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Kettlebell Blog

In the last 24 months or so, has featured:

  • Well over 150 blog posts
  • At least as many weekly email newsletters
  • Several original kettlebell training ebooks and video courses
  • A kettlebell-themed clothing line

And much more …

So naturally, one of the questions I get most from new readers (and long-time readers alike) is where the heck to start!

This post is going to provide a starting point for this kettlebell blog – even if you’ve been reading my posts regularly for a while, chances are there’s some things I mention in this post that you may have missed that could be of some value in your kettlebell training.  Let’s get started!

Where to Start

If you’re brand new to kettlebell training – or you’re still learning the basics – start with my ‘Best Of’ posts.  You can find these on the right sidebar from any page on the blog … you’ll find in these posts a ‘directory’, if you will, of kettlebell exercises, kettlebell routines, and kettlebell videos.

The Weekly Newsletter

If you like my ‘Best Of’ series, you’ll love my weekly kettlebell newsletter.  You get two free bonuses when you sign up – ‘Kettlebell Rx: 3 Training Mistakes And How To Fix Them’ (a KB training video) AND a copy of my ‘Beginner’s Guide To Kettlebell Training’ (e-manual).  Plus, you’ll get weekly email updates from me with new kettlebell workouts, videos, and training tips.

Programs + Products

Next stop is the programs and products page.  You can access this page from anywhere on the blog, too … it highlights my series of paid products that’ll help you make even faster progress towards your kettlebell training goals ….

The Kettlebell Basics Swing Manual is the ‘basic’ guide that teaches you the foundation of HardStyle kettlebell training.  This is where you should start.

The Quick Start Guide is an all-inclusive program that teaches you the five basic KB training moves.  It includes both audio and video instruction in addition to an e-manual … it’s a good bet once you’ve finished the Swing Manual, or if you’re just ready to jump in right away.

My Kettlebell Basics Premium Workout Series is designed to help you take your kettlebell training to the next level; it’s the progressive plan you need to make continued progress with your training.

The 10×10 Kettlebell Solution is a brand new workout program designed to help you gain lean muscle, torch body fat and transform your body in just 10 weeks, using just 10 exercises and 10 workouts.

And the Kettlebell Basics Weekly Workouts program is the one-stop shop for on-going workouts to help you reach any fitness goal.

More Recommended Resources

Finally, if you’re looking for additional – approved kettlebell resources, look here.  You’ll find recommendations for the best brand of kettlebells, interval timers, Dragon Door books and DVD’s, and much more.  You can find this page too at the top of this blog at any time.

So there you have a kettlebell blog overview – the best of  Whether you’re brand new to the blog or you’ve been around a while, take some time and check out the resources I’ve listed here .  There’s enough free info here to last you a long time and give you a great kettlebell training foundation … and, if you’re so inclined to save yourself some time and hassle, I’ve got an array of paid products to help you, too.

Train hard and good luck!

Forest Vance

Master of Science in Human Movement

ACSM, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Level 2 Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor

6 thoughts on “Kettlebell Blog Overview – The Best Of

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  2. Great webite and information. i wish i’d have had the foundations right to begin with as i have been using an improper swing technique for 10 years now. no injuries or anything from doing a squat with the swing during that time though. looking forward to more posts Forest

    1. admin

      Good to hear from you John – thanks for stopping by. And glad some of my info has been helpful for you!


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  4. Roxanne

    Got the 10 x 10 and into the first week. My question is what can I substitute for the pull up ( never have done one and no equipment for it at home right now) and the burpee.
    I am in pretty good shape physically I have 4 bulging disc and herniated disc,bone spur and an old fracture so the burpee bothers me a little.
    Thanks for a response.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the message Roxanne – just saw this, sorry for the delay in response.

      Do body rows instead of pull ups. There should be a video demo for you to check out included in the product package.

      For the burpees, try them with your hands elevated on something, like a weight bench, large tire, etc.

      Hope that helps!


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