Why You Need To Practice Your Kettlebell Skills

Learning good kettlebell technique is like learning any other skill – it requires regular practice.  When I started practicing the basic movements on a daily basis is when I really started seeing measurable progress with my KB program.  If you’re serious about getting everything you can from your kettlebell training and realizing its true benefits, you have to focus on good technique. Let’s go over a short example and talk about a good way to structure your daily practice routine.

An example of an exercise that requires a lot of attention to proper form is the clean and press.  This is a highly technical exercise.  A lot of people – myself included – go out on day one and do a full fledged c + p workout – maybe 50 or so total reps of the movement.  The problem is that your form is crappy and you can’t lift as much weight as you could if your form was better and you just end up with a banged up and bruised forearm. So with this kettlebell exercise, just like all the others, the key is practicing and getting your form down before you include it in a full blown workout.

So what do I mean by practice?  Just start every workout by practicing the basic drills you’re working on.  For example, if you’re learning how to do the swing and the get up, pick a light weight and do a few get ups and a few dozen swings.  Practice the various positions of the get up.  Go back and forth through the parts of the movement you’re having trouble with.  For the swings, do 10 or 12 at a time, focusing on one point for each set – staying tight, keeping the lats engaged, proper breathing, etc.  Don’t come anywhere close to failure on either drill.

The key to making real progress with your kettlebell training is proper form. Practice your drills every day according to this basic schedule and you’ll be well on your way to more effective and efficient kettlebell training!

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