New KB video + some GOOD news!

With all the craziness going on right now, I think we need to do our best to stay positive.

I want to help with that, when it comes to your physical and mental health.

As I write this, our physical training studio locations remain open, but we are also giving clients distance coaching / outdoor workout options, and have in a place to help people keep things going with their physical and mental health for a short time if/as necessary.

I will also be focusing on one of my specialties when it comes to articles and videos and other things we create and distribute: home workouts!

Luckily, I’ve been talking about home kettlebell workouts almost daily via email newsletter, social media, and my blogs for almost the last 10 years… so we’re in a good position to help!

I want you to know that I plan on upping our game in the coming weeks and months, creating and publishing workouts you can do any time, any place, using kettlebells and / or your own bodyweight.

In today’s short video, I break down form on one of the most commonly tricky kettlebell exercises – the clean.

I also have a link at the bottom of this message where you can join in on our home-based, 28-day Kettlebell Ladders Challenge (the Challenge starts today, March 16th).

– Forest



the Kettlebell Clean

The kettlebell clean is the central link in getting your ‘bell from the floor, to the point where you can press it, squat it, etc. But the form can be tricky. So here’s how to do it right:

1 – Hip Hinge (not a squat)

2 – Short Swing (keep kettlebell close to the body)

3 – Zipper Up (imagine you are zipping up your jacket to bring kettlebell to the rack position)

If you like today’s video, be sure to check out my 28-day Kettlebell Ladders Challenge. You’ll get a full 28 days of kettlebell workouts, online coaching from me and my team, and much more! But hurry if you want in, because we start today, March 16th:

=> 28-day at-home Kettlebell Ladders Challenge

– Forest Vance Master Trainer Kettlebell Expert

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