4-Day Diet “Kick Start” (new research)

I came accross a REALLY interesting piece of research I wanted to share (I’ll link it up at the bottom of this article).

The study was called “A time-efficient reduction of fat mass in 4 days with exercise and caloric restriction”

They took overweight individuals, but them on a super low calorie diet, and had them walk on a treadmill for 8 hours per day.

The AVERAGE person lost 8.26 pounds of fat.

In 4 days.

Crazy, right?

But here is the most interesting part – when they looked at the participants a YEAR later, they were most successful at at keeping the weight off, compared to other dieters.

So it was NOT like they just instantly gained all the weight back.

Perhaps the weight loss was like taking a “running start” to achieving their goals?

Either way, this is the kind of “contrary” approach taken in the Underground Fat Loss Manual:


If you are serious about losing fat, sometimes you gotta go against the mainstream.

The tip in today’s message is just a tiny example 🙂

Learn more and start today at the link below:


-Forest Vance


Link to research: https://accedacris.ulpgc.es/handle/10553/50921

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