[video] 9 Minute “Kettlebell – Burpee Bonanza” Workout

This workout is one of my favorites.

It can be done as a finisher at the end of your regular strength workout, OR as a short, stand-alone training session in itself.

And all you’ll need to do it is a single KB:

9 Minute “Kettlebell – Burpee Bonanza” – No Gym! No Excuse! Workout

(5) KB sumo deadlift
(5) squat thrust
(10) two hand KB swing
(5) burpee, no push up
(5 R, 5L) one hand kb swing
(5) burpee with push up
(10) hand to hand KB swing
(5) burpee with two push ups

Watch the video that shows you how to do it here:


Forest Vance
Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor

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