Thanksgiving Kettlebell and Body Weight Smoker

I’m not going to lie: I like to eat a good Thanksgiving meal.  I plan ahead, get my diet dialed for the rest of the week – and enjoy myself on Thanksgiving Day.

However, an extra workout on Thanksgiving morning never hurts to get yourself going (and to feel a little less guilty 🙂 ) Here’s a quick kettlebell and body weight circuit you can do before Thursday’s big meal (or any other time of year when you want to burn some calories and fire up your metabolism):

  • Start with a dynamic warm up/joint mobility/technique work for 5 minutes.
  • Do five sets of 20 kettlebell Swings. Pick a weight that challenges you, but don’t go to failure. Rest about 30 seconds between each set.
  • Follow the Swings with a circuit of 15 Push Ups, 15 Walking Lunges, and max rep Pull Ups. Complete this body weight circuit three times as fast as possible.
  • Static stretch for about 5 minutes to finish.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

P.S. By the way, this is a (abbreviated) sample workout from my new Kettlebell Basics Swing Manual:

bookAnd it’s almost available to the public! I’ll cover the ins and outs and all the technique details of the HardStyle kettlebell Swing, common Swing mistakes and how to fix them, a complete 12 week workout plan (using just Swings and basic body weight moves) to take you from a total kettlebell ‘newb’ to a master of the Swing, and much more. Make sure to sign up for the Kettlebell Basics newsletter if you haven’t already to get special notice as soon as it’s done!  Just drop your name and email into the box at the upper right of the page –

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