ll have the basics of the move down.

If you want more, though … check out the new 12 week course I’ve put together.  It’s all about mastering the swing, and it’ll take you from KB newb to HardStyle swing ninja.  And you can get it as a huge discount for the next couple of days.  Click the link below to learn more:

The Kettlebell Basics Swing Manual

Thanks, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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