Evatec Hybrid Duffel Offer – Is It a Scam? (my review)

You may have seen the Evatec Hybrid Duffel Offer and thought, is it a scam?

I don’t blame you, there is a lot of fishy stuff on the internet these days!

Well, from my personal experience, I would say NO, it is not a scam. The offer is legit, and gets my stamp of approval.

I ordered one of these Hybrid Duffel bags myself a year or so ago.

I like it a lot and actually use it every day!

I take it to work with me and it fits all of my gym clothes, an extra pair of shoes (separate compartment for those which is pretty cool), my lunch sack, a large water bottle, pre-workout supplements, and more.

It also converts into a backpack (the whole “hybrid” idea) which is a cool concept, and works great if you’re taking it on a weekend trip or something.


I have also have referred around 200 customers to the offer over the last few months, and so far so good, they are loving the bags too!

Check out the offer and order now at the the link below (be sure to use this link only if you want to get it for free):

-> Evatec Hybrid Duffel Bag – Free + Shipping Offer

Let me know how you like your Hybrid Duffel bag! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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