Kettlebell Turkish Get Up/Clean + Press/Snatch Combo Workout

Great new kettlebell combo workout for you today – first, check out the video:

To recap the workout:

  • Begin the combo with a single Turkish getup.
  • When you reach the top of the getup – you’ll be in a standing position with the KB locked out overhead – you’ll move straight into two clean and presses on the same side.
  • Upon finishing the clean and presses , you’ll do three kettlebell snatches on the same side.
  • When you finish the third kettlebell snatch, you’ll return to the ground from an overhead lockout position by performing the second half of your Turkish getup.
  • Repeat the combination on the other side, and do the entire circuit 3 to 5 times as fast as you can (and of course using great form).

Enjoy, train hard and talk to you next time!

Forest Vance, Certified Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor

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3 thoughts on “Kettlebell Turkish Get Up/Clean + Press/Snatch Combo Workout

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  2. Bill Larson

    Forest, thank you very much for all the free teaching you do! I’m new @ kettlebell training (been working out with weights my whole life) and Im doing TGU/ Swings and Squat to curl to Press with dumbells. I do 2 sets of each: approx. 6-10 TGU each arm, 25 swings, then 10 squat to curl to presses. I do this workout 2x week with plenty of rest because Im 63yrs. old and I hurt for a few days! I also do Tai Chi 3x week and ride my bicycle hard for 12 miles on Sundays. All this and Im still working 40hrs. a week @ my job in facilities maintenance. What do you think about all this? Thanks Bill

    1. admin

      Hey Bill –

      Thanks, I appreciate the kind words …

      I think honestly you may be better served to focus just on the TGU’s and swings … between those two exercises you’re really hitting every major muscle group.

      A good way to organize these two exercises is the way Pavel recommends in ETK … 12 mins of swings alternated with ‘active rest’, and 5 mins. of TGU’s switching sides each rep.

      Hope that helps!


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