KB Snatch Troubleshoot – 3 Tips (new vid) + Last Call for 42 Day KB Shred “Cohort 2”

The kettlebell snatch is a total body exercise that develops the entire posterior chain of the body (glutes, back, hamstrings) … while building power, strength, and conditioning, all at the same time!

But learning safe and effective form can be tricky.

In today’s video, I share a few short clips from a recent KB workshop I did to help you troubleshoot your technique.

The main points are:

1 – Aggressively spear your hand through at the top

The more you can aggressively bring your hand TO the KB as it comes around the top, the better quality the move, and less impact there will be.

2 – Keep the arc close to the body

Keep the arc of the KB close to the body throughout the movement.

Try practicing this one from the top of the movement down, as shown in the video.

3 – No corkscrew

In HardStyle kettlebell training, we do NOT corkscrew the KB on the way up or the way down. It flips straight over the hand / wrist.

Be sure to watch the full video to see all of these techniques demonstrated.

And let me know if they help with your kettlebell snatch technique!



Last call for 42 Day KB Shred – “Cohort 2”

In case you haven’t heard, we had a LOT of people get on board for the 42 Day KB Shred Challenge that kicked off last week, on January 2nd.

We are getting reports of two, three, four, as much as five pounds of weight loss … after just ONE WEEK of consistent training, following our meal plan, and plugging into our online community.

But there were also quite a few folks who applied a little late, and weren’t able to get signed up in time for the January 2nd start date.

So, we are going to offer something we’ve NEVER done before. We are going to do a “2nd cohort” for the 42 Day Kettlebell Shred Challenge, starting this coming Monday the 14th.

If you missed the January 2nd start date, this is your chance to get in on the fun!

But hurry! – we are starting TODAY, so we need your application ASAP, so that we can review it and get you signed up.

Details and submit your application at the link below:

42 Day KB Shred Challenge “2nd Cohort” – starts today, Monday, January 14th



Here’s to your kettlebell training success! –

– Forest Vance

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