21-Day Holiday KB Fat Loss (detailed plan inside)

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The holiday season is upon us! 

And we all know what that means…the potential for those extra pounds to sneak up.

But fear not, because I’ve got a simple 3-step plan that can help you lose fat without the hassle of sticking to a strict meal plan. 

Plus, you can still enjoy all your favorite foods!


STEP 1 – Figure out your starting targets. 

Let me use myself as an example. 

Currently, I weigh 240 pounds, and my goal is to lose 1% of my body weight per week over the next three weeks, which comes out to 2.4 pounds of fat loss each week.

To achieve this, I need to create an 8400 kcal deficit each week, which breaks down to around 1200 kcals per day.

So HOW would I do this?

Well – right now, I’m burning about 3170 kcals per day based, on data from my trusty Garmin watch.

So here’s the game plan:

– First off, I’ll aim to burn an extra 200 kcals per day by switching up my training style and approach (think faster-paced metabolic workouts). This should get me an additional boost of 100 kcals per day. On top of that, I’ll make sure to take an extra 2000 steps every day (another bonus +100 kcals).

– Secondly, I’ll cut back on my daily caloric intake by a whopping grand total of…drumroll please…1000 kcals! So that leaves me with a target of around 2200 calories intake for the entire day.

Sure, there might be moments when hunger strikes and it won’t be a walk in the park. But hey, it won’t be so severe that I’ll be risking falling off track altogether.


STEP 2 – Create your eating plan.

We are going to help you to lose fat, without the hassle of sticking to a strict meal plan. 

So all we’re going to track are calories and protein.

First, take your daily calorie target and divide it by the number of meals you plan to eat.

For example, if your calorie target is 2200 and you want to eat four meals a day:

2200 / 4 = 550 calories per meal

Next, calculate your protein intake. Aim for consuming grams of protein equal to your body weight each day. Divide this number by the number of meals to determine your protein goal per meal.

If you weigh 240 pounds and plan on eating four meals a day:

240 / 4 = 60 grams of protein per meal

You can then allocate the remaining calories from carbohydrates, fats, from any other food sources that you prefer.


STEP 3 – Design Your Workout Plan.

Your workout plan should be tailored specifically for you based on your current fitness level.

Strength training serves as the foundation for your program, and kettlebell workouts are an excellent choice.

In addition to strength training, incorporating cardiovascular exercises will help train your heart and burn extra calories.

Don’t forget about regular activity either! For most individuals, achieving a goal of walking 10,000 steps can burn approximately 400 calories.


There you have it — a simplified version of the KBs’ Rapid Fat Loss Plan for the Holidays. 

Please note that this is just a high-level overview!

If you’re interested in detailed plans and support, I encourage you to join our 21-day Holiday KB Fat Loss Challenge. Here is the link: -> https://forestvance.lpages.co/21-day-holiday-shred-challenge-2023/

I’m excited about working with you!

– Forest

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