8 Minute Kettlebell Finisher, Proven 4x BETTER Than Cardio (includes video)

Getting some great feedback so far on yesterday’s KB finisher.  Just WAIT ’till you see what’s in store for you today …

This finisher combines kettlebells and body weight into a SMOKER of a sequence to end your workout with.

It includes the rack carry which is a somewhat unique exercise that you may have never done before.  (Make sure to watch the video below to see how to do it correctly.)

This finisher both improves your conditioning AND hits a ton of muscle groups, all at one time …


“Metabolic Stimulation” Kettlebell and Body Weight Finisher


Duration: 10 minutes or less

Equipment: One single kettlebell – two hand swing weight size

1) Rack Carry Right Arm x 20yards
2) Rack Carry Left Arm x 20yards
3) Spiderman Crawl x 20yards
4) Sprint x 20yards

Watch the video below to see how to do each exercise:


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That’s it for now – train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, RKC


PS – A recent study by ACE proved that you burn up to 20.2 calories per minute using a kettlebell.

vs … Calories burned per minute on a treadmill = 5 (on average)


SO … let’s say you did the above finisher in 8 minutes …

8 mins x 20 kcals = 240 kcals burned in 8 mins

vs …

20 mins x 5 kcals = 150 kcals burned in 30 minutes


THAT, my friend, is an 8 minute solution to your ineffective cardio 🙂

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