NFL Kettlebell-Bodyweight Leg Circuit

I spent a couple of years trying to make it in the NFL. I had workouts with several teams, and actually signed and played for a short time in both Green Bay and Kansas City.

The physical training we did was awesome. I incorporate my experiences and knowledge gained into the workouts we do daily at our kettlebell gym, as well as the programs and home-study courses I put out, like the CORE Kettlebell Challenge.

Check out this Kettlebell-Bodyweight Leg Circuit. To protect privacy, I won’t say specifically where I got it, but it was from a strength coach that worked with one of the NFL teams I played on. It’s also tweaked *slightly* with the addition of the kettlebells, but the overall integrity and purpose stays the same. Bottom line, it will help you target fat, and at the same time, build some serious muscle in your legs and glutes!


NFL Kettlebell-Bodyweight Leg Circuit 

— 15 KB goblet squats
— 10 step ups (per leg) – bodyweight only
— 10 walking lunges with KB in suitcase position
— 10 box jumps OR 20 squat jumps

Repeat four rounds as fast as possible.


That kettlebell-bodyweight leg circuit is a real leg blaster. You’ll build lean muscle, torch fat, and work your cardiovascular system too.

This sort of training is a tiny taste of what you will experience with the CORE Kettlebell Challenge system. Details and snag your copy here (special re-launch pricing this week):

=> The CORE Kettlebell Challenge system

And here’s to your continued success!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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